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Welcome Center / AnhP , nice to meet you.
« on: April 15, 2018, 09:37:28 am »
Hi , i'm AnhP !
Nice to meet you.

I'm kind of new in the Producer's Team , I'll do my best !
I'm from France and to be honest my english isn't good and my japanese is near of null , sorry for that.
My first meet with Im@s was Idolmaster 2 (with a evil version :-(), i played some hours but was too lost and abandon quickly.

I've play a little bit to 3 Im@s Mobile game but not really hardly (i will say in cumulative time about 60 hours).

Finally i recently (December 2017) took the train of Idolm@ster Platinum Stars (late you say ? :o) with a really cheap imported limited version and i'm actually chasing for the platinum trophy (i'm far far far from it ahah).

Actually this forum helped me a lot about the looting system , but i have again tons of question about this opus ^^.

Last week i ordered Idolm@ster STELLA (late again ? nooo ... well ok ...) but it will take some time to find the way to my producing studio ^^.
So i choiced to join this community hoping to be able of non-useless comments :).

My P.S. Main is Miura Azusa \o,

Well ... this close my producer introduction, may we let's shine our idols .

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