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General chatter / Re: Get the Popcorn! It's the Movies Topic!
« on: May 02, 2018, 05:32:41 pm »
I've felt the build-up was appropriate; Thanos sought the soul stone for some time, what with torturing Nebula to unravel Gamora's long-kept secret location. Once getting there, we're given a lot of exposition by none other than Red Skull, who also states that the soul gem mandates a cost of someone dear -- this case being Thanos' adoptive daughter. At the beginning, Gamora had once been loyal to him and efficient -- moreso than other daughters Thanos took under -- so his following regret of ending her life does feel justified, even with the lack of reciprocation.

In regards to indiscriminate slaughter, that's the thing: it's indiscriminate. What felt notable is how Thanos often struck down those who defied his plan, not necessarily out of malice. One could also attribute his lack of solutions to Thanos' homeworld, trying to stave off ruin... only to fail; this would sully his perception. Another point is when Thanos gave Tony a gesture of respect, since the latter held so well against him on Titan -- he even outright says he'll ensure Earth's survival, once his task is done. It's sort of a twisted form of chivalry, which comes unheard of.

As an aside, many thanks for fixing spoiler tags Yunabecco. :3

General chatter / Re: Get the Popcorn! It's the Movies Topic!
« on: May 02, 2018, 12:09:30 pm »
Saw Infinity War, and since it's been forever, man do I need a place to gush:

For what doubts I had with Thanos' handling, the first five minutes pretty much dashed them; between getting Hulk's ass thoroughly handed to him -- even an extent of frightening him to reemerge from Banner -- and ending Loki's life, you knew right then the score this villain sat down. The tone couldn't be established better.

Could one really say villain, though? Thanos seemed morally gray than anything else, which lends to another beauty in how even he wasn't immune to sacrifice. Huge props to the Russo brothers for Gamora's death, as it was indisputably my favourite scene; they brought out Thanos as much more a sympathetic character.

Very worthwhile pay-off to a decade-long franchise. Likely seeing this again.

The lull in time has given things aplenty to mull over, namely by "what could have been" in more ways you'd imagine.

Between restraining design choices and the pay model itself, plus loss of story and supplementary features as per iM@S2-to-OfA, there's no way I'd be convinced it dealt any good towards this games' longevity.  You would need exemplary patience for it even as an achievement hunter, or someone looking to produce creations for the masses.

The mere thought of pushing DLC to the mix wasn't sound either, as content is often recycling from previous titles -- things that probably should've been baseline, with more incentive to introduce the new over "throwbacks." The concept of DL Lives were neat, though for what little you gain from probability felt to be more a disservice in itself.

If communal divisions are also to go by, Platinum Stars paved way for it as the cornerstone; I suppose this boiled down to what fans wanted same or different, sprinkled with an extent the genwunner mentality. Though try as one may to end such discord, the seeds were long sown, and it continues to persist out of this dastardly misfortune.

Part of me would rather not have the game released at all, if not most. The dream was always far kinder in hindsight.

Other iM@S discussion / Re: Okayu's Translation Thread
« on: April 05, 2017, 05:15:57 pm »
This sure brings me back, particularly the Cuteness is Justice commu. Thanks for the effort, Okayu!

Glad to see you've dug in already, Naryoril. My console should come around next Wednesday, though I intend to score my friends a purchase before prices get too crazy. Nintendo still blows at stock.

Truthfully, I never really hard-committed to a Zelda playthrough before (often due to not owning a Nintendo console), but the amount of great things I've heard for BotW will finally make it otherwise.

Perhaps I'll see you on the other side? Much more to the point when you're also a hikkomori fan. <3

General chatter / Re: Ever have a dream about iDOLM@STER?
« on: March 03, 2017, 07:00:12 am »
Me again~. I dreamed some days ago, and this one's a special case, as we're now celebrating the relevant idols' birthday.

I found myself in a jazz club, everything dimmed and decked out with fancy lighting. To the side, I sat on one of many stools lined against the bar. Knowing me, I was sipping on a Jolly Rancher.

Everything was at ease, though after spacing a bit I see our birthday guest approach me: Touma Amagase. He wore a pure-white blazer and dress pants -- his alternate stage outfit in iM@S2.

Touma gave a smirk before placing a bill on the counter. "Keep the change," he tells me. I had enough to buy another drink, so my goodness was this guy swell. His mood was high for a reason.

He went towards the clubs' center, where several tables are. Looking closer, I notice another familar sight: Haruka Amami.

Her chin rested on her palm as she sat, unattentive and the like. Still... she looked great with a shoulderless and miniskirt.

I'm not sure what magic words the birthday boy pulled off, but Touma offered his hand to our main red; Haruka lighted up in an instant, and both of them went towards the upper dance stage.

Said stage was mostly reminiscent of the Live House in iM@S2/OfA, with the checkered flooring and amps set about. Some others had joined in, though my eyes were fixed on the main pairing.

Of the lot? They put on quite a show, as Touma displayed his impressive footwork and spun Haruka a few times. Like, he was totally suave in his approach, and Haruka was along for the ride.

After all was said and done, Touma dropped and held Haruka above the floor. Having sort of a cheeky look, he steals a kiss.

General chatter / Re: Ever have a dream about iDOLM@STER?
« on: February 14, 2017, 01:00:08 pm »
Alright, I come with another dream -- it's also very big, but frankly I'm more surprised by the frequency of these.

Our setting is a desert, just on the outskirts of some major city; the time is day, and there's a large freeway, spanning across the dirt with a lake in the background; traffic is modest.

On the road, we're treated to a third-person perspective of Anastasia, of Cinderella Girls. She drove a green convertible, listening to I Ran (So Far Away). Had some sick aviators, even.

Now, the thing to keep in mind is that we're in literal Grand Theft Auto mode, with the interface and everything -- the compass map, health hearts and her currently selected weapon.

Weird thing, though? It wasn't like you controlled her, but this occurred in it's own reality, and you're spectating.

Anyways, she pulled over at a train yard. Parking beyond reach of the premises, she crouched in her approach.

She apparently had a mission to infiltrate, as the deeper she got inside, overwatch personal are seen stationed on towers. We're then shown a train coming to a halt within the yard.

The kicker with this? Said train has its cars loaded with huge missiles -- nuclear stuff, judging from the symbols.

Staying low, Anya crept well behind the compound. Now taken cover behind a stack of cinderblocks, she dialed 911, calling up law enforcement for the sake of distraction. Sirens came.

Above, tower guards began taking pot-shots at incoming cruisers; before long, police choppers began rappelling SWAT and a full-on gunfight erupted between them and mercenaries.

Anya didn't waste any time, as she bolted towards the train. Brandishing a machine pistol, she spouted some unintelligible Russian throughout and downed bad-guys along the way.

... One might wonder what a Russo-Japanese girl is doing here, but GTA always had those quirky protagonists.

Unfortunately for Anya, the train literally threw her off as it sped away. At the same time, a six-star wanted level incurred in which the game mechanics bring about the National Guard.

As shit was getting real, our idol came with a last-ditch plan; she ran outside the compound and hopped right on an Abrams tank... It's comedic how she yanked out the poor operator.

But seeing that train has barely left eyesight, Anya took a daring shot with the tank cannon -- she struck the driver car and derailed the damn thing. Amazingly, no missiles ever blew.

Beyond that, Anastasia seemed content with leaving the rest to emergency personal and drove off in her car.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / The iDOLM@STER SideM Anime Discussion
« on: February 12, 2017, 10:20:16 pm »
As it turned out, an animated adaptation of SideM has all been confirmed to be green-lit.

As per discussion, feel free to express your thoughts, speculations and any reservations.

General chatter / Re: Ever have a dream about iDOLM@STER?
« on: February 12, 2017, 01:42:36 pm »
Yeah, the common eye would notice that much. :P

To sum up, she's charitable to an expense -- this even brings her to tears, yet they're compassionate. I can relate, so naturally I gravitated most to Kotoha. It also helps one of my top seiyuus voice her.

Meanwhile, people wondered how or why I'm so detailed with my dreams; not only have I done tons of RPing back in the day, I keep a notepad to gather every moment of those truly particular dreams.

My quirk as a write-o-holic really kicks off by then.

General chatter / Re: Ever have a dream about iDOLM@STER?
« on: February 09, 2017, 10:00:21 am »
I again have a double-feature, and really long ones to boot. The first dream occurred several weeks ago... whereas the next happened just last weekend. Read away~.


The time was night, and I found myself on a deserted island of grasslands. Looking beyond, everything was dark in blue, given the moonlight over an endless ocean.

Walking on, what I come upon at the islands' center is a massive cathedral. No joke, the doors themselves dwarfed the hell out of my size... but what really took me back was how this entire structure was made of glass.

This was impossible, as you'd think it defied any logical sense with gravity. I wanted in, in any case.

Traversing the main hall, you could see virtually everywhere from the inside. It was also dead quiet, as one could only hear their feet clattering on glass and the ocean waves itself. Needless to say, I found it rather eerie.

Still, I disgarded the thought as my eyes came upon an idol: Kotoha Tanaka, of the Million Live craze.

She stood well at the hall's end, on a central staircase which swung into the upper floor. Her casual wear made her stand out -- the white skirt with pink blazer, and all.

Kotoha beckoned me near with a hand gesture, as she was mute; this lent on obvious sense of melancholy, as her seiyuu at the time, Risa Taneda, had gone on haitus for illness. Nevertheless, I complied to her request.

She led me upstairs and through hallways, leading to an outdoor balcony; the air was nice to take in.

Before long, Kotoha motioned me to lie down with her -- we rest on the glass and star-gaze. It was weird, as you could see them with such greater clarity than reality... like you could see the universe and its vivid colors.

Moreover... we could also see the Earth. This thing was stupidly close, too, as it was about the size of a basketball you could extend with your furthest reach. The blueness of its oceans and the clouds were nice, though.

Guess I really was on literal dream land. It ended thereafter, but damn it was a good, hopeful dream... wherein my faith has been rewarded with Tane-chan's recovery.


Cue the fantasy setting, with swords and magic. What took place from the start is a prelude of sorts, which highlights a tragic portion of this dream. We were raiding.

I was a spear fighter, fighting alongside some other generic, friendly faces. We needed to rescue our healer, who turned out as no other than Yukiho Hagiwara. I had no idea what we fought, but she was more important.

She was trapped in a cage, dangling over a chasm. Not good, so I climbed to the top and made way towards her; just as I reach Yukiho, an unknown force shakes the cage violently, causing the bottom half to fall down.

I lurch for the sun-shaped portion of our idol's staff, leaving her to cling for life on the other end. Yukiho's staff was sharp, as it dug into my hand and caused bleeding.

Couldn't use my off-hand, either, as it gripped the cage... but I was losing it altogether. She was scared, yet tried her best not to show it after seeing my desperation.

After a brief moment, she just smiled faintly, and released. God damn, think I might've blacked out.

Fast-forward to an unspecified time later, whereupon I find myself in a small wooden town. Things were gloomy as hell, so I needed to visit the local tavern for a drink.

... Things went further south as I opened the door; I'm met by the deplorable faces of my old party.

It seems we disbanded by now, but before I could dwell more, a fuming man then towers over me -- Barret Wallace of Final Fantasy. I know this seems out-of-nowhere, but I always thought of him as the ideal father-figure.

Not only was he our leader, I knew he'd have a deep care for Yukiho, so it was that much more an agonizing sight. He blames me for Yukiho's demise, and I found myself trying to stifle my own anger -- I've tried everything.

Before things got too physical, the town is beset by screams and monstrous noises; our previously unseen foe had come for the rest of us, and jesus their appearance.

How I'd describe them is demented forms of animals -- they had elongated limbs and protruding bones, with red eyes and pure white bodies. They came as giant ravens, wolves, gorillas and other predators. People lost it.

Barret was unfazed, however... but what's sad about it is that I felt he was throwing his life away.

I owed him, so I invoked Yukiho's name, which caused more than just glances; I roused our remaining party and any able-bodied person to stand up to these beasts.

Make no mistake, I fought with such a ferocity that took even the big man back. Unfortunately, it got to my head as I found myself in the jaws of some demonic bear.

The damn thing flung me several meters away -- guess I turned out to be the one dying right then.

And then we're graced by the light. She's back at it, again. :D

There's a Jōhōshori-bu reunion this month with Rumi Ōkubo's Yuzuko Nonohara, Minami Tsuda's Yui Ichii and Risa Taneda's Yukari Hinata reprising their roles from 2013's adaptation of Komata Mikami's comedy four-panel manga Yuyushiki. An episode 13 OVA is due on DVD/Blu-ray February 22, covering Data Processing Club's time from the end of summer into fall. Leading into this, the second week of Feb will feature a single release of the special's themes and a Valentine's promotion.

-Insert loads of Yuyushiki merch-

Now... if you'll excuse me, I'm going to let out my gushiness.

Well, this turned out to be an eye-opener -- that's one PV of a new mobile game, set to release in the near future.

What's big? The casting is undoubtedly Tane-chan. At long last upon four months, we finally see light in this tunnel.

Cancellations are never fun, so much apologies for Harami.

As for heading to the event? D'oh... that's well beyond my reach, friend. It'd be the stuff of dreams, as this would be a long while since all 765 seiyuus have performed together.

In what, four years at that?

Word has it Harami and Azumin are sick; I'm unsure what they even caught exactly but Azumin was ill a few days before Harami, whereas news of Harami's illness came recent. There's no word on their status for this event yet.

That much is a downer, so here's to their foremost recovery. Azumin is one samaritan I'd particularly love to see.

That moment a cough kills your throat so much you sound like Morgan Freeman. :P

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