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THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Stella Stage Spoilers - Discussion
« on: December 22, 2017, 01:53:58 pm »
If you do not want to be spoiled for Stella Stage's plot - And there IS a major plot, do not continue.

Don't say I warned you.

I mean it. If you even THINK of highlighting, this is your problem.

If you want to know if you know consider the following question:

"How many lives are listed in the column for 961 in your lives list? Why asking THAT mean anything?"
or "Have you found a head accessory that wasn't level 1 when you obtained it? Why would THAT question be relevant?"

If you can answer either pair of questions with a functional answer, you can read the first spoiler without worry. If you know the end result of the first spoiler, you'll know what I'm talking about.

They vary in levels of spoiler, so I'll separate them in parts. Refer to part 1 and part 2 if you want to openly discuss.

Part 1: 

This fact will be revealed in the first Compendium release, so you got 2 months to deal with this one.

Shika is producible - You become her Secret Producer. She becomes playable with a mini cycle and the average playthrough to get through her arc is roughly 3-6 months of lives. She gets 4 songs to choose from,. including the titluar song of Stella Stage's 765, ToP. The president is IN on this, by the way.

Part 2:

Shika is Kuroi's Daughter.

Incidently, she's not 18, which raises how the hell any of this works. Even if you ignore the massive amount of suing just due to contractual breeches, the fact that Kuroi is a terrible parent (but the latter's believable) and the fact it makes the president of 765 look petty and vindicative... The entire plot could be stopped simply by Kuroi saying 'no, I do not give permission' and it'd be incredibly legally binding.

This explains why Shika does not have her last name disclosed in ANY of the Stella Stage promotional material. Yes, they planned it big.



v1.6.18.3 is now live.


- DL Live 18 items are now available for selection in the Compendium.
- There is now a dropdown selector which now allows you to examine costumes and accessories as they fit on Chihaya.


- Medleys are not available in this release, due to additional work to make them viable.

- Skills are not currently visible. If you wish to have a certain burst be used, you will need to discover which costumes can support the burst you are seeking, then ensure that the correct costume is selected to make this happen.

- Stage names have not been included in this release. If you can provide an accurate stage list, please contact me, and we will discuss implementation.

- Currently only Haruka and Chihaya can be previewed for costumes and accessories. Yukiho is pending.


v1.6.17.2 is now live.


- DL Live 17 items are now available for selection in the Compendium.


- Missing costumes CLE-69 and CUT-62 have been correctly added to the costume list and are now available for selection.


- Medleys are not available in this release, due to additional work to make them viable.

- Skills are not currently visible. If you wish to have a certain burst be used, you will need to discover which costumes can support the burst you are seeking, then ensure that the correct costume is selected to make this happen.

- Stage names have not been included in this release. If you can provide an accurate stage list, please contact me, and we will discuss implementation.

- Currently only Haruka can be previewed for costumes and accessories. Chihaya is pending asset creation completion.

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: January 14, 2017, 02:59:18 pm »
Thank you for all your hard work in putting requests together.

Futari no Kioku (St-02)
(Yayoi Ritsuko Ami)
(COS-31 Hd-131 Bd-068)

This request has been picked up. Due to personal circumstances, it will be delayed slightly. Hopefully no more than a day though.

I'll talk about the specific reasons a little further on. It's only been the 15th of January, and this year has kicked off turbulently.


v1.6.16.1 is now live.


- DL Live 16 items are now available for selection in the Compendium.


- Importing edge cases that were reported have been resolved, improving the reliability of the tool.  It is still highly suggested to not make modifications to the code (such as removing spacing, or inserting control characters) which can cause issues with code resolution.


- Medleys are not available in this release, due to additional work to make them viable.

- Skills are not currently visible. If you wish to have a certain burst be used, you will need to discover which costumes can support the burst you are seeking, then ensure that the correct costume is selected to make this happen.

- Stage names have not been included in this release. If you can provide an accurate stage list, please contact me, and we will discuss implementation.

- Currently only Haruka can be previewed for costumes and accessories. Other idols will be added as assets are created.

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: January 07, 2017, 12:53:20 pm »
Hopefully things go better this time. I'll kick things off with this:

Amaterasu (St-01)
(Makoto Yukiho)
(COS-38 Hd-049)

And I know how annoying it must have been to actually get the Lalabit edition, so I really appreciate it.!Kh8hyZIT!_m_h9h3KB7Byh7dz9NWQkL4sCN-vMmTHMx9lhVtpUwI

As per the conditions, you have 14 days from this post to collect the file then upload it somewhere for others to view. Please mention where you got the request filled, as well as the tool used to generate the request. Thank you.

Platinum Stars video requests / Request Filling Profile - Setsuna
« on: January 05, 2017, 05:13:18 am »
It's been a while since I've run a request service, but I'll keep it very short and simple.

All requests are to be made to the general thread found at,2573.0.html

Conditions for having a request to be picked up:

1. All requests will be taken only from that thread, and must use a valid code from the compendium. No exceptions.

If you do not want me to handle your request, by all means, either use alternate methods or SPECIFY that you do not want me to handle your request.

Not using the compendium should be an obvious way of being insulting, since I'm the one who MADE the tool. If the request you want has specifics such as bursts, angle requests or subtitling, you are responsible for providing those specifics.

2. One request at a time. If you have any sort of reason to make more than one request at a time, either make your case via PM, or offer inducements via PM. Do not be surprised if I decline if you do not have a compelling case and/or sufficient inducements.

Also do not be surprised if I respond to any subsequent tantrums with a spiked hammer.

3. All requests will be filled via direct providing of the file via mega or another filesharing service.

As part of accepting the service, you will upload the file to a viewing service such as youtube, and provide a link within 14 days of the request's completion.

4. Requests will be picked up on a first serve adhoc basis, with requests being picked up between Saturday, 22:00 and 24:00 AEST (GMT+10) with a reply confirming said pickup, with delivery after completion.

If you want special consideration outside these times, consider bribery of some sort (Hint, there's a donation link in the compendium itself, and you can always negotiate via PM). Numbers picked up that week will be subject to my workload, other tasks that need to be done that week re: compendium updating and other projects, and general mood.

5. You will have 14 days from the request completion to pick up said request, before I will delete the file from pickup, and will arrange for a ban from this section if you fail to do so.

This means you WANT to have notifications turned on, as I will quote your request before my reply in the acceptance post, and will edit the acceptance upon delivery. Basically, if you're not subscribed to the thread for the duration of your requesting life. Hint hint - there's searching emails, and you actually have a known window to check the notification date (I know, check replies posted Saturday and Sunday.) so claiming you missed the 14 day window is not my responsibility.

File format will be 15mbit 1080p59.94 encoding. You are looking at about a 500MB file at its largest. If you cannot handle said file or upload it anywhere (consider that a 1mbit up line will take you about an hour), failure to do so is your problem.

If you are unsure if you can upload the file, go somewhere like and get a readout of your line, to determine if you can. If in doubt, there's a discord where you can ask technical questions.

You must also provide a link to the uploaded video. Quote the acceptance/delivery post with the youtube or watchable link.

If the video would be blocked due to IP enforcement, you must attempt to do so, and link the attempted upload regardless. If this means you will copyright strike your account, you would have gotten at least two prior attempts, and it is your responsibility to find a place that will allow other users to watch the video.

If you want exception from this rule, you can plead your case via PM, but it will not likely to be considered unless you provide any sort of compelling reason with evidence and/or bribery.


Be warned - I swing hard and fast. If you really think you can intimidate someone who's been inside a house on fire and stared down flames into just crumbling and doing what you want for nothing, you've got another thing coming.

No, I've also been in more life threatening and absurd situations than you think. Unless you track me down and put a gun to my head, calling me a bunch of names or complaining I'm unfair/evil/whatever will have me enforce the rules on you immediately.

I will also check in on other people who offer to fill requests, and will handle any attempts at intimidation and/or abuse in exactly the same way. And, yes, I will be checking for the spirit of the rules, so trying to get rules lawyering on me with a weasel loophole will just have me close said loophole and hammering you for said attempt.

Otherwiise, thank you for your consideration.

Platinum Stars video requests / Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: January 02, 2017, 08:13:17 pm »
I'll keep this short and simple.

1. One request per person.

We're not request machines for your enjoyment. If you want a request machine, go pay for one. If you think you have the right to demand people who are overworked, tired and probably annoyed at PS' game design to do your bidding for the grand price or nothing, you're probably on the wrong planet, and you need to learn basic humanity.

2. If you want something that does NOT use the PS4's recording capabilities, you must mention this in the request. Same goes if you have any other specific desires with your request.

Do not be surprised if this means the number of people who COULD fill this request suddenly drops through the floor though, because well, the more specific you want it, the less likely anyone else can do it.

Complaining about things AFTER someone picks it up and you decide to go 'Oh, I wanted' will get you summarily ejected.

3. If the person who fills a request has specific conditions and you agree with them, then actually DO THEM. If the person filling the request lets me know about said absconding, I will be obliged to pass on said bad faith onto the other moderators who will most likely enact penalties on you.


Did you read the above before you went to post?

If you did, read it again.

Ignorance is no excuse from the rules.

Apart from that, let's see how things go this time, shall we?

Platinum Stars video requests / Platinum Star Compendium - v1.6.15.0
« on: January 02, 2017, 08:04:30 pm »

v1.6.15.0 is now live.

This is the first public release of the Platinum Stars compendium for general use.

I would like to acknowledge the assistance of DeviantProtagonist for his work with the asset preparation, Crisu for his programming work and HimeIdol for translation work for the compendium to become possible.


- Basic requests for all costumes, accessories and songs for any solo, duo, trio and quintets up to Catalog 6, DL live 15. This includes all preorder or promotional DLC items.

- Importing is available.


- Medleys are not available in this release, due to additional work to make them viable.

- Skills are not currently visible. If you wish to have a certain burst be used, you will need to discover which costumes can support the burst you are seeking, then ensure that the correct costume is selected to make this happen.

- Stage names have not been included in this release. If you can provide an accurate stage list, please contact me, and we will discuss implementation.

- Currently only Haruka can be previewed for costumes and accessories. Other idols will be added as assets are created.


The versioning reads:


x. Major version.
y. Catalog number
z. DL live number
a. Incremental revision. This is used for bugfix releases, partial catalog releases or incrementals.

The system changelog will be periodically posted here.

Here we go again, and against better judgement, there is a compendium that supports Platinum Stars, and requests will be supported on a very adhoc basis. There are additional projects which will be announced in due time, but currently we start at the beginning.

The following rules apply above and beyond the rules that apply to this forum as a whole.

General rules for PS' video request threads:

1. The PS compendium will only be updated as time and money allow.

Due to the design of Platinum Stars, you're either spending more money than you have, or spending more time than you have trying to unlock things, and that's assuming you are lucky.

There's people out there who have clocked in a couple of hundred hours on the game and are missing the base 40 costumes.

Then you have to consider that the median time to unlock a DL live is roughly 40 hours of game play at the time of posting, with a current +/- 15 hours, unless you can short circuit the DL live.

For each DL live, although the numbers can vary, due to how random number generation works.

DLC catalog purchases currently average in at about roughly 7000 yen.

If you're wondering why the compendium may be a couple of weeks late, and even people who fill requests are so far behind, or may not have certain items even after all this time, well, consider the above.

No one's made of money, and when you consider filling requests means that there's less playtime, you can figure out what happens.

I won't play nice if you think you can defeat probability theory with your wishful thinking, and don't be surprised if I make requests to the other moderators in the FIRST INSTANCE. Take it elsewhere, because those who have gone through the grind don't need to deal with people who are either intellectually dishonest, or are delusional.

2. Post in the correct thread.

This section handles ONLY PS requests. We've been doing this for years now, so I will keep it simple and ask that you keep with the program.

3. No particular person is obliged to fill in a request, nor over any expected timeframe. In short, people who fill requests are not obliged - feel free to bribe them with whatever you can come up with, but they're more than welcome to say 'no' if they don't want to do it.

They are also free to request payment for services rendered. The request filler will make that clear, and if you don't like the terms, you are free to ask someone else to fill the request.

If you call them a cheapskate, I might note you're not the one paying for the game, or the DLC, or their equipment, or even the time they have to spend recording and setting it up just for you.

My advice? Don't.


Also bear in mind that basic support will be provided in the #765pro-building channel at the Project-iM@S Discord.

You can find a channel link here:

Just bear in mind that if you want to talk requests and/or request support, #765pro-building is the ONLY channel which will accept any compendium or request related talk. The moderators have already been advised of this and will direct you accordingly.

Mass requesting will be frowned upon, although if you get to know some people who can fill in requests, who knows, you might get favorable treatment.

There's also other channels to participate in, depending on your general disposition.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: October 26, 2016, 10:01:57 am »
You are strawman arguing and you know it. I have stated solutions, and your demand to 'answer the question' shows you actually believe the base premises that NBEI have made, or you do not (or do not WANT TO) understand the actual problem.

The DL live system would work fine (for various definitions of fine, I suppose but that's a matter of modelling), but the base assumptions that they used are either flawed (namely, they assumed that the real life spread would be far less than they ended up being) or they really wanted to go in for the long haul (namely that 2-4 hours a day, every day for a year for 50/100% completion at roughly 66%)

The first is a probability oversight and can be corrected by increasing the rate and introducing a present drop floor. The second is scary, and needs to be corrected by reevaluating what the expected PS player would actually be DOING over the course of six months or a year, then adjusting the drop rates so they reasonably match the actual expected within a deviation or two.

If you attempt to straw man the argument again, (Cause this is already the second time in as many posts AFTER pushing forward two posts of insults) you've demonstrated that you're not actually interested in a discussion and are trying to push a narrative without an iota of respect, and you will be given the amount of respect as you are due.

You can keep the DL live system as is, actually, if you modelled completion to something relatively SANE. 80 hours or more PER EVENT is not sane by any measure, and you know it, because you haven't attempted to defend that point.

So apparently what I said wasn't a solution. Include a drop floor, improve the drop rates. This WOULD improve the game substantially, because a greater deal of reliability would be there, because even now with the changes, it's a wild roller coaster. (Ask some of the other players. They moved the goal posts slightly, but well, the problem is in the drop mechanics.)

Incidentally, get a translator, and catch.

If you're wondering that's the page for Platinum stars.

Read through all of it, and don't be surprised if you find out the RNG put you on the good side of the game.

There's more of course, including things I'm not allowed to disclose due to commercial in confidence, but let's put it this way - When a game puts off someone who really loves the game to the point they're willing to pull a BUSINESS DEAL with NBGI over it, you might have a tiny problem with the model. (Incidentally, this deal nearly being pulled prompted the changes.)

Apology accepted DeviantProtagonist, and thank you.

First of all, this is the internet, there will always be arguing and misunderstandings, due to the written form. And, like you, i'm no stranger to being bullied, i have been bullied all my childhood until i moved to a different school in a neighboring at village the age of 14 (which had nothing to do with the bullying, simply because there was no "high school" in the village where i lived) and i learned not to take everything at heart.

That said, to be honest, after all this, i admit i toned back my efforts trying to help everyone out with the game (e.g. i didn't put as much effort into the scoring mechanics analysis as i intended to).

As for my persistence on the topic (edit: and i say this fully aware that this could start the whole mess again):
I kept persisting for 2 reasons:

1) No one of you ever answered the question i kept asking: in what manner would you prefer the items from the DL lives to be in the game, without altering the game's (drop) mechanics? As long as this question isn't answered, i simply can't see any blame in the DL lives or their implementation, imo all the blame is in the drop system itself.
The only way i see is to make all the DL live items, as well as all other items in the game, ex clear rewards, thus making the drop system pretty much obsolete and nothing more than a nice bonus for getting items early or leveling them up. But this solution is borderline "altering the game's (drop) mechanics". And once again: i fully agree that the drop system really really sucks and needs to be changed by implementing a floor (at least 1 gold present very x lives) or something.
I probably keep insisting on this because i hate seeing the, in my eyes at least, innocent being blamed for something they didn't do, even if it isn't people.

2) This here is the only place where i saw such negativity towards the game, and it frankly strikes me as odd.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: October 22, 2016, 07:10:15 am »
Aren't there DL lives that give like 100000, 200000, 300000, and even a million fans?

Yes, but they are one shot - they're not repeatable, and once you do them, they disappear from the selectable list.

The regular ones you'll be doing on a regular basis don't provide nearly as many.

It's about 1% if you want a decent odds assuming natural progression, assuming decent luck (namely, you're good enough to hit a 50/50). Given the number of lives you'd be expected to play, well, natural luck (since we don't know how to manipulate the results barring the bronze card rolls) plays a role in this. You could (if unlikely) do things like rolling 10 accessory upgrade items in a row.

All that being said, it's pretty pointless unless you are going all in on the scoring aspect - Once you reach beyond level 70ish on all idols, there shouldn't be any event that actually brings enough of a challenge given the sheer number of hours you require to actually PLAY to get to about level 70 (Which is where you'll end up if you grind idols to S rank), and remember that unlocking just the REGULAR S rank costumes will require a lot of time (because it's simply put the single longest task in the game due to the lack of fallback unlocks unlike the S ranked accessories)

I do note that the current DL live to EX clear without its S rank costume requires actual skill without using a high note count Master song at level 10 at level 99. (Namely you're using the C costume to pass the costume check) so some degree of actual tweaking (and/or memorization to score well) is actually welcome.

But if you're going in to chase a DL live (or more) for their unlocks, you're in it for the long haul. That and this DL live is the first one where you'd want to be good at it, because the accessory unlock path is relatively easy - just EX clear the 4 DL lives in sequence. The catch is you're going to do it at a handicap unless you land a gold present with the S costume, and the bar can be surprisingly high. I tried using Kyun Vampire Girl at master, and due to my unfamiliarity and relatively low note count (The song was level 10 from the gates), I actually couldn't EX clear DL live 3 with a maxed out team, a level 3 S tiara (Well, the F equivalent) using the C costume.

what about if you ignore the extra drops from the DL lives and just go for the Platinum Trophy instead?

Assuming you don't alter the odds with a bronze card rigging? Pretty low maxing it out (assuming the max is 99 of course)

If you want it to beat a level 1 S rank tiara, you need 41 levels to do it (As it's +1, not +2) and 61 to beat a level 10 S rank tiara

Getting 10 is easy enough (making the S rank tiara your best short term option, since there's a guaranteed live drop of said tiara) so if you want a quick boost, hold onto all the cloths and use them all once you get the S tiara.

Of course, buffing the F tiara 40 times means you get ALL the memory appeal boost levels in the one item at the same level as a entry level S tiara, allowing you a bit more flexibility in your setup. Buffing up the tiara beyond 60 levels (ie at level 61+) means the tiara is your best item bar nothing.

The odds are roughly about 10 to 15% per live of getting a regular present (so about 10 to 15 times more likely over a gold present) averaged over a full year (as you're incredibly likely for scoring multiple regular presents in a single live) and you have a 1/42 chance of landing the polisher (which sort of evens it out and then some)

You have an additional 1 in 42 chance of getting the bronze card with a regular present.

The card shows up in a silver present, at a 1 in 36 chance, with a roughly 1/3 chance compared to a regular present of dropping in the first place (Haven't been taking statistical notes on this one).

You need 5 cards to cash in at the shop, and it's unknown what items are in the bronze card pool. What we DO know is that said pool is not the same as the actual regular present pool (Some items are missing, and some silver present items show up) so it's a bit of a guess there. I'd wager at least a 1 in 20, if not 1 in 30.

Given this is directly manipulable, (You can, with persistence, constantly use them and reset until you turn up the said item) the statement I put above stands.

Given those odds, and the calculations made previously, you stand about a 50/50 chance of turning up enough bronze cards to brute force 60 of the item to buff up your accessory before you platinum the game by finding all the S ranked costumes (since the hardest thing in the regular game is to get the S ranked costumes in the regular game) and in regular play.

You WILL turn up a LOT of the bronze cards. 495 might be tricky, but remember every of the accessory item you find is 5 less of the cards you need to find!

If you're NOT brute forcing via manipulation the accessory upgrade, your odds of turning 60 of them drop to 1% or so assuming the main game. Getting 40 is somewhat more reasonable with a roughly 20% chance (Mostly due to the fact that you're rolling regular presents AND the cards, which sort of curve probability a bit if you're trying to find 20 less of them in the same timeframe.)

In short? It's not that bad in terms of odds. I've not been brute forcing the accessory item, and I'm only 5 DL lives out, and I'm beyond the 40 mark (by +6 actually, since it's the only thing I use the cloth on). If I actually cared about the tiara, I could have easily cleared 200 of the things (Since my bronze card usage count is nearly 1000, and I've seen about 5 of the item show up as a bronze card use total.)

If you include the hours required to do a DL live, remember that each DL live you want to unlock all the accessories for adds about 72 hours (assuming 50% luck with each deviation adding another 25% to the hour time) which in turn adds about 50% to the number of hours required. I've done the first 5 (Working on the costume for the current one and an accessory for the one behind that) and my hour count just cleared 762 hours (in short, I'm in the bottom 25% luck wise at the moment)

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