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Characters / Why do you like your idol?
« on: February 20, 2021, 07:09:50 pm »
I saw this post and I wanted to reply, but considering the original was about 4+ years old, I thought better than to reopen it.
For me, my favorite idols are Hinata Kinoshita, and the Futami twins.
I like the energy and dynamic the two twins have together, and I think they're quite sweet, despite the reputation they have as pranksters. Their outfits in SP are probably the cutest ones in my opinion, and they just remind me of myself as a kid, especially Mami. My friend likes them too, so I like to post videos of Ami performing at lives whenever they're in a bad mood, and we just bond over liking the two of them having fun together.
For Hinata, I like her solo song, and her overall character. I think she's somewhat naive, like myself, and I think she pulls off the "apple idol" motif very well - her design is very early 2000s moe, and I'm quite fond of it. The first card I pulled in Mirishita was her initial SSR, where she's collecting apples in the forest in the unidolized art.
Besides these girls, I also like Haruka and Hibiki. I like Haruka because I'm always a fan of the generic "main heroine" girls. I think Haruka is very funny, and the two bows on her head are a charming part of her design that help her to stand out. Her VA, Eriko Nakamura, gives her voice many layers, while still maintaining her happy, positive feeling. For Hibiki, I like that she's an islander - since my family is from the islands - and that she has so many pets! Her fangs are very cute, and overall I like her IM@S SP rendition the best.

Welcome Center / Introduction (Long)
« on: February 20, 2021, 06:40:36 pm »
I know no one goes on this forum, but I'd still like to write out an introduction. My personal name online is Mokuba, but in-game I go by Chesbit P (765pro) and appletreeP (Mirishita 765pro). I'm very much like the producer - a shadow - so just call me whatever you'd like to, so long as its not derogatory.
Personal stuff about me - I'm 19, and my birthday is the same day as Shiny Colors' Mano Sakuragi, and my favorite color is probably her image color - a light Easter pink. I'm not really dedicated to anime - I consider myself a casual - and I only got into moe because of VOCALOID and Di Gi Charat, so you probably won't have a good time talking to me about a series unless you just want a casual overview of what you already know or what you just said. Currently I'm trying to find a ROM to emulate the Dreamcast Di Gi Charat game, but as a part-time college student, it's difficult for me to focus on two things at once.
I recently got into IM@S a few months ago, and I'm not too fond of Deresute (the artstyle isn't my favorite and the layout is very confusing); tried out Shiny Colors and Poplinks for a little while but wasn't too sure of them. I'm pretty much a complete newbie, but I like to do my research so I can understand this series in spite of the huge language barrier Namco has placed between global users and the series.
Currently I'm playing IM@S SP to dip my toes in - currently at rank C with Ami and Mami, but it's difficult because the producer doesn't audibly speak and I can't read Japanese, only understand bits and pieces of it alongside some hira and kata. I'm using the English patch to go through the story with Yukiho, and I think the results are a little better, even though she's just getting started (I really miss the old VA for Yukiho).
Before I got into this series, I was an avid Love Live! fan, and my best girls were Nozomi, Ruby, and Mari, but overall I liked all the girls, just not the direction the series took. Before that, I just liked VOCALOID songs, especially those composed by Nekobolo, wowaka, and Hachi-P (Kenshi Yonezu), and I think it was the concept of the mascots that got me into anime idols. Since I'm not that special myself, I like to see cute mascot-like characters have fun and be special, without the bad bits that come with idolizing real people. I don't have a good relationship with many people in the real world, so it's difficult to get attached to celebrities and other famous people.
I want to try a console game someday, but my family is tight on money, and I got in college on a scholarship, so I don't have any plans to try importing until I'm sure I got something. For now, I just emulate the games and hope for the best. I'd like to try Dearly Stars next! Nice meeting you all, if anyone reads this post...!

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