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THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Stella Stage Spoilers - Discussion
« on: December 22, 2017, 01:53:58 pm »
If you do not want to be spoiled for Stella Stage's plot - And there IS a major plot, do not continue.

Don't say I warned you.

I mean it. If you even THINK of highlighting, this is your problem.

If you want to know if you know consider the following question:

"How many lives are listed in the column for 961 in your lives list? Why asking THAT mean anything?"
or "Have you found a head accessory that wasn't level 1 when you obtained it? Why would THAT question be relevant?"

If you can answer either pair of questions with a functional answer, you can read the first spoiler without worry. If you know the end result of the first spoiler, you'll know what I'm talking about.

They vary in levels of spoiler, so I'll separate them in parts. Refer to part 1 and part 2 if you want to openly discuss.

Part 1: 

This fact will be revealed in the first Compendium release, so you got 2 months to deal with this one.

Shika is producible - You become her Secret Producer. She becomes playable with a mini cycle and the average playthrough to get through her arc is roughly 3-6 months of lives. She gets 4 songs to choose from,. including the titluar song of Stella Stage's 765, ToP. The president is IN on this, by the way.

Part 2:

Shika is Kuroi's Daughter.

Incidently, she's not 18, which raises how the hell any of this works. Even if you ignore the massive amount of suing just due to contractual breeches, the fact that Kuroi is a terrible parent (but the latter's believable) and the fact it makes the president of 765 look petty and vindicative... The entire plot could be stopped simply by Kuroi saying 'no, I do not give permission' and it'd be incredibly legally binding.

This explains why Shika does not have her last name disclosed in ANY of the Stella Stage promotional material. Yes, they planned it big.


Platinum Stars video requests / Request Filling Profile - Setsuna
« on: January 05, 2017, 05:13:18 am »
It's been a while since I've run a request service, but I'll keep it very short and simple.

All requests are to be made to the general thread found at,2573.0.html

Conditions for having a request to be picked up:

1. All requests will be taken only from that thread, and must use a valid code from the compendium. No exceptions.

If you do not want me to handle your request, by all means, either use alternate methods or SPECIFY that you do not want me to handle your request.

Not using the compendium should be an obvious way of being insulting, since I'm the one who MADE the tool. If the request you want has specifics such as bursts, angle requests or subtitling, you are responsible for providing those specifics.

2. One request at a time. If you have any sort of reason to make more than one request at a time, either make your case via PM, or offer inducements via PM. Do not be surprised if I decline if you do not have a compelling case and/or sufficient inducements.

Also do not be surprised if I respond to any subsequent tantrums with a spiked hammer.

3. All requests will be filled via direct providing of the file via mega or another filesharing service.

As part of accepting the service, you will upload the file to a viewing service such as youtube, and provide a link within 14 days of the request's completion.

4. Requests will be picked up on a first serve adhoc basis, with requests being picked up between Saturday, 22:00 and 24:00 AEST (GMT+10) with a reply confirming said pickup, with delivery after completion.

If you want special consideration outside these times, consider bribery of some sort (Hint, there's a donation link in the compendium itself, and you can always negotiate via PM). Numbers picked up that week will be subject to my workload, other tasks that need to be done that week re: compendium updating and other projects, and general mood.

5. You will have 14 days from the request completion to pick up said request, before I will delete the file from pickup, and will arrange for a ban from this section if you fail to do so.

This means you WANT to have notifications turned on, as I will quote your request before my reply in the acceptance post, and will edit the acceptance upon delivery. Basically, if you're not subscribed to the thread for the duration of your requesting life. Hint hint - there's searching emails, and you actually have a known window to check the notification date (I know, check replies posted Saturday and Sunday.) so claiming you missed the 14 day window is not my responsibility.

File format will be 15mbit 1080p59.94 encoding. You are looking at about a 500MB file at its largest. If you cannot handle said file or upload it anywhere (consider that a 1mbit up line will take you about an hour), failure to do so is your problem.

If you are unsure if you can upload the file, go somewhere like and get a readout of your line, to determine if you can. If in doubt, there's a discord where you can ask technical questions.

You must also provide a link to the uploaded video. Quote the acceptance/delivery post with the youtube or watchable link.

If the video would be blocked due to IP enforcement, you must attempt to do so, and link the attempted upload regardless. If this means you will copyright strike your account, you would have gotten at least two prior attempts, and it is your responsibility to find a place that will allow other users to watch the video.

If you want exception from this rule, you can plead your case via PM, but it will not likely to be considered unless you provide any sort of compelling reason with evidence and/or bribery.


Be warned - I swing hard and fast. If you really think you can intimidate someone who's been inside a house on fire and stared down flames into just crumbling and doing what you want for nothing, you've got another thing coming.

No, I've also been in more life threatening and absurd situations than you think. Unless you track me down and put a gun to my head, calling me a bunch of names or complaining I'm unfair/evil/whatever will have me enforce the rules on you immediately.

I will also check in on other people who offer to fill requests, and will handle any attempts at intimidation and/or abuse in exactly the same way. And, yes, I will be checking for the spirit of the rules, so trying to get rules lawyering on me with a weasel loophole will just have me close said loophole and hammering you for said attempt.

Otherwiise, thank you for your consideration.

Platinum Stars video requests / Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: January 02, 2017, 08:13:17 pm »
I'll keep this short and simple.

1. One request per person.

We're not request machines for your enjoyment. If you want a request machine, go pay for one. If you think you have the right to demand people who are overworked, tired and probably annoyed at PS' game design to do your bidding for the grand price or nothing, you're probably on the wrong planet, and you need to learn basic humanity.

2. If you want something that does NOT use the PS4's recording capabilities, you must mention this in the request. Same goes if you have any other specific desires with your request.

Do not be surprised if this means the number of people who COULD fill this request suddenly drops through the floor though, because well, the more specific you want it, the less likely anyone else can do it.

Complaining about things AFTER someone picks it up and you decide to go 'Oh, I wanted' will get you summarily ejected.

3. If the person who fills a request has specific conditions and you agree with them, then actually DO THEM. If the person filling the request lets me know about said absconding, I will be obliged to pass on said bad faith onto the other moderators who will most likely enact penalties on you.


Did you read the above before you went to post?

If you did, read it again.

Ignorance is no excuse from the rules.

Apart from that, let's see how things go this time, shall we?


The versioning reads:


x. Major version.
y. Catalog number
z. DL live number
a. Incremental revision. This is used for bugfix releases, partial catalog releases or incrementals.

The system changelog will be periodically posted here.

Here we go again, and against better judgement, there is a compendium that supports Platinum Stars, and requests will be supported on a very adhoc basis. There are additional projects which will be announced in due time, but currently we start at the beginning.

The following rules apply above and beyond the rules that apply to this forum as a whole.

General rules for PS' video request threads:

1. The PS compendium will only be updated as time and money allow.

Due to the design of Platinum Stars, you're either spending more money than you have, or spending more time than you have trying to unlock things, and that's assuming you are lucky.

There's people out there who have clocked in a couple of hundred hours on the game and are missing the base 40 costumes.

Then you have to consider that the median time to unlock a DL live is roughly 40 hours of game play at the time of posting, with a current +/- 15 hours, unless you can short circuit the DL live.

For each DL live, although the numbers can vary, due to how random number generation works.

DLC catalog purchases currently average in at about roughly 7000 yen.

If you're wondering why the compendium may be a couple of weeks late, and even people who fill requests are so far behind, or may not have certain items even after all this time, well, consider the above.

No one's made of money, and when you consider filling requests means that there's less playtime, you can figure out what happens.

I won't play nice if you think you can defeat probability theory with your wishful thinking, and don't be surprised if I make requests to the other moderators in the FIRST INSTANCE. Take it elsewhere, because those who have gone through the grind don't need to deal with people who are either intellectually dishonest, or are delusional.

2. Post in the correct thread.

This section handles ONLY PS requests. We've been doing this for years now, so I will keep it simple and ask that you keep with the program.

3. No particular person is obliged to fill in a request, nor over any expected timeframe. In short, people who fill requests are not obliged - feel free to bribe them with whatever you can come up with, but they're more than welcome to say 'no' if they don't want to do it.

They are also free to request payment for services rendered. The request filler will make that clear, and if you don't like the terms, you are free to ask someone else to fill the request.

If you call them a cheapskate, I might note you're not the one paying for the game, or the DLC, or their equipment, or even the time they have to spend recording and setting it up just for you.

My advice? Don't.


Also bear in mind that basic support will be provided in the #765pro-building channel at the Project-iM@S Discord.

You can find a channel link here:

Just bear in mind that if you want to talk requests and/or request support, #765pro-building is the ONLY channel which will accept any compendium or request related talk. The moderators have already been advised of this and will direct you accordingly.

Mass requesting will be frowned upon, although if you get to know some people who can fill in requests, who knows, you might get favorable treatment.

There's also other channels to participate in, depending on your general disposition.

You might have heard what I had to say about Platinum Stars, and depending what you are in it for, what you've heard will have varied, as well as the efforts a few of us have made to address the game. If you've heard what I had to say on the project-iM@s discord, most of this won't be new to you.

I'll start with the executive summaries - pick a category that describes the main reasons you'd want to play Platinum Stars.

I like rhythm games and im@s sounds like fun.

Platinum Stars is surprisingly easy, and can be considered an entry level rhythm game. The design of the game encourages the long haul, but you're far more likely to master the game's rhythm beat maps far sooner than the game intended to drop consumable content like unlocked songs, unlocked coordinates, and even unlocked difficulty. This isn't project Diva with the curveballs and the expected hundreds of practices to master, at least according to people I know who Osu/PD regularly, and unfortunately, the curves projected mean you're likely to master songs long before you reach S rank on anyone.

I like S4U and performances, or I want to make mashups/setups for other content

I've got some disappointing news for you - With a reasonable margin of error, we've calculated the rough drop rates of a gold present to be between 1% (one in a hundred) to 0.1% (one in a thousand).

S rank costumes from the game proper (Accessories have lives which have each individual S rank accessory lives that forcibly give you each of the S Accessories, and all the A rank and below items barring a F ranked costume will have lives that can unlock which give that specific item on completion) as well as a F costume (the trackwear) and DL Live accessories (Costumes can be forcibly dropped by completing the 4 DL lives in sequence.) can only be gotten by a gold present.

DL live accessories can ALSO be gotten from silver presents, but only if the silver present in question was generated by expending P-drops, and you still have to contend with the entire silver present drop list in the process.

Oh, and before I leave you thinking the odds stated above (1-0.1%) were the FINAL percentages, there's another thing coming - that is the fact that you have a 1/10 chance of getting the one costume you need (as opposed to a copy) for base game S rank (so it drops to 0.1% to 0.01%).

If you're curious if you're gunning for a DL live item, the odds stated are the same, except that upon getting a gold present, your odds are at 1/6 (As you can get the C costume in a gold present) assuming your game doesn't bug out and assume that gold present was in fact a normal one.  Your odds will drop to about 0.2% to 0.02%)

In short? Good luck. You're going to be here for a few hundred hours if you have your heart (or your creative) set on a particular item and you can't get it to forcibly drop. Surprisingly, buying P-drops to hurry this process up only improves the odds to 10% for S rank regular, and about 16.6% assuming you spend 5000 yen to use at least 60 drops to get better than even odds of a forced gold present. Be warned that if you throw the game's maximum (of 200) at a single live you still have a chance a gold present won't drop and end up with 200 silver or worse presents.

On the bright side, if that happens and you were taking a shot at the DL live, you have roughly 1/50 per present chance to get an accessory. This is purely estimated, because we actually don't know how many items are in the silver present pool competing with the DL live accessories.

Compared to other im@s games (50-80 hours to complete and unlock + DLC costs) PS may NOT be worth the trouble of migrating to.

How hard could it possibly be to platinum Platinum Stars anyway? (Achievement etc)

If you're thinking that because the game is easy, that the game would be easy to platinum, well...

You've got a little nasty surprise coming. To platinum the game, you have to complete all the base game content (DLC and DL live content is not included)

This means... doing each song until it reaches legend (Which I understand is a few hundred times for all, what 20 songs?), completing the in game costume catalog with one copy of every item, getting all 13 idols to S rank and a few other odds and ends.

Guess which one will take you the longest?

Surprisingly, it's not the play each song to legend, considering that at least doesn't have huge variances. Depending on drops, you can also get magazines that can hurry up a song's progress to Legend, and you may see a LOT of them.

Summary - don't. 300 hours in, and I haven't platinum-ed the game yet. There's some that's done it on roughly 200 hours, though, so it depends. Still, you'd be better served by another game.

I want to see more of 765!

Sadly, there just isn't enough content to justify it - there's a few beginning of day/end of day skits, and one event per rank up.

That doesn't sound so bad until you consider that on your climb from A rank to S rank, an idol needs 10 million fans. The fastest you can gain fans is through a level 3 fan job on a perfect gives you 100k + fan gain bonuses. Sounds great, until you realize that the score required for a perfect is 30, and you also need to cough up 45k per attempt.

The whole thing will still take a few minutes either way so don't think it's THAT fast. Expect to be pulling a lot of hours. 50+ is not unheard of.

Given that, trying see just one event might not be worth it, considering by now you could drift off to youtube or NND and see the events in question without having to expend that much time.


There's the executive summaries. In later posts I'll discuss the various aspects, as per the title, so you can see how I drew those conclusions.

Community works / Web designer + programmer wanted
« on: May 28, 2016, 10:45:42 am »
Before you ask:

Yes, this IS in fact the right section.

No, I'm not going to guarantee anything. Even if I find the right people for the job, I still won't be drawn into anything.

Intermediate skill for the web designer, which means we're going to make this look good (Yes, we're going to do this properly) and programmer needs some knowledge of running code on a server (Yes, we're really going to do this properly)

I'm also looking for someone with app experience, ideally android, but iOS is also a possibility.

For the rest of you, don't get your hopes up. This project may amount to nothing.

If I get the first two, I am also in the market for an electrical engineer who knows how to send commands via script to a custom device, have it send responses back after a complete, and someone who can write custom code to automate several processes using exposed APIs based on the responses sent back to a custom device.

Not I expect this one, but you know, hope springs eternal.

This is a technical document which I've been intending to write for a while, and I figured now would be as good a time as any to actually do it. Technically this is related to the video requests section, but it's more of a general knowledge document, understanding the technical side of things.

If you actually want to UNDERSTAND how it works, and how to get the absolute best out of your equipment, then you might want to read on this.

If you want a place to start, you can read through the document and see where you can end up, for what you're willing to invest in time and resources.


Before we go any further...

"I already have X setup, and it's good enough! Why the hell do I need to understand any of this technical crap?"

If you are satisfied with good enough, then yes, what you have will suffice. You may be surprised by the price differentials and the quality (or quality of life) improvements you can get for relatively cheap though.

That and you can deal with the fact people who want to get better and produce higher quality work will want to work their way up, and eventually make your work look bad. Unless you already know this stuff, and more, in which case 'You wouldn't be asking that question'.

... Any other questions? No? Good, let us begin.

Starting at the bottom: Where do I start, and how?

Now, if we're dealing with the absolute basics, all you REALLY need is a device that will capture video to your PC. There's quite a few of those, but you know, they all vary in quality and a whole bunch of other things.

Now, to understand what a device DOES to achieve its capture, the easiest way to understand the device is actually by its requirements to operate. Unsurprisingly, the better the device, the more the device requires to work.

So how does this thing work anyway?

This is your first port of call. Usually how you install the device will tell you leaps and bounds about how the device operates, or more accurately, what you should expect out of the device in quality terms.

I do need to take a detour before we start though.


Quick lesson before we move on - understanding how video is recorded digitally.

Now, when you see video, there's a resolution attached to it, as well as a framerate. I'm pretty sure most people would be aware that 720p video looks sharper than NTSC or PAL, and 1080p video looks sharper and cleaner than 720p. 60 frames per second feels smoother than 30 frames per second, or 15, and so on.

Thing is, to perfectly capture a video, the device needs to write to disk all the data in question.

Funny thing is, the math for this is KNOWN, because what you need to do is store the colour information for each and every one of those pixels. For example a 4:2:2 RGB colourspace, you need 4 bytes for Red, 2 for green and 2 for Blue. It's a fairly common one, although there's weaker standards such as 4:2:0 YUV which uses less data per pixel, and if you ever watched an anime that looks washed out, then you get the Bluray and it looks more vibrant, there's a reason why.

There's 1280 pixels across and 720 down for a 720p source, and you'll also need some overhead to put the data in a matrix and link each still frame one after another.

The math gets complicated, but it amounts to 'If you want pixel perfect capture at 720p60, the device that's writing the data needs to be able to dump about 240-260 MB (That's MegaBYTES, not Megabits) per second, every second. At 1080p60, you'll need about 550-600MB/s'

What happens if you can't record the data at that speed? Simple, you lose data because you missed it. In short? You lose frames.

Now, for pretty practical reasons (Namely, that's a LOT of data per second of footage!) we don't actually store our video this way. Or basically, there's a reason why I don't normally send the 'raw footage' of im@s video recordings - downloading 16GB for 2 minutes and 15 seconds of footage is insane, if only because entire GAMES aren't that big in a lot of cases.

So we run an encoding process, which means we compress the video. In a lot of cases, because we're interested in making it visually close, we compress the video with what's known as a lossy codec. This means when we run our compression, we drop a lot of detail that most people wouldn't honestly really notice (eg certain gradienting) which in turn brings the filesize down.

As an example, most anime subs at 720p24/30 are what, 300-500MB for 25 minutes? That's a lot less insane than the lossless (If I was to record an anime using the capture equipment, you'd be looking at oh just say 80GB for that same episode?) and is more practical for transport.

Bear in mind that this sort of compression is done AFTER you have a final video. You don't do it on the fly if trying to get the smallest file size and best quality is your goal.

Now, if you're going to ask 'So why can't I compress lossless on the fly and try to cheat the requirements a little?' well...

The kindest way to put it is this way - the processing power required to do so is immense, and the moment the CPU stalls because the codec doesn't know how to handle a certain image in the timeframe it has, you lose that frame. And probably six or eight either side.

If you've ever watched a TV broadcast, and the image goes weird with pixelated blocks, bad colour or a whole raft of weirdness, that's one reason why it could have happened. Generally the codec that governs this equipment (while very good) cannot handle certain colour or light patterns. In the TV world (and real life) there's a lot of things that don't happen nearly often enough to cause the codec to choke, so you can get surprisingly good on the fly encoding if you're prepared to fork over the money.

Funnily enough, streaming uses a variant of that, and gaming is also the one thing that can throw very unnatural patterns. In fact, I usually use a particular game (Atelier Totori) to test compression codecs with their robustness. Most of them fail miserably.


So what did this aside teach us? The fact that if you CAN'T write that fast, you MUST be compressing on the fly, and consequently you must be suffering various degrees of information loss.

Now, we start to cover the first step in determining how good a device is - How you get it to work with your computer.

USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 vs Thunderbolt vs PCI-e

If the above statement made absolutely no sense to you, the fastest way to cover it is this:

Does your device plug into any USB port?

Does your device require you to plug it into a very SPECIFIC type (namely a blue marked) of USB port?

Does your device require you to use a Mac specific (well, near now) port?

Do you have to open your computer and plug it into a slot that could also fit your graphics card, or maybe your sound card?

How you answer that question will determine what the device HAS to do to record.

If you can plug it into any USB port, it's a USB 2.0 device. This means (Because I can read tech specs) that the device is limited to an absolute throughput of 300Mbps, because that's what the port ITSELF supports. Not 300MBps, you're off by a factor of 8.
Adding in technical overheads and encoding and a whole bunch of other stuff, and it REALLY amounts to 'USB 2.0 can transfer on the best of days about 30-40MB/s'

The good news is that the device can work on most computers because you don't need a write speed that fast.
The bad news? Well, you're compressing 82.5% of all the data in 720p, and somewhere close to 96% of all the data at 1080p. A lot of information's going to go missing.

If you're just planning to just show your friends, some quick and dirty videos or streaming, it's probably good enough. If you intend to do anything to the video (like say a mashup, or some other video work like say a mini documentary or something) you'll probably be griping how the bits look worse compared to what you're working on.

If you're holding a USB 3.0 device AND the device says you need 200+MB/s write, then you might be in luck, assuming you have an SSD in the PC that's doing the operation in question, and it writes fast enough.

Maybe. If the stars align.

There's been... shall we say 'issues' with the implementation of USB 3.0

I could go on for a while about the problems, but it amounts to this - the maximum throughput of a USB 3.0 port is SUPPOSED to be 6Gbps. If you're wondering, that's about 500MB/s.

To do this, what mainboard manufacturers do is use the PCI-e lanes to provide the throughput to support the port. All well and good so far right?

Well, here's the kicker. A LOT of the implementations usually limit you to 1 PCI-e lane. Maybe 2. Why? Because PCI-e lanes are a premium, and configuring the board to properly send data everywhere is expensive, and a lot of manufacturers don't actually expect people do tax the USB 3.0 port to its actual theoritical maximum.

Each PCI-e lane is 600Mbps. If you're working with PCI-e v2 or 3, it's 1200Mbps (Before you ask, v3 doesn't triple the speed, it makes each lane more reliable). To do it properly you need at LEAST 4 (8 on older implementations)

Considering the hard cap of PCI-e lanes on a board is between 24 and 32 lanes total, and you need to allocate them for stuff like graphics cards and the like, you can see why cheat, and hope no one REALLY cares.

To be fair, if you're transferring onto a USB 3.0 thumb drive, you probably wouldn't REALLY notice.

Your capture card will though, and this is why USB 3.0 is basically shooting in the dark as a reliable medium - You have to be SURE your board (be it laptop or desktop) does it right, because so many manufacturers do it wrong. Generally those who need one generally know exactly what they're doing, and buy from places who ARE willing to accept returns due to this guessing game.

Yes, I've played the guessing game before, and for the record, it sucks (And to complicate matters, we even had a malfunctioning unit to throw into the mix).

Now, if you're told 'You need a thunderbolt port/New model Macbook/pro to use this device with a SSD or other device that can write at 200+MB/s' then lucky you, you don't have the USB 3.0 conundrum. I can also hazard a guess which of the two devices on the market you have too. (They're not that common.)

Why? It's pretty simple - All implementations of Thunderbolt are geared to work at a guaranteed minimum of 10Gbps. (The actual limit is 12Gbps, which is for the record about 1GB (as in Gigabytes) per second) This was in part due to the fact Thunderbolt was also designed to feed apple displays at 1080p, 2k and 4k WITHOUT the use of HDMI. Yep, it can carry HD signals if you know how to do it, and if you remember the math, you'd know how much data needs to go through this port to do so lossless.

Apple contracted the work to Intel, and forced the spec to be very specific - By the time this spec became available to non-macs, the design was very rigid, so there's no need to pray.

Of course, if you need the write speed, well you still need the write speed to record. Otherwise... compression city folks.

If you have to have a desktop, and you have to open up the device and install a card, you have a PCI-e card.

Now, if the card says it absolutely needs the ability to write fast enough because it doesn't compress, that's what it says. Compression or write speed is YOUR problem, and you can choose to go lossy, or write raw, or try your hand at lossless on the fly. The device will often not do anything other than show the signal.

If it insists it DOESN'T need a particular write speed, then the card itself has a compression chip (or set of chips) forcing lossy compression. Since it's dedicated hardware it can be surprisingly good, but well, the device still needs to do so on the fly.

Now in terms of pricing, devices that compress tend to be relatively cheap (barring a couple of very specialised exceptions) since well, you're wanting a signal, not a GOOD one. You shouldn't be paying more than about $200 US for a device that forces compression, unless you absolutely know you need it (Broadcasting with a laptop, where you know the laptop cannot handle the compression.) Said device is 450 US, but is used by TV stations around the world for snap setups.

Why? Because you can get devices above 200 USD that do BOTH compressed and uncompressed. Unless you're working with a very old computer (as in say Core 2 Duo or older) you probably can do the compressed option just fine.

If you want to capture lossless, you want to read the box, and read the requirements. If in doubt ask, and in the process become friends with your supplier, because he'll realise you're not a gaming moron who he can milk money out of.

If you're willing to play the guessing game with USB 3.0, you can get decent uncompressed USB3.0 devices for what 200-250 USD?

If you have a spare PCI-e slot in your computer that is 4x or bigger (Read your mainboard specs for that one) you can get capture cards for 200ish USD that can do lossless 1080p60 if you want it to.

Now, why do I recommend this as an option?

Because of the fact it's now relatively cheap to get the write speed.

For an idea, a 250 or 256GB SSD can be had at about 150 US, as long as you have a computer that supports SATAIII (at 6Gbps per drive). This will be enough to support 720p60 lossless recording for about 35 minutes. They are extremely fast, and basically as long as you don't buy some dodgy SSD (once again, be friends with your retailer) you'll do just fine.

You can get bigger ones for more money of course, and if you have the space and the ports to connect the drives you can RAID 0 them up, and basically use them as one super drive.

Congratulations, you now know how easy it is to retrofit virtually any system made in the last 3-4 years into a recording station, without spending a mint on a new PC.

Now this should end Part 1.

What, there's more, and I'll be covering a topic that will drive everyone nuts, because, well it does. How do the inputs work? What the hell is HDCP, and why the hell am I seeing slight rings on my recordings anyway?

Don't go shopping just yet, we'll be right back after I get some sleep. No, really don't, because you might want to understand the next bit BEFORE you commit to this.

General chatter / Setsuna's crazy adventures - a cataloguing
« on: September 10, 2015, 01:31:56 pm »
This is mostly a mini blog thing I want to write, mostly because I'm thoroughly convinced that I haven't met anyone with such a weird set of events happen yet.

I imagine some of you know who I am, but I don't generally let my history be known (too much) but for the purposes of this, I'll document some of the weirder things that have happened.

2005 - Stabbing. I lived through that one.
2007 - Found out that I was subject to a hit (person apprehended outside my house) due to a story I ran (Back when I was a journalist)
2008 - Got shot at while travelling home - Took out my newspaper.
2012 - Vertigo incident that was apparently a few inches away from doing major brain damage. This also resulted in a very bad fall down about three flights of stairs.
2013 - Cancer incident, requiring surgery on right hand.
2015 - Fire breaks out, rescue woman from fire, only made the police report.

There's more, but apparently every so often, my life gets exciting, through no fault of my own. Some things I can't discuss in detail, like whistleblowing, a rescue and a couple of other things, due to NDA/court orders and privacy and the like.

So given all that, there really isn't much more over the top stuff one single person can go through, right?

No, probably not, but it seems that the universe also has a sick sense of humour, or at the minimum, likes kicking people when they're down.

Today, I was shopping at IKEA (You know, so I can start having a residence with furniture in it) and I was trying out the beds.

I get on it to see how it feels, and the bedframe slats underneath it fall through (they didn't snap) due to someone else messing around with them prior to me trying it.

It resulted in a hurt shoulder, a incident report, and asking about bedframes without that sort of design.

And classic exchanges like: "Well, I assume that not all your bedframes are like this?" "No, because we'd be out of business if they were."

The sales assistant was also pretty nice, and found out she plays a lot of DotA2. It's nice to meet people who play games and I appreciated the half hour while I let the ice pack do its work on my left shoulder.

It's probably not really all that significant, but sometimes you have to wonder if someone with the controls to the universe thinks you're their personal TV channel...

Don't mind me, I thought it was funny and I guess after my experiences my perspective is rather unique that way.

OfA video requests / Setsuna wil be absent - House caught fire
« on: August 15, 2015, 11:04:13 am »
To keep things short my residence caught on fire. I will not be available until I arrange alternate accommodation. Status of equipment is unknown, fire damage is us as collateral.

Thank you.

I've been asked a lot more than I'd like, and honestly, it might be more practical to just leave a thread for those to reference.

I will use accounting terms, namely, within 14 days, within 30 days, within 45 days and Delinquent.

If you're inside 14 days, it's just me tracking for obvious reasons. I have no complaints, and if you're under 14, it's pretty good. This is just for accounting.

If you're within 30 days, you're probably a bit slow in collecting.

I would suggest to subscribe to the thread, or at least have emails sent to you when someone replies to you. It may be understandable if a request is sitting there for a while, although the rules do state you can post to request a look. I would advise you ask nicely again if you think that you're forgetting because the requests sit in the queue too long - sometimes we're blind and we make mistakes.

If you have an issue with the deal and you're communicating with me so we can solve your issue, you'll stay within 30 days until the problem is resolved.

If you're past 30 and within 45 days, I'd have to ask the obvious question - why ask for something you have no interest in watching?

You'd have to demonstrate genuine interest, to say the least, if you want any more requests. I'd take you on only as a cash only client if I was running a business, barring some exceptional circumstances. If you're falling here on technical grounds (Namely you are having uploading issues) you might want to genuinely ask questions so we can help you out.

If you're OUTSIDE that 45 days, you are delinquent, unless I'm working with you actively to solve a very, complex problem.

In business parlance, I would have deemed you a credit risk, and have withdrawn any credit given, and most likely would not be interested in doing business with you due to the significant risk. I'd also send debt collectors, if I was in business. In the context of video requests? You've had six and a half weeks. You can always decline the terms and say you don't want the files, or ask someone else to pick them up, or explain your issues so I can help you. If it's gotten so far we can't even talk about your decision, well, the only assumption that can be made is  'You're not interested, and there's no reason why I should trust you in anything you say in the future.'

Anyone entering this list would more or less had to have a life changing event (Or the world ending) for me to decide to remove said listing.

By the way, tracking is easy. I put each request into a folder with the date posted, and the username of the person requesting, and I remove all videos once they have been collected, so only uncollected videos get kept there.

If you HAVE collected the videos, you can always post the links and the requests, and I will correct the list. I would strongly advise you put the videos in the request thread, so others can watch though.

Now, explanations over for those who didn't explicitly ask me for the list.

For people listed:

Everyone ends up here occasionally (since I update every time I do any major work) so if you show up in the 14 day list, it's just the fact I have completed your request and please collect said requests.

If you have problems being listed as a deadbeat, my only advice is this - Honour your side of the bargain. If other people deny you custom, they made the same decisions I have, and honestly, why should they take risks on someone who's actually demonstrated they won't bother collecting their stuff for two months?

I'd understand two weeks, or even a month, but seriously? Are you ever going to bother ever at 6 weeks from now?

Since if you're not going to arrange upload, it's not like anyone ELSE will see the file either.

Gave it a second thought, and realised that I was applying the wrong model. We're a fast and efficient model.


As of the 10th of June 2015

Under 14 days:


Past 14 days and under 30 days:

Post 30 days and under 45 days:




GlassAlchemist (45 days from 1st May)

I'll be making a formal request to step down after sitting on the decision for quite a while - I spent a good several months sick, then I decided to spend some significant time writing, since I wasn't in much of a position to do much else.

Of course, the summer here is scorching (Hello 40C heat) so I have to back away from everything just so I don't die but I figured I could force myself to at least write this, even if I suffer from heat stroke more often than not.

Once you spend enough time away, you tend to look back on the current state of things, and as much as I'm VERY tempted to quote a particular message I was sent (And I still can, if provoked) I'm not going to quote it... yet. It would be considered spiteful, even if rather instructive about how not to talk to someone, and how the message directly contributed to this decision.

I would also like to point out that the spiralling costs of im@s are crippling, particularly due to the fact that the Japanese yen did NOT work in the favour of the Australian Dollar (in short, the US dollar is trashing everyone, on relative terms) so even though there's been a net increase of roughly 50% (80 yen to the USD to 120 yen to the USD) I don't see the benefit of that (from 1 AUD for 1 USD to 1 AUD for 0.80 USD)

Of course, I COULD just arranged for a jailbroken PS3 and just steal the catalogs at a fraction of the price (What makes you think I wasn't aware of the goings of the pirated internet?) but of course, unlike most people, I actually have to explain to a few people I know why I stole the work they put into the game and its DLC packs.

I actually have multiple catalogs lined up to update but... given the current heat and the contents of the message mentioned earlier, I don't think that I actually want to.

Thank you for your support, and the compendium will remain as is until someone with the resources necessary steps up and demonstrates they are able to maintain the compendium and actually design around OfA's complexities.

I may keep tabs, but I will not be active. I have my contacts, and may do some work through those intermediaries.

I may or may not resume work depending on what happens. I will most likely return to my general gaming status, and I may or may not be found.

TR;DR - I don't think I can provide the support necessary due to illness and demotivation, nor fund the remaining costs of the compendium. Consequently stepping down from management.

While I wait for a whole bunch of things to return so I can action them for the compendium, I figured I'd do some math as to just how many combinations you can have, just to see how (not) viable it is to assign absolutely every single OfA possibility a single number.

And I get people asking me from time to time why I haven't just made a video of every single possible combination, or made a compendium with a perfect preview. (It's still somewhat smaller, but see the idol combinations number, then multiply by 13 (Since there's 13 idols, and I only accounted for one).

If you're going to ask me how I got my numbers, I made the compendium, remember? I know exactly what's available for selection.

If you're going to ask me about how I did the calculations, the breakdown is below:

If you have 3 choices (eg, you run rock, sissors and paper) and you map out the resultant fight for 2 sides you have 3 * 3 possibilities. (As both sides can throw the same thing.)

If you have THREE people playing, the resultant fight ends up being 3*3*3, or 27 possibilities. If you don't believe me, write out EVERY possibility, then count them.

If you're checking for unique possibilities (Namely, no two sides can have the same thing) but want to count a side switch as separate (ie, rock/paper and paper/rock are two separate possibilities) on 2 sides it's 3 * 2 (one less choice for the second person) and 3*2*1 (last person's stuck with the remaining choice) on 3 sides.

(In the RPS scenario, it doesn't matter if the 3rd player exists or not for combinations, because they ALWAYS get stuck with the remaining item. It matters that I show it though, because the idol allocation has a number greater than 1, and consequently that number DOES matter.)

Once again, if you don't believe me write it out yourself and count. You might be there for a while (or a couple of years, depending) doing that though.

If you STILL don't believe me, go talk to your math teacher, and ask him to teach you math. If you don't believe your math teacher after he or she tells you the exact same thing as my explanation above, you deserve to fail math.

Now, I'm going to start at the very top, namely a quintet formation.

There are currently 8 songs you can do a quintet on.

There are 13 stages you can perform a quintet on.

Currently that means that there's 104 stage/song combinations you can pull.

So there's now 13 idols, and 5 slots to fill. This means you get a choice of all 13 idols in the first spot, then 12 for the second (You can't have the same idol twice) then 11, then 10, then 9.

So you can have 154440 different idol combinations.

Each idol can have their own setup now, so...

Each idol must wear a costume. There are currently 16 Floral, 15 Starry, 15 Luxury and 19 Extend costumes, to make a grand total of 65 costumes. An idol must pick one.

Now, each idol can wear 41 different accessories for the Head, Body and Leg, and 42 for the Hand, or they can opt to not wear one at all (+1 choice for all categories)

Which means combination wise, an idol can wear 42 * 42 * 42 *43 different combinations, ranging from nothing, to any possible crazy thing you could come up with. 3185784 total combinations

Combined with the 65 costumes that can be matched to this, we get 207075960 different combinations on one idol.

Except we now have FIVE of them (due to the quintet) and they can all be the same, or all be different. So...

1035379800 different combinations.

With 154440 different idol combinations (Remember, Haruka as lead is different to Haruka as the fifth member)

On 104 different stage combinations, for a quintet.

In short? There's a grand total of... 16630021856448000 different possible combinations for a quintet.

We're not done yet though. We'll skip through the logic, and do the math for the next set though.


40 stages (All stages support trio or less)
21 songs (All songs qualify for trio performances barring Guests)
13*12*11 idol combinations = 1716 combinations
207075960 different combinations on 1 idol (Cause this doesn't change)
3 idols to run a combination off.

= 895462715347200 trio combinations


40 stages (All stages support trio or less)
21 songs (All songs qualify for trio performances barring Guest songs)
13*12 idol combinations = 156 combinations
207075960 different combinations on 1 idol (Cause this doesn't change)
2 idols to run a combination off.

= 54270467596800 duo combinations


40 stages (All stages support trio or less)
21 songs (All songs qualify for trio performances barring Guests)
13 idol choices
207075960 different combinations on 1 idol (Cause this doesn't change)

= 2261269483200 solo combinations.


There's also Ranka and Leon.

They both get 40 stages to change up their song, so +80

Compared to the numbers above, that's kinda no fun.

The grand total of the number of request combinations for OfA including all of Catalog 1 is...


Or basically 17 and a half Quadrillion combinations.

In short? Don't ever, ever ask me to make a screenshot library marking every combination of accessories to make a perfectly accurate preview. I will be DEAD before I finish.

For the rest of you, there's some math while I wait around for various people to provide various things...


This is (Well, was since it's actually more or less complete) a side project that Crisu and I were working on, prior to the OfA Compendium.


Maka - Translation work for some accessories.
DeviantProtagonist - Image preparation.


So why did we make this, considering the OfA compendium was confirmed already?

It was a project proposed in preparation for it, actually. This is due to how OfA handles coordindates, and it was either that, or we worked on simulations without full knowledge of OfA's capablities prior to the game's release.

We could bore you with the technical details but it amounts to 'It was either that or we twiddled our thumbs for a month and be behind when OfA came out.'

Why release it and support it here?

Mostly because I can't think of somewhere else which would be a lot more suitable. My understanding of the Project Diva community is that it is very decentralized, which means there could be this massive cluster of a PD fanbase that would want this and are all in the one spot, and I wouldn't know about it.

Yes, I know there aren't that many PD fans here. Some people would think that's strange, but that's how it is for whatever reason.

In short? If you have suggestions for a place to collate requests, please let me know and I'll ask around at a new location.

That all being said: This is a dual thread, which where I will also carry out requests.

Request rules:

Don't spam the thread with requests - I'm only one person, and I don't know if we'll see many others support the format.

Requests get done when they get done - I'm not going to request a donation for its costs because there weren't any. This also means that unless you literally bribe me, I'll do requests as I find time to, usually when I'm not working on im@s compendium related stuff.

We may move to a more formal structure if/when other people decide to help out with the request filling, but for now it's just me, and you get what you pay for, particularly in this case.

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