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I don't think that will be usefull but in case of, actually on the Japanese PS Store , digital version of Stella Stage is at -40 %.
(but not the Dlc unfortunally ^^)
Also 50% off on Amazon JP for anyone that one physical copy

Only had problem with Azusa and never with Iori. Completed other ex story except Azusa without any difficulty, the only problem is it Azusa burst depend heavily on luck which i have a super bad luck while other mainly focus on strategy for higher score which i'm good at.

Voted for Yukiho since the moment her ex episode start she has the highest stat than other idol. Azusa is the hardest for me for s3 rank up since my luck is quite bad, never got to rank azusa to s3 since the omoide only restored once in every 3 try during fes with Leon.

Guys, who might be able to help me here? In the blog post of the 6th DLC, at the end of it, they state there will be more content also included, may this mean the other content of the DLC not presented on the blog or are they talking of new content to play. (like a new year schedule).

Here is the link, the first post by now must be the one I am asking about, the 6th one. My japanese is not good at all.
It means that other content inside the video which is not shown in the post.

6th DLC catalogue and First Stage finally appear, Kami Summer is absent for the first time and a new dress for Music. Music new dress is really nice and it follow everyone colour. With this new dress Music now already have 3 different dress in 3 different game SF, OFA and SS.

I thought PS4 is now lock on 30fps? Somehow when I play it didn't feel like 60fps.

List A is the closest for the series I think except that Live for you should be a spin off and SP should be 1.5 the same as how shiny fiesta/shiny tv is a spin off of idolm@ster 2. Platinum stars is a 10th anniversary project, it should count as a spin off while stella stage is what platinum stars should have been. So the 3rd installment never exist in reality.

What do the enelopes that you get after a live do?

I thought they increased your omoide but I'm not seeing it increase after a live after using them.
That's fan letter, maybe it boost the fan increament after live.
Hey everyone, this is my first IM@S game I've bought since IM@S 2 for the PS3! I haven't played much yet but I have a question regarding DLC/Content crossover with Platinum Stars!

- Do you need PS for PS DLC to cross over?
- Does all PS content cross over to SS? I'd love to play Ippai Ippai on SS!
- Is there any way to still get old themes that were free around the time PS came out?

Glad to have found this forum! I need a lot of help with this game hehe
1. You don't need PS for DLC. Catalog DLC may be needed.
2. All content in PS is available in SS except for few useless one.
3. No.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: NEW YEAR LIVE VENUE CD?
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:58:20 pm »
Just want to let people know that the CD has been ripped and can be found on 4chan. Search for the link yourself.

More questions.

1.  Sometimes Kotori shows a costume and/or song at the beginning of the week.  What is this for?

2.  I'm trying to understand the 6 sets major lives people mentioned about.  I heard you have to clear them in 1 year to complete them.  Does that mean you have to clear 1 set of them to beat that set? Like, IE.  Or, does it mean all 6 sets of major lives have to be beaten in 1 year in order to complete it.

3.  Just curious, is there a purpose in beating the 6 major lives in 1 year? (other than for it to be completed)
1. It is trend costume and song for some live in SP tab. It change at start of each month. Only applied to solo,duo or trio live. IU, SD and IE live need to follow the trend to get high score enough to clear.

2. You need to complete all 6 in a year. You need to take part in each of the live to complete it, not one is skippable. Each live in each category like IA, IE need to be cleared.

3. You get nothing except for trophy.

Also to be noted that kosmos,cosmos debut no longer gives a high score in latest update.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Re: NEW YEAR LIVE VENUE CD?
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:46:38 pm »
Most of the time they will be in 4chan board. Take a look there time to time but prepare for brain cancer.

THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Re: Stella Stage Spoilers - Discussion
« on: January 03, 2018, 10:48:49 pm »
I'd say there's a 50% of chance that she will tbh, this is basically a Project Fairy 2.0: we can produce a rival at a game right at the end of a era even though you couldn't really produce Project Fairy, you were still able to use them in S4U! and they were confirmed in the story to join 765, which made her appearance in 2nd Vision as 765 idols not seem like something that appeared out of nowhere. Considering SS is what PS should've been, we can count it as the final transition between 2nd Vision and the upcoming 3rd Vision, with lets Scamco with a story reboot excuse to be able to add Shika into the main cast.
Even though with her being Kuroi's daughter, they'll need to be very careful with how they treat her backstory if they plan to make her a main character. They can't confirm her as the daughter of the rival production's president in her original appearance and then have her working for 765 in the next games, and they can't ignore this fact either as she being Kuroi's daughter is basically the whole plot twist in her original game appearance, and one of her main reasons to be. If she wasn't Kuroi's daughter she'd be another Leon: a good rival, but a rival that doesn't really stand out when it comes to character development. With this, she does really stand out when compared to the rest of 961's past idols.

Actually the way they push Shika in the story of each idol is too strong. Even if Shika doesn't join 765 she will be somewhere in the franchise.

Just started playing this game.  I know a lot people use chat groups to ask questions about the game.  But, sometimes the answers get lost and difficult to find.  So, I'll try to post questions here so that everyone can benefit.

I might ask too many questions.  Please, bear with me.  I don't know much Japanese.  But, I appreciate all the help you can give me.

1. Does it matter which song I pick in terms of scoring?  In platinum stars, high beat songs get you more points through chain combo.  So, is there something like that here, or are all songs pretty much equal.

2.  Sorry, how do I turn off encore again?  Unless someone already did a quick menu translate in the options.

3. In the first unpaid promotion, it seems the perfect is random among the choices.  Like, I pick one choice and get a bad.  But, I pick the same choice and get a perfect?  Why is this so?
1. It seems like it doesn't differ much

2. Should be first in Option menu.

3. Sometime 3 choice are bad and another 1 will be perfect/good. Sometime 2 is bad, 1 normal and 1 perfect/good.

THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Re: Stella Stage Spoilers - Discussion
« on: January 02, 2018, 04:19:30 am »
Really wish my bud hadn't spoiled this stuff for me before I even got the game, and if he weren't in Guam RN he'd have a foot up his rear. But might as well contribute.

As contrived and nonsensical the ability to produce Shika is from a legal and business standpoint, I honestly find I don't much care and am honestly looking forward to it.
Just. This kid is so dang sweet and adorable holy heck.

Also, despite the fact that realistically Kuroi is probably a horrible parent, I find the mental image of him being a super-doting and maybe actually good dad to be way more amusing?
Like I'm just picturing him being in a screaming row with Takagi over the phone while wearing a little frilly hat because he had only just finished having a tea party with a four-year-old Shika and the mental image is so absurd I can't help but chuckle a little.

Been playing since SP but I have never seen Kuroi as horrible but more to stupid, harsh and egoistic. He is just too fixated on Takagi. All the past rival got harsh treatment from Kuroi but he is really soft on Shika though he is quite a horrible father.

How do you unlock the other medleys? I've cleared two idols routes and didn't even know there was more to unlock until a friend told me.  :-[
Clear all medley in 765pro live tab

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