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The legend@ry idol of yesterday is now cast aside as new idols take the stage. 
We can not let these invisible idols go unnoticed.  Join the campaign to bring aw@reness to the invisible idols. 
Together we can stop @ nothing to bring justice to Yayoi on March 25th.

  • Change your avatar and signature to pictures of Yayoi to bring awareness
  • Spread awareness on facebook by posting videos of Yayoi
  • Somehow download the official app
  • Produce Yayoi on any of the Im@s games during the next two weeks


  • Rank S Yayoi: Produce Yayoi in IM@S1/2 or SP and achieve rank S.  Post a screenshot/picture of your accomplishment on this thread with enough information on the image to show you did the work.  You have until March 25th to complete this.  suggested by: animagic4u

Brainstorm some more epic suggestions below.


Community works / Idolm@ster SP soundboards
« on: July 06, 2010, 06:48:55 am »
I have no idea where to post this.  But let me know you're interested plz :3c

So in SP Office Mode there's a soundboard for each idol.  I thought about ripping the audio and splicing it into pieces for use in well...anything I guess.  However I've been lazy and just never got around to working on it til now.  Basically I've done all the work, contains all the samples spliced as well as the full track.  You can replace your OS sounds with them, replace that voice that goes TOASTY in Stepmania, hack a game and replace the sounds...honestly I dunno, whatever you want.  Sky is the limit.  You could even plug them into your iPod and use them as your wake up alarm or something.

I already have Yayoi done; it's quite nice hearing my computer talk as Yayoi 8D

I want to rip them all and make them available, but I dunno who would want them and which idols first.  So let me know if you're interested.  Also can I post DL links here to them or would that be bad? D:

General chatter / So how can we improve the forum?
« on: March 07, 2010, 05:00:50 am »

So this is just my opinion, but to me there's been an uber decline with the forum lately.  Active members leaving, people creating accounts/posting but not coming back, no new content, etc.  I know a lot of it is just based on no new Im@s games and the slow trickle of info that comes out.  But I dunno there's also no real goal or project going on right now to kinda motivate everyone to stick together and hang out.  For people who already have the game, I think there's the burden of knowledge; so you can't really talk about the game/ask for help since everyone is pretty proficient in the game.

I have some thoughts on improving the forum but I dunno.  I mean it all comes down to - It's not my forum, but I'd like to see the place improve and get a lot of members which is why I'm making this thread.  So I'm curious, what are some ideas you have to improve the place/bring people in?

Here are some of my thoughts I dunno-

-Combining xbox & PSP forums into a single forum to cover the Arcade/Xbox/PSP games?
-Adding a Gaming forum?  Could be helpful, I mean I don't play Im@s 24/7 even though it does seem that way >_____> could be a way to keep people active and posting.
-Question of the week?  Maybe like a new sticky each week in general asking a question or something I dunno.
-Figure out a different way to utilize the community works forum better?  Maybe just an Arts forum or something to cover all bases?  I mean there are threads in there from users who no longer exist, and there are threads here in general that are image dumps.
-An Im@s general forum?  Essentially pull all Im@s related topics out of general and shove them in here, make general for everything else?

I DUNNO SRSLY just some thoughts I had.  I think if we all thought of some things to agree on we could make em happen.  I mean I could keep rambling but I'm sure you all have ideas to on how to make the place better.  I think if we all pitched in or something we could have this place so active Namco would piss their pants.

General chatter / Christmas anyone?
« on: December 24, 2009, 11:03:43 pm »
Just curious as to who is celebrating or not ;D

Got any plans for the day?
Expecting any awesome gifts?
Bought yourself something fancy for the holiday?

General chatter / Yukiho B-day Broadcast (audio download available)
« on: December 13, 2009, 05:15:46 am »

I have the audio ready, sorta podcast-ish I guess.  I dunno haha.

I like to use megaupload so that's why it's uploaded here:


Part1 : skype convo doesn't start really till 40 minutes in (shortly before that, it's me sorta talking to myself because I forgot to feed the output skype audio).  Everything before that is audio from Mr. Driller, music, vids, and commentary from me.  Cuts off where everything crashed.

Part2 : At least listen to this part if you weren't there lol.  I was laughing my ass off re-listening to this part.


I apologize if I sound funky, my sore throat has evolved into a headcold >:(

// Pre-Show (before 1pm)
Going to play some Mr. Driller while warming up the feed to work out technical difficulties

// Videos & Music (around 1pm)
Gonna show some Yukiho related videos.  Afterwards a slideshow of whatever Yukiho pictures I have set to tunes.  During that I'll be opening up skype and bringing people in.

// SP Office (around 1:30pm)
A bunch of Yukiho performances with commentary over skype.

// Encore (?)
Whatever comes afterward.


> If you have a JTV, Twitter, Facebook or Myspace account, you can log in as any one of them to chat on the channel.
> Audio download will be available as soon as possible for those who can't make it.

I'm thinking about doing a broadcast on JTV to celebrate Yukiho day.  Basically Office SP and playing as many Yukiho songs as I can.  I'm now able to layer mic audio over the game audio, as well as layer skype audio on top of that as well.  So essentially it would be a broadcast with mass commentary for anyone who wants to add commentary.  Probably won't be long, maybe two hours tops?  Depends how it goes.

Unfortunately this is way too close to every holiday imaginable so I'm not sure who I can get, which is why I'm asking now.  I'd like to try and do it on Japan time and keep it on the 24th, so I was hoping sometime AFTER 1pm on the 23rd my time (configure your time here) just to stay in range.  The time can be adjusted though depending on who wants to participate, because I know this would be morning or late evening for some.

Basically the only requirements would be you have skype, a mic, and don't mind talking to strangers while being broadcasted.  I'm up for anything creative, like asking questions and getting responses from the Yukiho soundboard, reading any poetry you wrote for the occasion, asking others Yukiho trivia, etc.

-It's going to be broadcasted on my channel at JTV
-I would be able and willing to record the audio as a podcast and put a download link here for those who could not make it but would like to hear it.
-I can also do a really elaborate setup and layer my mic over game audio, and feed that into skype.  That way you don't even have to watch the feed, you can just listen and chat in skype.  Although I haven't tried running two audio lines yet so not sure how that would sound xD
-I have all the default songs + I Want / Meisou Mind / Ippai Ippai for Yukiho.

Post your comments below or any questions, thanks.

General chatter / The iDOLM@STER Ranbats <-Contest
« on: November 27, 2009, 06:46:07 am »

You guys down for an im@s ranbat?  How about this son, im@s ranbat consists of multiple contests over X period of time.  Each contest you participate in, you gain points based off your performance.  Word up though this is no Karma system, I'm talking like you hussle your mad skills to show who's the real producer here.  Contests might range anywhere from art / making vids / getting people to join the forum / best idol impersonation / etc. etc.  Some contests could have prizes, some don't, depends who hosts them, whatever rolls.

In the end (maybe like 8-12 contests later), calculate all the points, find some winners.  Maybe whoever dominates wins their name on the top of the forum saying THIS BRO IS THE TRUE IDOLM@STER REPRESENTIN.  Bragging rights, maybe a prize like figurines or CDs, some PSN points.  Whatever I end up thinking up or whatever anyone throws in the pot for the end.

This is what I'd like
a) Your feedback on this
b) Some ideas of your own
c) Some old school particimapation

Post your thoughts in the comments and rate this video 5 stars.

General chatter / For those of you who haven't played Im@s
« on: November 25, 2009, 08:27:24 am »
I can understand everyone's limitations in regards to region / cashflow / can't read Japanese / too busy playing Gears of War 2 edit: Modern Warfare 2 / etc. as to why you haven't played.

However, at least "play" a little demo of the arcade version:
(Can't skip but everything else lets you select)

This is uber-buried away on the official site so I'm not sure who has seen it here or not.  

digi162 says:
 Could one say they've played some im@s if they've played this demo?
H4 says:
 yeah well
 be all i played the trail
digi162 says:
 I'd assume so too.  I mean I guess it could be like playing on the actual arcade cabinet but before you could input the name, a sumo wrestler kicked your ass off

Welcome Center / YO DOWG
« on: November 25, 2009, 07:14:23 am »
Ya'll know me still the same ol' G
But I been low key

I know a lot of you playaz don noe o probably care WhO i AmZ.  To let you noe regardless I R BACK.

I will be making damn sure to let you know why I rage quitted.

Taco has been linking me to the forum constantly and it is depressing seeing what is going on.  Also Laburey refuses to buy Idolm@ster SP for some reason.  I have some things I've been working on, hopefully with your cooperation/me forcing you to obey we will get crap going.


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