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Characters / Top 13 765 PRO Idols?
« on: January 18, 2015, 10:18:20 pm »
From favorite to least favorite:
1. Azusa - I haven't a single criticism for Azusa. Her voice, design, songs, personality, she's just so likeable. And I'm a ditz like her lol
2. Yukiho - I really like her design, and both her voice actresses do well. I'm a lot like her as well, I'm scared of everything lol
3. Takane - Performs almost every song flawlessly, has a stunning design, and stands out among the rest.
4. Chihaya - While I think she's over-rated, I still like her. She excels in emotional songs, but is kinda robotic in anything else
5. Miki - She also stands out from everyone else, her image songs are almost all amazing, Nostalgia and Relations are favourites of mine.
6. Makoto - She's fairly likeable, Meisou Mind and Agent Yoru Wo Yuku are the main reasons shes so high. I love Makoto and Yukiho duets as well.
7. Yayoi - I really like her design, personality and some of her songs. Aside from that, she's not too interesting though.
8. Mami - If the twins still had their 1st Vision Design, they'd be equal, but I like Mami's hair more lol
9. Ami - I really like Triple Angel, aside from that there really isn't much to Ami.
10. Ritsuko - Nothing bad to say about her, but not much good stuff either. Her anime episode was pretty good though.
11. Iori - She irritates me so much. She acts like she's above everyone else, something I hate in characters.
12. Hibiki - She's basically Iori on a larger scale, calling herself "Perfect". She may be a good singer, but her personality overshadows it for me.
13. Haruka - Oh god, her anime personality is what ruins it for me. She whines about not being able to see everyone else at the same time, puts the Producer in the Hospital, and is a very boring character anyways. How she's the main character is beyond me.

I can't get past the main menu, I've tried all the buttons, X sends me back to the title, O brings up a loading screen on every option and sends me back to the title screen, and the rest do nothing. Please respond asap

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