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Title: 765Pro Girls - Adult Bios
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(timeframe – 22 years after the start of im@s anime)

Name: Akiyama Chihaya (秋山千早)
•    Maiden Name: Kisaragi Chihaya (如月千早)
Birthdate: February 25
Age: 38
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Three Sizes: 77-57-79
Birthplace: Akasaka, Japan
Current Residence: Shibuya, Japan
Occupation: Singer

Family: Kisaragi Chigusa (mother), Kisaragi Yuudai (father), Kisaragi Yuu (brother – deceased), Akiyama Keito (husband), Akiyama Hanako (daughter), Akiyama Yuuta (son)

Nicknames: Chiya-chan and Chi-chan (by Keito), Chiya-baasan (by Sakura), Yuurei Hahaue (幽霊母上 - Ghost Mother – Yuuta’s scornful nickname for her)

Personality Traits: Can still be stubborn and hard to work with, is a workaholic, a good mother but often is not physically around for her children and is genuinely oblivious to this, still laughs at the stupidest of jokes

Bio: Following Takane’s decision to leave 765Pro to become a professional performer, Chihaya was spurred on to also leave 765Pro at 19-years-old. When Chihaya revealed her intentions to Takagi, Producer, and Ritsuko the three were in full support of Chihaya leaving to pursue her long-time dream of becoming a professional singer. With Azusa already retired a year prior and Ryuuguu Komachi disbanded, Ritsuko offered to become Chihaya’s manager/producer. The two left 765Pro and the young songstress was quickly scouted and signed under a very large music agency.

Around this time Chihaya had yet another falling out with her father. He was extremely opposed to his daughter becoming a singer. As he stated he viewed it as her “throwing her life away for some silly fantasy”. Chihaya has largely given up on reconnecting with her father and the two rarely ever talk and even more rarely see each other.

A month after her joining the music agency, a young intern started as a rookie publicist. His first client to manage was Chihaya. He proved to be a bumbling mess was they first met. Dropping his paperwork all over and even saying his own name wrong due to nervousness. This caused Chihaya to break out in fits of laughter. At the same time he fell in love with her singing voice when he accompanied her to a scheduled CD recording. This intern was Akiyama Keito, a klutzy young man who just graduated from high school. Continuing to inadvertently charm each other with their various personality traits the two would end up dating within a few months after meeting.

Considering it was the first relationship for either of them, it was an awkward start and slow moving relationship at first. The two would end up breaking up twice but would wind up back together each time. At 21-years-old Chihaya would end up marrying Keito and shortly after became pregnant with their daughter Hanako. Taking Ritsuko and her mother’s advice, Chihaya went out on maternity leave shortly after learning she was pregnant. She returned to the music agency a few months after Hanako turned a year old but found that the agency at first was not willing to take her back due to her nearly two year absence. After weeks of negotiations and pleading on Chihaya’s part, the music agency agreed to take Chihaya back.

Two years later Chihaya became pregnant again with her son, Yuuta, but insisted on not going out on maternity leave at all. The only time she took off was shortly before and after her son’s birth, fearing she would lose her music career like she almost previously did during the first pregnancy. This is when Chihaya’s workaholic tendencies began. A few years later Chihaya at this point began immersing herself in her music career and commonly is absent from her children’s lives.

Besides Ritsuko, Chihaya kept in contact with both Haruka and Azusa over the years. The two commonly were used by Chihaya for babysitting purposes when either she or Keito were not able to watch them due to their work. Azusa ended up being Hanako’s kindergarten teacher, much to the young girl’s delight. At the same time Hanako befriended a young girl who turned out to be Takane’s daughter. Due to their daughters becoming close friends, Chihaya began to use Takane more frequently than either Haruka or Azusa for babysitting. It was also more convenient due to the close proximity of Takane’s apartment and Chihaya’s house.

Her daughter, hoping to emulate her mother’s music career, became an idol at 15-years-old. Though Chihaya will not openly admit it, she does not approve of her daughter’s decision to be an idol. She also believes her daughter has no singing talent in order to be an idol in the first place.

•    Still has a habit of saying “Ku…” whenever she becomes annoyed or frustrated about something.
•    Following the Arena Live, Chihaya and her mother rebuilt their relationship and now get along very well.
•    Whenever Chihaya does recognize she’s inattentive as a parent she justifies that loving them and them knowing she loves them is good enough.
•    In actuality, when present, Chihaya is a very good mother.
•    Chihaya purposely does not go to any of her daughter’s live performances. She cannot stand hearing her daughter sing as she knows she'll end up comparing their abilities.
•    Chihaya tends to be overprotective of her son and does not know of his scathing nickname for her.
•    Whenever she has a problem, Chihaya normally goes to her mother for advice.
Title: Re: 765Pro Girls - Adult Bios
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(timeframe – 22 years after the start of im@s anime)

Name: Shijou Takane (四条貴音)
Birthdate: January 21
Age: 40
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Lavender-Magenta
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Three Sizes: 92-64-93
Ethnicity: ½ - Japanese (father) and ½ - German (mother)
Birthplace: Hirosaki, Japan
Current Residence: Shibuya, Japan
Occupation: N/A (stay-at-home-mother, lives off her inheritance)

Family: biological mother (deceased), biological father (deceased), Shijou Mitsuo (adoptive father - deceased), Shijou Akira (adoptive mother – deceased), Kubo Haruto (ex-lover), Shijou Sakura (daughter), Takaharu [nee Shijou] Minami (sister), Takaharu Satoshi (brother-in-law), Takaharu Seiichi (nephew)

Nicknames: Hime-baachan (by both Seiichi and Hanako), occasionally Sakura jokingly refers to her mother as Ohime-sama, Taka-baachan (by Yuuta), Taka-chan (by Haruto), Ne-neechan (Minami's childhood nickname for her)

Personality Traits: Still airheaded and gluttonous to her core, she is no longer as secretive over her life and is more open to others, devotes herself 100% to her daughter, while being rather docile as a parent she can put her foot down if needed

Bio: Leaving 765Pro at 21-years-old, Takane hoped to become something greater than an idol. Within a few months she had a chance meeting with the producer, who also turned out to be the president, of another production company. Kubo Haruto sweet-talked her into joining KuboPro and Takane worked at the company largely as a singer but was talked into during some gravure idol work by Haruto. After joining KuboPro, Haruto continued to charm and seduce Takane which would cause the naïve performer to fall in love with him. Within three months of joining KuboPro, Takane and Haruto began having an affair despite the latter being married and later on having a son with his wife.

Two years later Takane would end up pregnant. While Takane was more than happy over this, Haruto did not take the news as she would have hoped but continued to allow her to perform. During the next two months Haruto began disregarding Takane’s wellbeing and health and scheduled her for vigorous and dance-heavy performances. Eventually the physical demand became too great and Takane became frequently sick, causing him to cancel many of her performances. One last time, Takane tried once again to perform like she used to but ended up pushing herself too hard and landed herself in the hospital after collapsing on stage. During this time Haruto gave her an ultimatum. She could either: have the baby and end her career or just end the pregnancy and keep performing like nothing ever happened.

Takane attempted to reason with him one last time to just let her sing and to remove the dance routines but Haruto refused to change the performance setup. At this point Haruto would go on to tell Takane he was only with her to keep her from leaving KuboPro and that he never loved her. He would go on to berate her saying that a person as stupid as her would never have the ability to be a good mother. Haruto would then void Takane’s contract, effectively firing her, and threatened that if she ever went back on stage through any production company that he would release their affair to the public. Knowing this would tarnish her reputation beyond repair, Takane admitted defeat and permanently retired as a performer.

After having her music career ruined and her heart broken, Takane became an emotional mess and eventually sought the help of her sister. Initially she only wanted Minami to check in on her to make sure she was properly taking care of herself, citing that she knew she wasn’t the brightest person and needed someone there to keep her on track. Minami would instead insist on moving in with her sister to help her through the second half of her pregnancy and after the subsequent birth of the child.

Following the birth of her daughter, Takane’s emotional health improved greatly as she focused her time completely on Sakura and not on her past mistakes. Shortly following Sakura’s birth, Takane reconnected with Hibiki and the two friends stayed in frequent contact with one another. Hibiki would occasionally travel from Okinawa to visit Takane; though Takane has gone to Okinawa to visit Hibiki a few times with Sakura.

When Sakura started kindergarten, Takane inadvertently reconnected with two other 765Pro idols. Azusa ended up being Sakura’s kindergarten teacher. Sakura would make friends with a girl named Hanako, who turned out to be Chihaya’s daughter. Subsequently Chihaya frequently used Takane as a babysitter for her daughter and son if either Haruka or Azusa were not available to watch them. Takane had no problems with this as she loved being with children, though she proved to be a bad influence on Hanako and got the young girl hooked on ramen.

When Sakura goes on to become an idol, due to Hanako tricking her into going to the audition, Takane is supportive of her daughter’s idol career but does have feelings of regret and nostalgia whenever she sees Sakura on stage.

For many years Takane would not tell Sakura anything about her father. It was only after Sakura debuted as an idol that Takane told her everything – from the affair all the way to her birth.

•    In addition to retaining her Ophidiophobia, Takane has also developed a mild case of Algophobia (fear of pain) after going through childbirth.
•    Despite everything that he has done to her, Takane is still in love with Haruto and still refers to him as Haru-kun.
•    Takane dislikes disciplining Sakura, which has caused many arguments in the past between her and Minami over the way she raises her. Takane has proven to be an effective authoritarian when needed to be.
•    Takane, after finding out she pregnant, insisted on learning how to fully cook for herself and has become a very good one. During her pregnancy she frequently forced Minami to watch cooking shows with her and had Minami buy cookbooks for her.
•    Much to her dismay, during her entire pregnancy Takane was unable to stand the smell or even eat ramen without getting sick.
•    In her late twenties, Takane finally began to wear glasses for her nearsightedness.
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(timeframe – 22 years after the start of im@s anime)

Name: Yamasaki Azusa (山嵜あずさ)
•   Maiden Name: Miura Azusa (三浦あずさ)
Birthdate: July 19th
Age: 42
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Red
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Three Sizes: 94-62-90
Birthplace: Urayasu, Japan
Current Residence: Shibuya, Japan
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

Family: Yamasaki Sotaro (husband), Yamasaki Taiki (son), Yamasaki Momoka (daughter), Yamasaki Aiko (daughter), unnamed mother, unnamed father (deceased)

Nicknames: Asa-chan (by Sotaro), Zuzu-baasan (by Sakura), Azu-baachan (by Hanako and Yuuta)

Personality Traits: Still airheaded but has matured considerably, gets lost as easily as before, very good with and loves working with children, still a flirtation person even if doing so unconsciously, known to baby her children but is also very protective of them

Bio: Azusa ended up retiring from 765Pro at 23-years-old partly due to her feeling too old to be an idol any longer as well as her mother’s increased nagging for her to just settle down and act her age. Within a year of retiring, Azusa reconnected and moved in with an old high school flame and the two shortly married after only a few months of dating.

Two years later Azusa would have her first child, her son Taiki, at 26-years-old. During this same year Azusa would begin teaching at a local kindergarten school. Three years later she would then have her first daughter, Momoka.

During the six years after she left 765Pro she kept in touch with both Chihaya and Ritsuko. During those years Azusa became a common babysitter for Chihaya over the years. Both Chihaya and Takane’s daughters would wind up in Azusa’s kindergarten class and united the three formers idols; Azusa and Takane particularly became a lot closer following this. At 34-years-old Azusa would have her youngest and last child, her daughter Aiko.

Azusa does not regret her decision to retire as an idol and is very content with her life thus far. She claims that her job as a kindergarten teacher has given her a better feeling of fulfillment than being an idol did. She also claims that being a wife and mother gives her an even greater feeling of satisfaction than being a teacher.

•   She still refuses to write her name in kanji and prefers to still use hiragana.
•   After being Sakura’s kindergarten teacher, she and Takane have become very close friends and it’s common to find them hanging out with each other.
•   She is known for singing to her kindergarten classes. Her favorite songs to sing them are “GO MY WAY!!” and “Kimi wa Melody”.
•   Azusa has grown out her hair to just past her shoulder.
•   Much to her disappointment, Azusa has tried to talk Momoka into being an idol without any success so far.
•   During her career as a kindergarten teacher, Azusa has lost a few students during fieldtrips. On one such occasion she ended up losing Hanako at a zoo and the young girl somehow ended up in an animal enclosure. Since then Chihaya has refused to allow either Hanako or Yuuta to go on fieldtrips that Azusa chaperones alone.