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Other iM@S games / Re: iM@S Browser Game announced!
« on: January 23, 2018, 09:21:20 pm »
Recently a trademark bot has posted the following titles trademarked by Bandai Namco in December 2017.
"シャイニーカラーズ" (Shiny Colors) followed by "シャニマス" which I've decided to romanize as SHINiM@S (like "shininess" + iM@S).
It's possible these are names for the new browser game coming out in Spring 2018.

Tweet links below
Shiny Colors... I wonder what we can expect with this name in terms of cast and game system. Bandai Namco is now trying to make browser games with some gameplay on them (like the new Dragon Ball browser game called Keeperz or something like that) so maybe this branch will feature a new gameplay system different from CG, SideM and the (now deceased) ML! mobas?

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: NEW YEAR LIVE VENUE CD?
« on: January 06, 2018, 10:01:45 pm »
Did anyone managed to go to the concert and purchase the limited edition venue CD? I've been wanting to listen to the solo versions of smoky fruit for a long time now. Does anyone know when will it approximately get onto the internet? ;;
Considering the CD has been released for the LIVE, I think its too so soon to know if anyone in the forums was able to go and get one. And still, I don’t really know how piracy is treated in the forum, but I’m guessing no one here would be able to help you with finding a download for it. It may take some time to get uploaded because it is a rare CD like the rest of venue CDs, so all you can do for now is wait and then use your own resources to get it, be it purchasing it from someone who is selling it (maybe in Ebay or Yahoo auctions?) or... the less legal way lol.

THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Re: Stella Stage Spoilers - Discussion
« on: January 03, 2018, 07:19:13 pm »
Does this mean Shika will become part of the 765 team or no?
I'd say there's a 50% of chance that she will tbh, this is basically a Project Fairy 2.0: we can produce a rival at a game right at the end of a era even though you couldn't really produce Project Fairy, you were still able to use them in S4U! and they were confirmed in the story to join 765, which made her appearance in 2nd Vision as 765 idols not seem like something that appeared out of nowhere. Considering SS is what PS should've been, we can count it as the final transition between 2nd Vision and the upcoming 3rd Vision, which lets Scamco with a story reboot excuse to be able to add Shika into the main cast.
Even though with her being Kuroi's daughter, they'll need to be very careful with how they treat her backstory if they plan to make her a main character. They can't confirm her as the daughter of the rival production's president in her original appearance and then have her working for 765 in the next games, and they can't ignore this fact either as she being Kuroi's daughter is basically the whole plot twist in her original game appearance, and one of her main reasons to be. If she wasn't Kuroi's daughter she'd be another Leon: a good rival, but a rival that doesn't really stand out when it comes to character development. With this, she does really stand out when compared to the rest of 961's past idols.

Other iM@S discussion / Re: Unpopular opinion
« on: December 22, 2017, 02:13:52 am »
Also literally no one is saying “wahhhh I didn’t want Stella Stage I wanted a CG console game” so idk where you’re gettinng that utter falsehood from

This is the “unpopular opinion” thread but a better title would be the “complete misinformation” thread lol
Geez, I wonder what this is, then.

And comments like this I’ve seen a lot, included on Twitter. So yeah... talk about a “complete misinformation” thread.

PS: Just letting this clear: I don’t hate CG (I can’t hate anything imas related because I LOVE the franchise entirely with no exceptions) and I agree with you that PS was bad because it was, not because of CG, but you can’t say people in this thread is misinformed when we are just stating our opinions. Opinions =/= Facts, and as such, there can’t be any misinformation. It is just what they and I think about x thing of the franchise, and you must admit that Deresute’s popularity has brought lots of people into the fandom including people that hate 765 and only cares about CG, thus those comments about them wanting a CG game become a reality as I’ve shown you. Did Deresute itself affect 765? Heck no. Did the fandom affect it? Yes. The fandom is segregating CG (or Deresute only) from the rest of the franchise. NOT EVERYONE CONTRIBUTES TO THIS, of course, but a huge part of them do, as they either are just idol phone gamers or people that came from other idol fandoms such as Love Live (a huge part of Deresute fanbase are formal LL players who migrated to Deresute because of it being a rhythm game, not because of imas) and thus they either see the original girls as “rivals” to their loved idols because they have similar concepts or just don’t see them too different to what they already have in LL unlike CG which has a total different concept from other idol franchises in terms of cast, so they see imas as CG only (and the fact that it was the first rhythm game for phones for the franchise just makes ppl who don’t know a thing from imas’s belief of CG being the first imas title seem real. An example that backs this up is that there legit were people who thought every girl’s introduction to Deresute back when they were still adding girls to the game was “new”, as back then I saw ppl saying “omg why do they keep adding more girls if they’re gonna be unvoiced” confirming that they didn’t know anything about CG prior to Deresute, making them think imas was a new thing).

the bikini from ramune-iro seishun (forgot ist name) is also comming back with this dlc so i guess they will bring back 2 old costumes with each dlc?
Oh its true! I forgot that costume appeared in past games, my bad! Well, that gives me hopes for DLC costumes. I’ll be waiting for Marionette no Kokoro + Wired Marionette to be next. Also, too bad Overmaster was a PS DLC, bc that means no Beyond the Stars return sobs...

The ICONIC M@STERPIECE costume is returning?! I can’t believe it they actually did that lol. This makes me even more sad that they probably won’t bring any other costumes. But hey, I’m happy about it! I love that costume. Still, 6 catalogs seems quite a lack of them, especially if they’re going to distribute them in just 3 months, but I guess that they make 12 if you merge them with PS’s catalogs...

Just realized SideM has been airing for a while.

The whole "fuck my previous job I'm gonna become a pop idol" thing gets a little silly, but stranger things have happened in real life.
You need to remember that some of them had to quit their jobs even before having the idea of becoming idols. Take Tsubasa as an example. He needed to quit because he legit got PTSD thanks to having a troublesome flight (which is honestly one of the most realistic and well-handled examples of drama in im@s, SideM in general has really good bg stories tbh), and that’s because he could’ve ended with the lives of a lot of people who were on that flight. S.E.M’s reasons are the silliest ones, but S.E.M itself is a p silly unit (and one of the most amazing ones! ♡) so it goes well with them lol.

Not really since First Stage might not be in the base game.
We still have DLC catalogs coming!

Ritsuko’s trailer is out! It features Mahou o kakete!

A 50 minutes long gameplay footage of Stella Stage has been uploaded, and it features Cinderella Girls’s Hayami Kanade’s voice actress, Iida Yuko!

Also, not sure if this was already confirmed, but Thank You! is back!

Other iM@S games / Re: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
« on: November 29, 2017, 06:30:44 am »
I obviously had to do it  ::)

Other iM@S discussion / Re
« on: November 05, 2017, 09:20:41 pm »
Here’s my list. Do note that only BOLD idols are part of my fav CG girls, the rest are here just because I think they would make an amazing addition to a main console game that followed the 765 scheme/roles.

-Sakura (Haruka type/Red leader)
-Izumi (Chihaya type/Blue leader)
-Ako (Miki type/Green/Yellow leader)
-Chiaki (Takane type)
-Reiko (Azusa type for obvious reasons hahah)
-Chinatsu (Ritsuko type)
-Ai (Makoto type)
-Aya (Hibiki type)
-Risa (Iori type)
-Nina (Yayoi type)
-Kaoru (Ami/Mami type)
-Haru (Ami/Mami type)
-Chieri (Yukiho type)

Now, here’s another list of the 13 girls I’d choose by myself, without following any scheme, just my favs:


THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Re: THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage (PS4)
« on: October 20, 2017, 12:01:37 am »
So, Shiika (Yeah, it's confirmed) VA is Rie Takahashi. I'm not familiar with her, but let's see how she do this.
I know her from Fate GO (as Mash) and she does an amazing job, so you can be relaxed, I’m sure she will make an amazing VA for Shika!

For everyone who doesn’t know her, here is miss Takahashi’s singing voice so you all can have an idea on what to expect about Shika.

THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Re: THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage (PS4)
« on: October 16, 2017, 11:15:44 pm »
The more info we get about SS, the more hyped I get. For now, THIS is what a “gift for the fans” should be (and not what PS was): Rivals, classic songs (ffs the fact that Taiyou no Jealousy will return to a main entry since 2009 with SP makes me fucking happy, I love that song and hopefully this means more classic songs as part of the base game or as DLC. I’m also pretty happy Relations is returning, if it was added to a medley then I’m guessing we’ll get the standalone song like PS’ medleys. Please bring Marionette no Kokoro, too!), an improved gameplay without stupid mobage-like contents like drops or costume rarities, the new board system to improve our idols’s stats, past DLC compatibility... it all feels WAY more fleshed out than PS was, and I’m honestly surprised they did all of this in just a year gap. Hopefully the game will actually be worth the hype.

I hate Kaoru, he was so rude with my dear Tsubasa... how dare he to mess with the sweetest cinnamon roll :(

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