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General chatter / Ever become sad about a character's death in fiction?
« on: December 08, 2016, 04:09:51 pm »
Recently, I watched an LP of a visual novel on Youtube. I won't spoil anything, but the beginning involved the death of a kind and sweet girl. As the VN went on, I became a little attached to her and by the end I actually cried. I still feel sad for her sometimes when I look up something pertaining to the VN and I actually created an AU one-shot where that girl lives and falls in love with the main protagonist as a way to try and make me feel better. I guess I consider her to be too kind to have died and wished she had lived.

Now that I've shared this story with you, I have to ask. Has there ever been a moment when a character died in a TV show, anime, video game, or anything else, and it make you sad for a while?

General chatter / RWBY Discussion
« on: July 27, 2014, 12:59:15 am »
I've decided to make a topic to talk about RoosterTeeth's aeries RWBY since Volume 2 has started. Feel free to talk about characters, episodes, and anything else pertaining to the series.

Community works / Pokemon Infinite and Zero
« on: June 08, 2014, 07:55:23 pm »

This is a Pokémon game idea that I started on October 2013, when Pokémon X and Y were released. It's a successor to the Pokémon Flora and Azure saga I've also done, being a main series Pokémon game. Like Flora/Azure/Solar, it takes characters and locations from various anime, manga, and visual novels and gives them the roles of important NP characters such as Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, villainous team members, and more. Also like Flora/Azure/Solar, it offers a number of new features and of course some new Pokémon as well.

Type Effect Change: In order to make a specific Pokémon type more useful, there's been some small changes to it. Here they are:

Resistant to: Water, Ice, Ground

New Pokémon: Like the first SFA-Dex, the SFA-Dex 2 has 80 new Pokémon that add onto the ones we already have (including the ones from the first SFA-Dex).

No Symbol: This Pokémon is a standalone.
=: This is the lowest stage in that Pokémon's line. Ex: Stabitle is the lowest stage in the Volatoise line.
^: The Pokémon that's listed above this one becomes this Pokémon. Ex: Starifly becomes Twilifly.
There are two exceptions to this rule; Paradyne and Dragonigh. Also, Seasite can become either Summite or Wintrite, making for a branched line.

SFA61: Saureaf (Type: Grass/Dragon) =
SFA62: Raptant (Type: Grass/Dragon) ^
SFA63: Folicator (Type: Grass/Dragon) ^
-This is the Grass-type starter line in Pokémon Infinite/Zero.
SFA64: Heatiger (Type: Fire/Electric) =
SFA65: Hotwiger (Type: Fire/Electric) ^
SFA66: Plasmiger (Type: Fire/Electric) ^
-This is the Fire-type starter line in Pokémon Infinite/Zero.
SFA67: Cryscale (Type: Water/Ice) =
SFA68: Tidystal (Type: Water/Ice) ^
SFA69: Crystora (Type: Water/Ice) ^
-This is the Water-type starter line in Pokémon Infinite/Zero.
SFA70: Avijet (Type: Steel/Flying) =
SFA71: Wingejet (Type: Steel/Flying) ^
SFA72: Starifly (Type: Bug/Flying) =
SFA73: Twilifly (Type: Bug/Flying) ^
SFA74: Anacid (Type: Chemical/Ground) =
SFA75: Cloriconda (Type: Chemical/Ground) ^
SFA76: Sprigail (Type: Fairy/Grass) =
SFA77: Spigunia (Type: Fairy/Grass) ^
SFA78: Stabitle (Type: Chemical/Poison) =
SFA79: Turitle (Type: Chemical/Poison) ^
SFA80: Volatoise (Type: Chemical/Poison) ^
SFA81: Megalang (Type: Rock/Water)
-Megalang is a Fossil Pokémon based off of the dinoshark and megalodon. It is obtained from the Fin Fossil.
SFA82: Dinomper (Type: Rock/Water)
-Dinomper is a Fossil Pokémon based off of the dinocroc and supergator. It is obtained from the Scale Fossil.
SFA83: Orilaght (Type: Ghost/Light) =
SFA84: Lanternal (Type: Ghost/Light) ^
SFA85: Seasite (Type: Fairy) =
SFA86: Summite (Type: Fire/Fairy) ^
SFA87: Wintrite (Type: Ice/Fairy) ^
SFA88: Platypress (Type: Normal)
SFA89: Ribaza (Type: Chemical) =
SFA90: Hazadrog (Type: Chemical) ^
SFA91: Eleprey (Type: Electric/Flying) =
SFA92: Stormawk (Type: Electric/Flying) ^
SFA93: Thundetross (Type: Electric/Flying) ^
SFA94: Miliglow (Type: Bug/Light) =
SFA95: Millight (Type: Bug/Light) ^
SFA96: Shakroach (Type: Bug/Dark) =
SFA97: Darkroach (Type: Bug/Dark) ^
SFA98: Muticle (Type: Chemical/Fighting) =
SFA99: Muticlub (Type: Chemical/Fighting) ^
SFA100: Virimond (Type: Chemical)
SFA101: Freqube (Type: Psychic/Electric)
SFA102: Refrather (Type: Light) =
SFA103: Pearism (Type: Light) ^
SFA104: Crisalock (Type: Light/Flying) ^
SFA105: Chillaser (Type: Electric/Ice) =
SFA106: Chillspark (Type: Electric/Ice) ^
SFA107: Elvajo (Type: Fairy/Fighting) =
SFA108: Nymphist (Type: Fairy/Fighting) ^
SFA109: Flasan (Type: Psychic/Light) =
SFA110: Flasera (Type: Psychic/Light) ^
SFA111: Burigon (Type: Dragon/Fire) =
SFA112: Flamigon (Type: Dragon/Fire) ^
SFA113: Ifrigon (Type: Dragon/Fire) ^
SFA114: Seridal (Type: Dragon/Water) =
SFA115: Oceantine (Type: Dragon/Water) ^
SFA116: Drageel (Type: Dragon/Water) ^
SFA117: Posixie (Type: Light/Fairy)
SFA118: Negamp (Type: Dark/Fairy)
SFA119: Petaton (Type: Grass/Fire) =
SFA120: Solaraze (Type: Grass/Fire) ^
SFA121: Jokelit (Type: Light/Dark) =
SFA122: Schizojest (Type: Light/Dark) ^
SFA123: Helmesaur (Type: Rock) =
SFA124: Gemesaurus (Type: Rock/Ghost) ^
-Helmesaur and Gemesaurus are based off the Helmasaur enemy and Gemesaur King boss from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds.
SFA125: Radioard (Type: Chemical) =
SFA126: Hazazard (Type: Chemical/Dragon) ^
SFA127: Prismaeye (Type: Psychic/Ice) =
SFA128: Octiclipse (Type: Psychic/Ice) ^
SFA129: Auroracle (Type: Psychic/Ice) ^
-Prismaeye, Opticlipse, and Auroracle make up a pseudo-legendary line. Although I made a few changes to their look and types, all three of them are the property of Ninetales.
SFA130: Paradyne (Type: Bug/Grass) ^
-Paradyne is a Stage 2 for Parasect, obtained by trading a Parasect when holding a Bizarre Mushroom. Paradyne is the property of GinnyLyn2.
SFA131: Dragonigh (Type: Dragon/Flying) ^
-Dragonigh is an alternate Stage 2 for Dragonair and a counterpart to Dragonite, obtained starting at Level 55 if Dragonair is holding a Dragon Wing. Dragonigh is the property of YUMAWARU.
SFA132: Incinaos (Type: Fire/Dark)
SFA133: Paralaos (Type: Electric/Dark)
SFA134: Frozaos (Type: Ice/Dark)
-Incinaos, Paralaos, and Frozaos make up the Dark Interlopers, the lesser Legendary trio in the SFA-Dex 2. They are known for in mythology for being the ones responsible for anger, greed, and fear in humans.
SFA135: Infiran (Type: Light/Dragon)
SFA136: Zerion (Type: Dark/Flying)
SFA137: Variruin (Type: Normal/Psychic)*
-Infiran, Zerion, and Variruin make up the Variant Trio, the major Legendary trio in the SFA-Dex 2. Infiran is the mascot for Infinite, while Zerion is the mascot for Zero. All three have a base stat total of 680.
* Variruin's type changes if you have Infiran or Zerion in your party as well. If you have Zerion in your party, Variruin's type is Dark/Psychic; if you have Infiran in your party, Variruin's type is Light/Psychic. If you have both in your party, then Variruin's type is determined by whichever one is closest to the front of your party.
SFA138: Frazilova (Type: Fire/Ice)
Frazilova is a Legendary Pokémon with a base stat total of 600. It has two forms, a Flame Form and Frost Form. It's a Pokémon that manipulates and controls temperatures.
SFA139: Paradistan (Type: Dragon/Flying)
Paradistan is a Legendary Pokémon with a base stat total of 600. It has two forms, a Day Form and Night Form. It's a Pokémon that only shows itself to someone when they have completed the impossible. It is the guardian of Atledegrila, a place similar to the Garden of Eden or Shangri-La.
SFA140: Crisalia (Type: Fairy)
Crisalia is a Legendary Pokémon with a base stat total of 600. It's a Mew-esque Pokemon such as Celebi, Jirachi, and others. It's a Pokémon that can manipulate crystals and is said to reside in a crystal world. It's also an Event Pokémon.

Special: In addition to the Pokémon listed above, in Infinite/Zero, a number of Pokémon have the Light-type added to them (like how several Pokémon had the Fairy-type added to them in X and Y). Here are those Pokémon:

#182: Bellossom (Type: Grass/Light)
#191: Sunkern (Type: Grass/Light)
#192: Sunflora (Type: Grass/Light)
#313: Volbeat (Type: Bug/Light)
#314: Illumise (Type: Bug/Light)
#350: Milotic (Type: Water/Light)
#370: Luvdisc (Type: Water/Light)
#524: Roggenrola (Type: Rock/Light)
#525: Boldore (Type: Rock/Light)
#526: Gigalith (Type: Rock/Light)
#531: Audino (Type: Normal/Light)
#594: Alomomola (Type: Water/Light)

Three Pokémon from the first SFA-Dex have a slight type change. Actually, it's just their two types switched around to be in the other order. Here they are:

SFA34: Cubreeze (Type: Ice/Water)
SFA35: Icebergact (Type: Ice/Water)
SFA36: Glacimpact (Type: Ice/Water)

There are also six new Mega Pokémon in Infinite/Zero as well, with their respective Mega Stones included. Here they are:

#144: Mega Articuno (Type: Ice/Flying)
#145: Mega Zapdos (Type: Electric/Flying)
#146: Mega Moltres (Type: Fire/Flying)
#251: Mega Celebi (Type: Psychic/Grass)
#350: Mega Milotic (Type: Water/Light)
#X69: Mega Mothical (Type: Bug/Chemical)


Present here are the new Pokémon in it plus some changes. The changes here are that twelve Pokémon have the Light-type added to them (so in Infinite/Zero they're part Light-type). Also, to make the Ice-type better, they now have resistances to Water and Ground.

Also note that since the sixth Generation has risen, Pokémon Infinite/Zero also contains those Pokémon and the SFA-Dex 2 includes the Fairy type. It also contains every Pokémon from Flora and Azure as well.

I'd also like to explain some of the Pokémon in the SFA-Dex 2 to you (to be more specific, the starters, the Ifrigon and Drageel lines, and Paradistan). The inspiration for those Pokémon actually comes from a listing of 200+ Pokémon ideas and a Pokémon thought up by another person. The aforementioned Pokémon in the SFA-Dex 2 are still my own ideas, as I took my own creative route with them, such as names, look, stats, abilities, and moves.

I'll also explain the location for Infinite/Zero. Like I had Flora/Azure take place in the Nostrum region (borrowed from Shukufuku no Campanella), Infinite/Zero takes place in the Halkeginia region (borrowed from Zero no Tsukaima), and like with Nostrum, my own take on Halkeginia. I have no ownership over either region.

When it comes to Mega Articuno, Mega Zapdos, and Mega Moltres, you only get one of them in the game, depending on which starter you chose. If you chose Saureaf, you get the Moltresite; if you chose Heatiger, you get the Articunoite; if you chose Cryscale, you get the Zapdosite. Also, since the birds themselves aren't found in Infinite/Zero, you'll have to bring one over from another game (Hugh & Dolittle's PokéTransporter is perfect for this). The only difference is that the Plasma Gale ability summons thunderstorm conditions (and the ability also prevents Mega Zapdos from taking damage from said thunderstorm conditions). Mega Celebi, on the other hand, is an event, much like Celebi itself.

Also, the SFA 2 Pokédex in detail (the Pokémon's stats, what moves they can know, and abilities) is under construction. I don't know exactly where the SFA 2 Pokédex is going to be put.

Information on Paradyne can be found here. Paradyne is the property of GinnyLyn2.
Information on Dragonigh is found here. Dragonigh is the property of YUMAWARU.
Information on Prismaeye, Opticlipse, and Auroracle can be found here. All three are the property of Ninetales.
Information on Mega Articuno, Mega Zapdos, and Mega Moltres can be found here. All three Mega forms were thought up by TyranitarTube.
Note: I'm sorry for using these five Pokemon in the SFA-Dex 2, but they're too interesting for me to resist. I'm still honest to provide links to their original owners, though.

More information, such as locations, characters, items, and Trainer rosters will be posted over time as they're still being developed.

One more thing. Please don't post pointless comments like this:


General chatter / Off to Florida
« on: March 01, 2014, 11:27:44 pm »
I'm just letting you know here that I'm going to Florida with my dad for a week. It's going to be fun and we're going to do things.

Community works / Pokemon Flora and Azure
« on: October 29, 2012, 02:18:01 am »

This is a Pokémon game idea that I started back in early/mid 2011. It's a main series game that takes characters and locations from various anime, manga, and visual novels and gives them the roles of important NP characters such as Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, villainous team members, and more. However, there's a lot more to Pokémon Flora/Azure than just that. There's new types, new Pokémon, and new features (such as giving items to important characters).

These two main series Pokémon game ideas are called Pokémon Flora and Pokémon Azure. What you see here are the new Pokémon that are in it. Note that every existing Pokémon and also the Pokémon found here and here are also present.


New Pokémon Types: There are two new Pokémon types added to the mix; Light and Chemical. Here are their basics:

Super Effective Against: Ghost, Dark

Not Very Effective Against: Grass, Psychic, Light
Weak to: Grass, Psychic
Resistant to: Ghost, Dark
, Light

Super Effective Against: Poison, Bug
Not Very Effective Against: Grass, Chemical
Weak to: Grass
Resistant to: Poison, Bug, Chemical

New Pokémon: Rather than being a full-fledged Pokedex, the SFA-Dex only has 60 new Pokémon that add onto the ones we already have.

No Symbol: This Pokémon is a standalone.
=: This is the lowest stage in that Pokémon's line. Ex: Prisanne is the lowest stage in the Prisangel line.
^: The Pokémon that's listed above this one becomes this Pokémon. Ex: Snapacid becomes Snapazard.
There are two exceptions to this rule; Mystiloom and Brighteon.

Important note: The SFA Pokédex in detail (the Pokémon's stats, what moves they can know, and abilities) is still under construction. Also, I don't know exactly where the SFA Pokédex are going to be put.

SFA01: Prisanne (Type: Light) =
SFA02: Prismary (Type: Light) ^
SFA03: Prisangel (Type: Light) ^
SFA04: Aciphere (Type: Chemical) =
SFA05: Acidicand  (Type: Chemical) ^
SFA06: Chemicrush (Type: Chemical) ^
SFA07: Lizanic (Type: Rock/Fire) =
SFA08: Volcanile (Type: Rock/Fire) ^
-Lizanic and Volcanile are Fossil Pokemon. Lizanic is obtained from the Magma Fossil.
SFA09: Earthillo (Type: Rock/Ground) =
SFA10: Armaremor (Type: Rock/Ground) ^
-Earthillo and Armaremor are Fossil Pokemon. Earthillo is obtained from the Earth Fossil.
SFA11: Birilly (Type: Water/Electric) =
SFA12: Birilatin (Type: Water/Electric) ^
SFA13: Snapacid (Type: Grass/Chemical) =
SFA14: Snapazard (Type: Grass/Chemical) ^
SFA15: Lightail (Type: Water/Light) =
SFA16: Luminail (Type: Water/Light) ^
SFA17: Mimikaron (Type: Psychic)
SFA18: Skibison (Type: Normal/Flying)
-Skibison is based off of Appa and more specifically, air bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
SFA19: Lemurat (Type: Normal/Flying)
-Lemurat is based off of Momo and more specifically, lemur bats from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
SFA20: Blazight (Type: Fire/Light)
SFA21: Biohyrax (Type: Chemical/Flying)
SFA22: Sunkarill (Type: Grass/Water) =
SFA23: Sunflorazumarill (Type: Grass/Water) ^
-Sunkarill is supposed to be a fusion of Sunkern and Marill while Sunflorazumarill is supposed to be a fusion of Sunflora and Azumarill. Both of these are event Pokemon like Zorua and Zoroark.
SFA24: Mystiloom (Type: Grass/Ghost) ^
-Mystiloom is supposed to be yet another Stage 2 for Gloom, obtained by using the Moon Stone on Gloom.
SFA25: Brighteon (Type: Light) ^
-Brighteon is part of the Eevee family. Eevee becomes Brighteon when traded while holding the Flash Prism.
SFA26: Geluppy (Type: Water/Chemical) =
SFA27: Gelardine (Type: Water/Chemical) ^
SFA28: Solout (Type: Grass/Light) =
SFA29: Solant (Type: Grass/Light) ^
SFA30: Aracha (Type: Bug
/Ground) =
SFA31: Moldarach (Type: Bug
/Ground) ^
-Aracha and Moldarach are based off the enemies of the same name from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
SFA32: Phantormal (Type: Normal/Ghost)
SFA33: Plasmactor (Type: Electric/Chemical)
SFA34: Cubreeze  (Type: Water/Ice) =
SFA35: Icebergact (Type: Water/Ice) ^
SFA36: Glacimpact (Type: Water/Ice) ^
SFA37: Elestar (Type: Electric/Light)
-Elestar is a "Pikachu clone". However, unlike others such as Plusle, Minun, Pachirusu, or Emolga, Elestar has some pretty amazing qualities.
SFA38: Flaricid (Type: Chemical/Fire) =
SFA39: Scorchihem (Type: Chemical/Fire) ^
SFA40: Fairill (Type: Ice/Light) =
SFA41: Fairost (Type: Ice/Light) ^
SFA42: Ectoplatom (Type: Ghost/Chemical)
SFA43: Cosmiplex (Type: Dark/Light)
SFA44: Thermaquid (Type: Water/Fire) =
SFA45: Volcaquid (Type: Water/Fire) ^
SFA46: Mikarata (Type: Light) =
SFA47: Mikombat (Type: Light/Fighting) ^
SFA48: Mercutop (Type: Steel/Chemical) =
SFA49: Metaliquid (Type: Steel/Chemical) ^
SFA50: Lightiz (Type: Light/Flying) =
SFA51: Draflect (Type: Light/Dragon) ^
SFA52: Biomerd (Type: Grass) =
SFA53: Tropivern (Type: Grass) ^
SFA54: Ecocadia (Type: Grass/Flying) ^
-Ecocadia is a pseudo-Legendary, having a base stat total of 600 and Tropivern not becoming it until Level 48.
SFA55: Terrias (Type: Grass/Flying)
SFA56: Hyrdrios (Type: Water/Flying)
SFA57: Solares (Type: Light/Flying)
-Terrias, Hydrios, and Solares make up the Genesis Trio, the major Legendary trio in the SFA-Dex. Terrias is the mascot for Flora, while Hydrios is the mascot for Azure. All three have a base stat total of 680.
SFA58: Basiboros (Type: Poison/Dark)
-Basiboros is a Legendary Pokémon with a base stat total of 600. It's supposed to be based of the Basilisk and also the concept of Uroboros.
SFA59: Dimensium (Type: Chemical/Psychic)
-Dimensium is a Legendary Pokémon with a base stat total of 600. It has two forms, a Combat Form and a Mental Form. It's a trans-dimensional Pokémon.
SFA60: Auright (Type: Light/Psychic)
-Auright is a Legendary Pokémon with a base stat total of 600. It's a Mew-esque Pokemon like Celebi, Jirachi, and others. It's also an Event Pokémon.

Special: While not part of the SFA-Dex, in Flora/Azure, in addition to their normal typings, Poison/Chemical Grimer and Muk and Bug/Chemical Chemiket and Mothical are found. These are denoted by their slightly different colors. Also, Grimer, Muk, Chemiket, and Mothical of these types learn some different moves than their Poison and Bug/Poison variants. Note than pure Poison-type Grimer and Muk and Bug/Poison-type Chemiket and Mothical are also still attainable. In fact, for example, it's possible for you to have both a Bug/Poison Mothical and a Bug Chemical/Mothical. Grimer and Muk originating in Azure are pure Poison-type while ones originating in Flora are Poison/Chemical-type. Chemiket and Mothical originating in Flora are Bug/Poison-type while ones originating in Azure are Bug/Chemical-type.


More information, such as locations, characters, items, and Trainer rosters will be coming soon.

General chatter / Domain Name
« on: March 11, 2012, 12:38:10 am »
If this is in the wrong area, please move it to the right one. If this isn't allowed anywhere, let me know and I'll delete it.

I can tell we're nearing the time when the domain name for this site is going to expire once again. I just need to let everyone know this ahead of time and have us know if the site's going to go down soon.

General chatter / Interesting Topic
« on: February 17, 2012, 12:00:00 am »
Since I don't know where else to put it, I have something to confess to you.

I have a bit of a fascination with pregnant anime girls. I've pretty much have for years, and I feel a bit awkward sometimes given my own age and how every now and then I look up pics of anime girls that are pregnant and stuff like that.

Now for the topic itself. What you think about pregnant anime girls? Do you think such pics seem perverted? That it's the beauty of eventual motherhood? That they're risque? That they are a wonderful thing?

Community works / Shukufuku no Campanella: Happy Ever After
« on: August 29, 2011, 02:23:59 am »


One month, three weeks ago. It was on this day that Leicester Maycraft asked his longtime friend and love of his life, Carina Verritti, the biggest thing he has ever asked.

[Music: Sonic 2006: In the Forest]

It's currently nighttime and Leicester knows the path that Carina takes from her parents' mansion. At the fountains in Ert'Aria's square, he finds Carina in her normal outfit and approaches her.

Carina: Leicester, what are you doing here? (Blushing) Could you not wait for me to get back?

Leicester takes Lady Carina's hand in much the same way he did in Episode 1 of the anime.

Leicester: Carina, I've known you most of my life and I always cared for you as a friend. I always knew you had a crush on me, but I was unsure how to respond. That is, until six months ago. Since then, you've been one of the two most important things in my life. I love you with all my heart, and I want you to be happy.

Carina: Leicester, are you telling me that you…

Leicester, wanting to ask Carina the most important question he's ever asked in his life, gets down on one knee and presents the ring he has to her.

Leicester: Carina Verritti, will you marry me?

Upon seeing that Leicester, the boy she always had a crush on and just several months ago confessed his love to her in the very spot they're now standing, is proposing to her, Carina can only feel one thing, elation, and knows how to respond.

Carina: Yes, Leicester. A thousand times yes. I will marry you.

Leicester takes the ring and slides it on the Jewel of Ert'Aria's finger on her left hand. Carina's eyes become filled with tears of joy as she and Leicester are now engaged. They both embrace and share a deep kiss in front of the central fountain.

[In the Forest ends]

Chapter 1: Preparations for the Big Day

It's currently morning, and Leicester is still asleep in his bed as morning light comes in through the window. Carina, already dressed in her normal outfit, opens the door to his room and goes up to him. She moves her head in and kisses him on the lips. Leicester's eyes open to see his lovely fiancée looking down at him.

Carina: Morning, my love.

Leicester: Morning, Carina.

Leicester gets out of bed, wraps his arms around Lady Carina, and kisses her on the lips. As usual, she blushes at his kiss. They've been dating for almost eight months, and they're more in love than ever since in just a week, the two of them are getting married.

As Leicester breaks the kiss, he and Carina look at each other lovingly.

Carina: In just one week…

Leicester: We're going to be married.

The couple thinks about how everyone responded to Leicester and Carina's engagement. Minette, the automata girl created by Mizeh Altworth and proclaimed as Leicester's daughter, was very happy to hear her father was getting married.

Minette (Flashback): (Happily) Papa, you and Carina are getting married?

Minette, tears of joy filling her eyes, went straight up to Leicester and Carina and gave them a big hug.

Minette (Flashback): (Crying happily) I'm so happy for you and Carina. We're all going to finally be a family.

Leicester's parents, Nagan and Shelley Maycraft, were thrilled to hear the news. Shelley was very excited towards Lady Carina.

Nagan (Flashback): Leicester, I'm so proud of you.

Shelley (Flashback): Carina, dear. I can't believe you're marrying my son.

Shelley went up to Carina and hugged her quite closely. In fact, so close that Carina's breasts were pushed up against Shelley's. This ended up creeping Carina out.

Shelley (Flashback): You're going to make him very happy. I just know it.

Carina (Flashback): (Creeped out) Please let me go, Shelley!

Leicester (Flashback): Mom, please move away from Carina!

Shelley broke the hug and Leicester went up to comfort his fiancée. He hopes that his mother won't be like that towards Carina in the future. Being in her fiancé's arms, Carina already went back to feeling happy.

Carina (Flashback): I love you, Leicester.

Leicester (Flashback): And I love you, Carina.

The two ended up sharing a kiss.

When it came to Carina's parents, Fabious and Fiore Verritti, the former being the Duke of Ert'Aria, they were both quite happy to hear the news as well.

Fiore (Flashback): You're getting married?

Fabious (Flashback): That's wonderful!

The Duke ended up going up to Leicester and gave him a big hug. While not creeped out, Leicester was feeling as uncomfortable as when his mother hugged Carina.

Fabious (Flashback): I just know you're going to make Carina the happiest girl in the world!

Leicester (Flashback): (Uncomfortable) Thanks, but can you please let me go?

Fabious (Flashback): Oh, sorry.

Fabious gently let go of his daughter's fiancé.

Carina (Flashback): Dad, be a little more careful next time.

Fabious (Flashback): I'll try to remember.

Fiore (Flashback): (To Leicester and Carina) Have you two planned the wedding yet?

Leicester (Flashback): Well, we…

Fabious (Flashback): Leave it to your mother and I! We'll plan for you the greatest wedding that Ert'Aria has ever had!

Carina (Flashback): Dad, you don't have to…

Fabious (Flashback): Of course we do! I want you and Leicester to have a wonderful wedding, one that everyone will remember!

It turned out to be quite apparent that the wedding plans would be left to the Duke and Duchess of Ert'Aria. In fact, they're still planning the occasion.

Other friends like Sacred Knight Chelsea Acrot and puppeteer Agnes Boulange were excited to hear about Leicester and Carina's engagement. Chelsea was amazed when she saw the ring on Carina's finger and already knew what it meant.

Chelsea (Flashback): You're getting married?

Carina (Flashback): Yes, isn't it wonderful?

Leicester put his right arm around Carina's back and gently grabbed his fiancée's right side, causing her to giggle happily.

Leicester (Flashback): (Looking at Carina) It's very wonderful, especially for us.

Leicester kissed the cheek of the Jewel of Ert'Aria, causing her to blush and giggle with her eyes closed. The two of them couldn't help but smile. When Carina and Leicester went to see Agnes to tell her the news, she was also surprised.

Agnes (Flashback): Leicester, you and Carina are engaged?

Leicester (Flashback): Yes, we are.

Carina (Flashback): We hope you can come to the wedding.

Agnes (Flashback): Of course I'll be there.

Agnes smiled happily at the news that Leicester and Carina were getting married. Two more that heard the news were the Tortilla Sisters, Salsa and Ritos. However, they found out by listening to the conversations the engaged couple has with Chelsea and Agnes. Shortly after having talked to Agnes, Carina and Leicester were approached by the twins and their stone mecha, Golem.

Ritos (Flashback): I've heard you two are getting married soon.

Carina (Flashback): Yes. We're both very happy.

Salsa (Flashback): Well, even though I'd make a much better bride than you, I wish you the best of luck with Leicester.

Carina (Flashback): (Shocked) A much better bride than me?!

Leicester (Flashback): Salsa, I thought that you were over wanting to have me.

Salsa (Flashback): Well I am. But when I get married, I'll look more beautiful than the Jewel of Ert'Aria.

Ritos (Flashback): (To Salsa) If you get married, that is.

Salsa (Flashback): (Angrily) What's that supposed to mean?!

Leicester (Flashback): Carina, I think we should leave these two alone.

Carina (Flashback): (To the twins) We'd still like it if you came to the wedding.

Ritos (Flashback): We'll be there.

The flashbacks Carina and Leicester are having finally come to an end. The couple decides to head into Minette's room, where she is already in her normal outfit and is happy to not only see her father, but also her mother-to-be.

Minette: Papa! Carina! Morning!

Minette runs up to both of them and gives her father a hug.

Leicester: Happy to see you too.

Minette then goes to Carina and gives her a hug as well.

Carina: You're so sweet, Minette.

With both of Minette's hugs done, she along with Carina and Leicester head to the dining room, where Nina Lindberg, Oasis' maid, has breakfast prepared for everyone.

Nina: Morning, Leicester, morning, Lady Carina, morning, Minette.

Carina: Morning to you, too, Nina.

Minette: What do have for us to eat today?

Leicester: (Looking at the food) It looks great, Nina.

Leicester, Carina, and Minette all sit down to eat the food Nina has made. Later, the finish eating and are ready to head out for the day.

Nina: So where are all of you headed today?

Leicester: I'm going to meet Nick at the cathedral and see how things for the wedding are going.

Carina: Well I'm going to me parents' mansion to try out my wedding dress.

Minette: I'm going with Carina to see her dress.

Carina: Chelsea and Agnes are going to be there, too. (To Nina) Nina, how about you come and see the dress, too?

Nina: I don't know.

Minette: Come on, Nina. It'll be fun.

Leicester: I can't wait to see you in your dress, too.

Carina: Sorry, Leicester. You're not allowed to see me in my dress until the day of the wedding.

Leicester: Oh, right. I forgot.

Leicester knows that Lady Carina likes to go with tradition when it comes to the wedding, and part of that tradition is that the groom can't see the bride in her dress before the wedding, or else it will bring bad luck. Leicester wants to uphold that tradition.

Carina: Well, we should get going.

Nina: Okay, Carina. I'll come with you and Minette.

Minette: Yay! Nina's coming with us!

Carina, Minette, and Nina head out of the Oasis house to head to the Verritti mansion to see Carina's wedding dress. After they leave, Leicester leaves to go to the cathedral and see how the preparations for the wedding are proceeding.

[Music: Sonic Unleashed: Apotos Hub Day]

In a room inside the Duke's mansion, Carina is wearing a beautiful white wedding dress that consists of a large skirt, long detached sleeves, and a white veil going behind her peach blonde hair. She also has on a necklace of white flower-like charms along with her treasured Rainbow Crystite necklace. Also within the room are Minette, Agnes, Nina, and Fiore. Although Chelsea is also supposed to be here, she must have apparently gotten lost along the way.

Carina can't help but look at herself in the mirror, knowing that in just a week, she'll be marrying Leicester. The other females in the room are also admiring her dress.

Minette: Carina, you look beautiful.

Nina: I've never seen you look so wonderful.

Agnes: That dress really suits you.

Fiore: I can't believe my daughter's getting married.

Lady Carina blushes at the compliments given to her as she faces her friends, mother, and daughter-to-be. While her parents are planning the wedding, Carina has taken it upon herself and Leicester to decide the roles in the wedding.

Agnes: Where's Chelsea? Figures your maid of honor should be here to see your dress. Maybe I should be maid of honor instead.

Carina: Agnes, I already decided on Chelsea for maid of honor because I owe it to her. Besides, you and Nina will make great bridesmaids.

Minette: And Papa told me I could be the flower girl.

Unexpectedly, Shelley has come to the mansion and enters the room, apparently wanting to see her future daughter-in-law in her wedding dress.

Fiore: Shelley, what are you doing here?

Shelley: Well, I figured that since Nagan and Fabious are at the cathedral putting the wedding together, I should come check up on you young ladies.

Shelley goes up to behind Carina and puts her arms around her just below her breasts. It almost looks like Shelley is going to jiggle Carina's breasts.

Carina: (Creeped out) Shelley, what are you doing?!

Shelley: You're marrying my son. I figured I should learn more about you.

Carina: (Pouty face) Let go of me!

Minette: Grandma, Carina's feeling scared.

Carina: (Pouty face) Shelley is still grabbing me!

Fiore: Shelley, let go of my daughter.

Shelley: But Carina has such soft skin.

Fiore: (A bit angrily) Just let her go.

Shelley finally lets go of Carina, who crosses her arms right below her breasts. If Leicester was here, he would've told his mother to stop trying to fondle Carina right away. Why is it that some females are inappropriate towards other females?

Carina: Shelley, you know how much I hate it when you do that to me.

Agnes: Carina, I hope this doesn't ruin showing off your dress.

Carina: (Calm once again) It doesn't. I'm all right. I think in a little while, I'm going back to the Oasis house and try on this dress in private.

Shelley, changing the subject, asks Minette about what she had just called her.

Shelley: Grandma, Minette? I still remember when you called me Mama.

Minette: I actually figured out that since you're Papa's Mama, you're actually my grandma.

Agnes: That's true, you know.

Fiore: (Closed-eye expression) You know, Minette. Once your father and Carina are married, I'll be your grandma, too.

Minette: You will? Will that mean the Duke will be my grandpa?

Fiore: Of course he will.

Finally, Chelsea is seen coming into the room to check out Carina's wedding dress. She's a bit embarrassed about having gotten lost.

Chelsea: Sorry I'm late, everyone.

Carina: It's okay, Chelsea. (Happy expression) I'm just glad you got here at all.

Chelsea: (Seeing Carina's dress) Carina, that's a very beautiful dress you have on. Leicester is a very lucky guy to be marrying you.

Carina: You mean it?

Chelsea: Of course I do. What are maids of honor for?

Chelsea goes up to Carina and gives her a hug. Carina ends up hugging back while the hug occurs, knowing that she made the perfect choice for her maid of honor. The two girls eventually break the hug.

Agnes: Carina, if I may ask. What if Chelsea gets lost on the day of the wedding?

Carina: How about this. (To Shelley) Shelley, I hope it wouldn't be too much trouble to guide Chelsea to the cathedral on my wedding day.

Shelley: Since you're marrying my son, of course I can.

Chelsea: Since this wedding is so important to you, Carina, I accept.

Minette: Carina, you're going to become my Mama in a week.

Carina: (Closed-eye expression) I know. I'm very excited about it. (To Minette) Minette, are you ready to head back home?

Minette: I am. Can I tell Papa about your wedding dress?

Agnes: Minette, Leicester can't know about the dress at all until the day of the wedding.

Minette: Sorry.

Shelley: Carina, can I see you for a bit? Don't worry. It's about your honeymoon.

Carina and Shelley head to a corner of the room so that Shelley can tell Carina what ideas she has for the honeymoon.

Shelley: You know that beach house Nagan and I have?

Carina: You mean the one at Resort Tropicale?

Shelley: That very same one. We figured it would be perfect for you and Leicester to spend your honeymoon at. It's a bit secluded, so it's perfect for you two to be alone.

Carina: If you don't mind, I want to surprise Leicester, so can you keep it a secret from him?

Shelley: He'd like it more if you surprised him. Of course I will.

After Carina and Shelley have finished talking about the plans for the honeymoon, Carina goes to Minette and the two say goodbye to everyone else.

Carina: Bye, everyone. I'll see you later.

Minette: Bye, Agnes, bye, Chelsea, bye, Nina, bye, Lady Fiore, bye, Grandma.

[Apotos Hub Day ends]

Community works / Shukufuku no Campanella: Love in Ert'Aria [Complete]
« on: August 13, 2011, 04:14:02 pm »

Chapter 1: Leicester's Confession

It's the day after Leicester Maycraft and his band of adventurers known as Oasis stopped a major anomaly of El energy from destroying the world by having fixed the Hooded Waterwheel. Everyone has gone back to their normal activities in the busy trade city of Ert'Aria. Agnes Boulange is entertaining people with her automata puppets, Chelsea Arcot is at the cathedral with the other Sacred Knights as well as Fabious and Fiore Verritti, Nick La'Juck is in the market with Garnet and with the Tortilla sisters nearby, Minette and Miriam are spending some time together on a bench in town, and Aberdeen and Avril have gone back with Mizeh Altworth. Leicester is currently working on something involving crystite. Carina Verritti left a few minutes ago to perform her usual duties as Lady Carina, but Leicester currently has her on his mind.

Leicester is working on his project when Nina Lindberg, Oasis' maid, comes into the room. She apparently has to talk to Leicester about dinner.

Nina: Leicester, I’m about to cook dinner. Can you put that down for a second?

Leicester: (Looking at his work) Sorry, Nina. I’m a bit busy right now. I guess I've been since we got back.

Nina: Well, where is everyone right now?

Leicester: (Looking at Nina) They're all busy at the moment. Chelsea's at the cathedral, Agnes is entertaining guests, Nick went to the market, Minette's with Miriam, and Carina…

Upon saying Carina's name, Leicester mind trails off to thinking about his childhood friend. In his mind, he sees Carina giggling while looking lovingly.

Leicester: Carina…

Leicester is too imbued in thoughts about the Jewel of Ert'Aria to finish his maid's question. In fact, he's no longer looking in the direction of Nina.

Nina: Leicester?

Realizing that he's trailed off thinking about Carina so strongly, Leicester finishes his statement.

Leicester: Carina's off performing her duties.

Nina: Leicester, is everything all right? You trailed off there for a moment.

Leicester: Sorry, Nina. I was thinking about Carina.

Nina: What about her?

Leicester has gone back to thinking about Carina once again. In his mind, he sees her smiling towards him with her eyes closed.

Leicester: Well… I was…

Leicester can't get the image of Carina out of his head. It's as if his mind is stuck on the sweet girl who has always had a crush on him.

Nina: Are you having feelings for her?

Leicester is snapped back to reality upon realizing that he's trailed off again thinking about Carina, and apparently his maid suspects something's up with him.

Leicester: It's nothing.

Nina: Are you sure. You've thought about her quite a bit since you got back.

Leicester: It's nothing. Really.

Nina: Okay then. I’m going to go start dinner.

Nina leaves the room, once again leaving Leicester alone. Ever since he and his friends have got back to Ert'Aria, he's been thinking about Carina a lot. Earlier, when she was watching him work on his project, most of the time he was sidetracked looking at her instead of working. He could tell Carina was blushing while he looked at her.

Leicester starts to think about something he has once heard can happen sometimes.

"Even old friends can fall in love."

Apparently, this may be starting to become true for him. Leicester and Carina first met when they were children. Back then, Carina was a sick girl, rarely going outside and places. One day, Leicester made for Carina her magic staff, Montecchia. He remembers her saying that she will always treasure it.

Carina (Flashback): I promise to always take care of Montecchia. I'll never let it out of my sight.

Leicester now thinks about when he had decided to try and give Montecchia the ability to talk, and that it required El to be bonded with strong emotional bonds. Both himself and Carina worked throughout the night to achieve this, and in the end, they had succeeded.

Thinking about more of the times he had spent with her, Leicester starts to realize that he could be in love with Carina, and that he may had been in love with her for a while, but couldn't bring himself to admit it, despite the affection Ert'Aria's lady had given him over the years. However, with events such as Minette's discovery, incidents involving Agnes and Chelsea, a position that he had ended up with Carina at one point, Aberdeen and Avril, and the Hooded Waterwheel, Leicester had been quite busy. Now all of this has passed and everyone has returned to their normal lives, but Leicester feels incomplete now.

Leicester: (Thinking) Carina. Could it be that I… love her? Have I always?

Leicester can't hold the feelings he has for his old friend any longer. He now wants the two of them to be more than just friends. He knows he must tell her.

Leicester: (Thinking) I can't wait any longer. I need to tell her how I feel. She should be done with her duties at this point. I can meet her on the way back here.

Knowing that he has to tell Carina how he feels, Leicester puts down what he's working on and decides to head out and meet Carina. Along the way, he passes Nina, who asks the Oasis leader where he's going.

Nina: Leicester, what's up?

Leicester stops briefly inches from the door and turns back to Nina.

Leicester: There's something I need to do! I’ll be back.

Having answered his maid's question, Leicester starts heading down Ert'Aria's streets with the intention of confessing his feelings to Carina. It's now sunset and he knows that Carina is taking the same path back to the Oasis house.

At the fountains in Ert'Aria's square, Carina is heading back, knowing that dinner for herself and the rest of Oasis will be ready soon. However, she's stopped by Leicester, and upon seeing him, she wonders what he has to tell her.

Carina: Leicester, what is it?

Leicester: Carina, I'm glad I found you. There's something I need to tell you.

Carina: What's going on?

Leicester: Carina, I've known you since we were young, and I’ve known that we've shared a bond with one another. I'm sorry that it took me so long to realize it, but Carina…

Shocked that her longtime crush is telling her something she's wanted to hear for a long while, Carina starts to blush slightly, having a strong feeling of what he's about to say. However, she can tell that Leicester is a bit nervous about what he's trying to say.

Leicester: Carina… I…

Carina: (Blushing a bit more) Leicester, are you…

Leicester: I… I…

Realizing that what he's trying to tell Lady Carina cannot be described in words, Leicester decides to tell her in a much easier way.

Suddenly, Leicester kisses Carina on the lips. Shocked that her childhood friend has all of a sudden decided to kiss her, Carina is unable to react until the kiss is done. As Leicester pulls back his lips, Carina starts to blush deeply.

Carina: Leicester? Does this mean you…

Leicester: Yes, Carina. I love you. I guess I may have always loved you, but I was afraid to…

Carina cuts Leicester off by returning his kiss to her by giving him one while grabbing the middle of his arms. At this point it's official. Leicester has returned her feelings for him. As she breaks the kiss, they both realize that they're no longer friends. They are more than friends.

Now that their feelings for each other are the same, Leicester Maycraft and Carina Verritti embrace and share a long, deep kiss in front of Ert'Aria's central fountain. As the sun continues to set over the sky, they know that they have something new to look forward to.

Author Notes

As you already know, almost three weeks ago, I started watching Shukufuku no Campanella. As it turns out, I've become fond of the pairing of Leicester Maycraft and Carina Verritti. However, something that I've noticed is that there is a MAJOR lack of Shukufuku no Campanella fanfics on the internet (I couldn't find ANY of, and even tried Google, with no results). As a result, I decided to go and put down an idea I have for such a fic.

For any of you that has watched the anime all the way through, this story starts at the very end of the series (with a small recap of what everyone had been doing during the final episode end credits), but goes on to have Leicester realize he has feelings for Carina and decides to confess them to her. They then go on to have a relationship with one another. This is only Chapter 1 as I'll try to continue the story.

Since I don't know if any of you here know about Shukufuku no Campanella, it's a visual novel that was later adapted into an anime. Basically, here's some stuff to help you understand the series better: Wikipedia, Pics, Anime

Shukufuku no Campanella, Leicester Maycraft, Carina Verritti, and all characters are copyright to Windmill. Neither the visual novel and anime or its characters are mine in any way.

Community works / SFA's Song Mix Concepts & More
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In addition to everything else I'm known for, I also tend to think up ideas for song mixes, mainly with anime songs and Sonic songs. Here are two good examples of sonic-based mixes you can check out. Anyway, I've decided to start a list of all the good song mix ideas I've thought up. Note that none of these song mixes are actually made, but I like to play them out and get the idea of how they'd sound. Here's my list of song mix ideas:

Frequent Mixes:

Binetsu S.O.S!!/Connect
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Dark Gaia -Perfect-
Binetsu S.O.S!!/End of the World
Binetsu S.O.S!!/His World (Crush 40)
Binetsu S.O.S!!/His World (Instrumental)
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Knight of the Wind
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Live and Learn
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Live and Learn Remix
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Moon De Go! Go!
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Open Your Heart Gen
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Open Your Heart Orchestrated
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Solaris Phase 2
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Terminal Velocity
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Tropical Resort
Binetsu S.O.S!!/Unawakening Float
Binetsu S.O.S!!/VS Evil Twins
Binetsu S.O.S!!/With Me
Binetsu S.O.S!!/World's End Phase 3

Black Holy/Dreams of an Absolution
Black Holy/Dreams of an Absolution (Ver 2)
Black Holy/High and Broken
Black Holy/Rival Destinies
Black Holy/Throw It All Away
Black Holy/Ungravitify

Connect/Chemical Plant Modern
Connect/End of the World
Connect/His World
Connect/His World (Instrumental)
Connect/It Doesn't Matter
Connect/Knight of the Wind
Connect/Live and Learn
Connect/Metal Sonic
Connect/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
Connect/Solaris Phase 2
Connect/What I'm Made Of
Connect/With Me

Dancing in the Velvet Moon/Evil Foundry
Dancing in the Velvet Moon/High and Broken
Dancing in the Velvet Moon/Supporting Me
Dancing in the Velvet Moon/This Machine
Dancing in the Velvet Moon/Ungravitify
Dancing in the Velvet Moon/Ungravitify (Cashell mix)

Daydream Syndrome/Dark Gaia -Perfect-
Daydream Syndrome/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
Daydream Syndrome/Endless Possibilities
Daydream Syndrome/Reach For the Stars

Faith is For the Transient People/Aquarium Park
Faith is For the Transient People/Crisis City
Faith is For the Transient People/Open Your Heart
Faith is For the Transient People/Seven Rings in Hand
Faith is For the Transient People/Starlight Carnival

Floating Darkness/Cool Edge
Floating Darkness/Dark Gaia -Perfect-
Floating Darkness/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
Floating Darkness/What I'm Made Of

Go My Way!!/Eggmanland
Go My Way!!/His World (Instrumental)
Go My Way!!/Knight of the Wind
Go My Way!!/Live and Learn
Go My Way!!/What I'm Made Of
Go My Way!!/With Me

I Am All of Me/N Final (N^n mix)
I Am All of Me/Patchouli Castle (Stage 1)

LOST CHILD/Battle For Everyone's Souls
LOST CHILD/Colress Battle
LOST CHILD/Crisis City Mega Mix
LOST CHILD/Dive Into Gravity
LOST CHILD/Seven Rings In Hand

Makasete Tonight/Crisis City (Modern)
Makasete Tonight/I Am All of Me
Makasete Tonight/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
Makasete Tonight/What I'm Made Of

Moon De Go! Go!/Dark Gaia -Perfect-
Moon De Go! Go!/Faith is For the Transient People
Moon De Go! Go!/Knight of the Wind
Moon De Go! Go!/Live and Learn
Moon De Go! Go!/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
Moon De Go! Go!/Open Your Heart
Moon De Go! Go!/Seven Rings in Hand
Moon De Go! Go!/Solaris Phase 2
Moon De Go! Go!/Terminal Velocity

OVERMASTER/Dark Gaia -Perfect-
OVERMASTER/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
OVERMASTER/Solaris Phase 2

Relations/High and Broken
Relations/Speak With Your Heart
Relations/Stand Up!
Relations/Supporting Me
Relations/Throw It All Away
Relations/Throw It All Away (Ver 2)

Shiawase wa Tsuki Yori Takaku/Dive Into Gravity
Shiawase wa Tsuki Yori Takaku/Dreams of an Absolution
Shiawase wa Tsuki Yori Takaku/Eggmanland
Shiawase wa Tsuki Yori Takaku/High and Broken
Shiawase wa Tsuki Yori Takaku/Ungravitify
Shiawase wa Tsuki Yori Takaku/Ungravitify (Cashell mix)

Sora Iro Days/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
Sora Iro Days/Solaris Phase 2
Sora Iro Days/With Me

The World Is All One!!/Dark Gaia -Perfect-
The World Is All One!!/Final Destination
The World Is All One!!/Knight of the Wind
The World Is All One!!/Live and Learn
The World Is All One!!/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
The World Is All One!!/Open Your Heart Orchestrated
The World Is All One!! Dual Mix 1: Haruka/Miki/Hibiki x Makoto/Chihaya/Takane
The World Is All One!! Dual Mix 2: Yukiho/Mami/Yayoi x Ryuuguu Komachi

Ungravitify/High and Broken
Ungravitify (Cashell mix)/High and Broken

U.N Owen Was Her/His World (Zebrahead)
U.N Owen Was Her/I Am All of Me
U.N Owen Was Her/Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2
U.N Owen Was Her/Reach For the Stars

Zankoku Yo Kibou To Nare/Dark Gaia -Perfect-
Zankoku Yo Kibou To Nare/Live Life

General chatter / Question about DeviantArt
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I know this is going to sound stupid, but I have a question concerning using pics for previews for fics on DeviantArt. I've basically gone and replaced all the preview pics for such things I've done with related pics found on the Internet, such as here. I've listed in each description where I found the pic, but I want to be sure this is still under fair use and not breaking any of DeviantArt's rules. Is it okay for me to use such pics for previews?

Community works / Sunflorazumarill's Pics
« on: March 23, 2011, 12:23:15 am »
As it turns out last summer, I got back into making pics. I hate to say it, but I have a fetish for making pics of anime girls in hula outfits, and I'm back into doing that.

This pic here happens to be of a character from an anime called Wandaba Style named Yuri Fuyude. More specifically, she's supposed to be this girl. What do you think of her?

Now this pic happens to be possibly the first Touhou character in a hula skirt, Sanae Kochiya. Sorry if the quality looks a bit rough. Tell me what you think.

Now here's another pic I've made of a character in a hula outfit. It happens to be of Sayaka Takai from a visual novel called Pia Carrot 3. Here's a pic of her in case you want to know what she looks like.

Here's another pic that I made of an anime girl in a hula skirt. It happens to be Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate No Gotoku. What do you think?

Now this happens to be Erika Sendou from a visual novel and anime called Fortune Arterial wearing a hula outfit. Well, I have nothing else to say here.

I think you know who this is wearing a hula skirt. Maybe should've made her hair longer, though.

This pic is of an OC of mine called the Rainbow Hula Girl. If you notice, she has different colored eyes. Also, I based the hair off of another pic on DeviantArt.

This pic I have here is of Bonnie, an OC of HIYA, in a hula skirt. You can check out Bonnie in some of the games here.

Anyway, this particular girl is another OC of mine simply called the Winter Hula Girl. I made this pic near Christmas to go with winter. I actually based the hair off of a pic someone made on DeviantArt.

I have another pic to show you, and it happens to be of another OC of mine that is called as you may have guessed, the Mermaid Hula Girl. Also, I once again based her hair off of a pic someone did on DeviantArt. Actually, unlike the other two, I've made this one into a full-on OC, including a name and backstory if you're interested.

This happens to be Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama wearing a hula skirt. I decided to go and spice things up with a maid apron and headdress.

Now I have Misaka Mikoto from A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun in a hula outfit. Note that the blue stuff around the flower lei she's holding is electricity and yes, I did the electricity poorly.

This happens to be Haruka Nogizaka of Haruka Nogizaka's Secret in a hula skirt. I ended up making her hair a shade darker than it should be, however. Also, the scan might be a bit rough.

This pic happens to be an original character of mine simply called the Hula Princess. If you're interested, I can also give you some backstory on her.

After just one day short of four months, here's another pic I've just made. It happens to be Carina Verritti from Shukufuku no Campanella dressed as a hula girl. I made some mistakes making this pic, but managed to fix them up on the computer.

I've made another pic. This time, it's Madoka Kaname as a hula girl. What do you think of her?

New addition. It's Ui Nakatsugawa, a girl from a visual novel and anime called Hoshizora Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, dressed as a hula dancer.

My newest pic. It's of Honoka Takasaki as a hula dancer. She's a character from a visual novel called Yuyukana.

My latest pic! It's of Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukuna as a hula girl!

This character I don't think any of you here recognize. It's supposed to be of Leia, a mermaid in Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon: DS Cute, as a hula girl.

This pic, it's Yuri Nakamura from Angel Beats! as a hula dancer. Had to give her hair and gun a major overhaul, however.

I have another pic to show you. It's Rikka Takanashi of Chuunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai! as a hula dancer!

Now this is an interesting one. It's a pic of the girl from this Anime MV in a hula skirt.

My latest addition, Marika Katou from Mouretsu Pirates as a hula girl. Didn't have a good color marker for her hair so I just used pink for the time being.

My latest pic is of Ryuubi from Koihime†Musou as a hula dancer.

Now for an interesting pic. It's my personification of C.C. Lemon. Yes, she is a hula dancer.

I got another pic to show you, and this time it's Mirai Suenaga, Dannychoo's mascot, as a hula girl. >u<

The next pic I have to present to you, Asuna Yuuki of Sword Art Online as a hula dancer.

Have another pic finished. This time, it's Kuroyukihime of Accel World dressed as a hula dancer.

Managed to get another pic ready. This time, it's Sonico from Nitro+ as a hula girl.

Managed to get another pic done. This time, it's Honoka Kousaka from Love Live! as a hula girl!

I managed to get another pic polished, and this one is of Nagisa Motomiya from AKB0048 as a hula dancer.

After more then five months of no pics, here's Komari Kamikita from Little Busters! as a hula dancer! As of now, her hair ribbons are looking better.

I've done another pic, and this one's of Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi from Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko as a hula dancer.

Welcome Center / Sunflorazumarill's Back!
« on: March 23, 2011, 12:02:33 am »
Hi everyone! If any of you remember me, I left this site due to having grown a bit out of iDolm@ster, but now I've come back and I'm going to try and do things better here. In fact, I've brought some gifts as well.

My DeviantArt Account

My account on DeviantArt. You can view various things, such as pics I've made.

Pokémon Peace Squad Central

I would like to present to all of you a database on everything that there is pertaining to the Pokémon Peace Squad series. You can find everything you need to know about the series in this fan site of mine.

Touhou Xenoglossia Z

Over my absence, I've gone and sorted out some of the things in TXZ and have the intro, character bios, and more up to show you. You can check out each one of these things:

Touhou Xenoglossia Z Intro

Main Character Bios

Various Music Tracks

Community works / Touhou Xenoglossia Z
« on: January 31, 2010, 08:16:12 pm »
Since the other topic of mine is over a year old now, I've decided to repost my ideas on something that I've had in my mind, something that I like to call Touhou Xenoglossia Z.

Touhou Xenoglossia Z is a story combining Touhou with iDolm@ster Xenoglossia and is heavily inspired by Super Mario Bros. Z (in fact, the intro and the first 10 episodes tend to mimic SMBZ a bit).

This story also will at times explain the pasts of some of the Touhou characters (it at some points details why Reimu tends to go after youkais and Sanae's past before having become a shrine maiden).

Also, for anyone that is wondering about the deal with the Lunarians (seeing as the moon was destroyed 108 years before the events of the story), aspects of that are also explained. In fact, the matter of the Lunarians and the moon having shattered will pave the way into the third season of Touhou Xenoglossia Z.

Seeing as this story idea of mine is based off of Super Mario Bros. Z, I'll give you a link to the best site to get info on SMBZ. You can find that info in this wiki here.

Touhou Xenoglossia Z: Introduction

108 years ago, the moon was completely destroyed. The devastation of its lack of gravitational pull has had a major effect on the planet's tides and overall ecosystem stability. Making things worse were the fragments of "Lost Artemis" that frequently fell to Earth, bringing yet more destruction in their wake. In order to combat this, the organization Mondenkind, had deployed five iDols built around very powerful harmonically tuned cores found in the wake of the moon's destruction. Piloting these giant robot iDols were iDOLM@STERs, who must be female in order for the iDols to allow control. These iDols were then deployed during meteor showers and used to destroy large asteroids with high powered sonic shockwaves emitted via a nicely delivered punch. Making Mondenkind's trouble worse was the organization Turiavita, which sought to steal away all the iDols from Mondenkind and its iDOLM@STERs and allow the destruction of humanity to occur so its own touted superior genetically engineered race of iDol/Human hybrid called the Mischlings could take over in its place. Much of the conflict was about the battle between Mondenkind and Turiavita for control of the iDols as well as the shifting bonds and rivalries between the iDOLM@STERs themselves.

Eventually, the conflict between Mondenkind and Turiavita resulted in the emergence of a super-powerful force known as Auryn, which almost resulted in the complete destruction of the earth. The iDols Imber, Nebula, and Hiems and their iDOLM@STERs fought against this force and won, but at the cost of the iDols themselves. With the entire planet saved, life started to go on. Several months after the "Auryn Incident", new asteroid belts have appeared around the earth, and without iDols to confront them, Mondenkind, how having started a space program, has set up massive arrays of laser satellites, missile systems, space cannons, and defense platforms around the earth to eliminate any threats that may come from above. The Vulturius cannon has also become a part of the Mondenkind cosmic defense system and they are also looking into making a man-made moon using Epimetheus (man-made iDol cores) technology.

It is now Haruka Amami's 17th birthday, and her friends and allies from when she had worked at Mondenkind, Iori Minase, Yukiho Hagiwara, Makoto Kikuchi, Ritsuko Akizuki, and the twins Ami and Mami Futami, have all gathered at the dorm where Haruka lived at during her time as an iDOLM@STER to celebrate the occasion. As it's to be a surprise party, Haruka's childhood friend, Yayoi Takatsuki, has decided to take her to the studio where the two work as typical idols until everything for the party is ready. Meanwhile, in a distant place known as Gensokyo, a stadium has been built for a major event known as the Gensokyo Danmaku Tournament. A bunch of females from all over, only a few of them actually human, have decided to take part in this event. In the first round, Reimu Hakurei, the well-known shrine maiden of the Hakurei shrine, is going up against Aya Shameimaru, a tengu reporter and photographer. The battle takes to the skies and in the end, Reimu ends up victorious. Next up is Marisa Kirisame, a western-style witch against Cirno, a childish ice fairy who constantly boasts about being the strongest, but is actually not very bright. The battle is short as Marisa comes out on top.

Meanwhile, out in space, five objects can be seen cruising towards Earth. These objects then suddenly vanish. Back on Earth, we can see that Haruka, Iori, Makoto, and Yukiho still carry around the keys they used to pilot their respective iDols, although they are now powerless. However, these keys suddenly start glowing. Back in Gensokyo, the Danmaku Tournament continues as the next round commences. Here, we see Sanae Kochiya, the shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine, and a young woman from back outside Gensokyo, face off against Sakuya Izayoi, the chief maid of the Scarlet Mansion. While Sakuya seems to have the upper hand with her time-manipulating abilities, using attacks she learned from her two superiors, Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya, Sanae manages to come out on top. However, in the next round, Sanae is soundly defeated by Marisa. Reimu's next foe happens to be Reisen Udongein Inaba, a humanoid rabbit from a remnant of the moon. Managing to overcome Reisen's "Lunatic Red Eyes", Reimu wins this round.

The final round of the tournament pits Reimu and Marisa against each other. The battle goes on for what seems like forever as Ying-Yang Orbs and Master Sparks fill the arena. Meanwhile, we see the same five objects from earlier enter Gensokyo along with countless thousands of strange crystal shards. Upon closer inspection, the five objects are the iDol cores; Imber, Nebula, Nubilum, Hiems, and Tempestas. The cores crash into Gensokyo and at the same time back on Earth, each of the iDol keys let out a bright flash that envelops those holding them. When it comes to Haruka, Yayoi is also enveloped in the light. Back in Gensokyo, we see Meira, a female samurai that took on Reimu several years ago training somewhere near the Forest of Magic. Meira sees a woman with blue hair standing in front of her who promptly asks where Imber is. Meira, somehow terrified by the woman, says that she doesn't know what the woman is talking about. Suddenly, we see a light glow in front of Meira as the woman decides that Meira is of no use to her. As we head out to outside of the forest, we see a large flash as Meira lets out a loud scream.

Back at the Gensokyo Danmaku Tournament, Reimu is charging up a Ying-Yang Orb while Marisa is charging up a Master Spark when suddenly a bright flash appears in between of them. From the flash we see Haruka and Yayoi emerge. Not knowing of these two girls, Reimu accuses them of being youkais and she and Marisa decide to deal with them. However, Haruka unintentionally puts her hand over a crystal shard and suddenly, another flash occurs as armor similar to Imber appears around Haruka. As Reimu and Marisa prepare to attack her, Haruka involuntarily attacks them with some gravity punches like those the iDols used, sending both girls to opposite sides of the arena. Seeing Haruka as a threat, many of the other girls in the tournament; Aya, Sanae, Sakuya, Reisen, Remilia Scarlet, Youmu Konpaku, Suika Ibuki, Fujiwara no Mokou, Iku Nagae, and Yuka Kazami, among others, attack Haruka, who ends up taking each one down with little or no difficulty. Before anyone else can attack, Yayoi yells out to everyone that they're not youkais or anything like that and to stop attacking. Everyone decides to do just that.

As the Imber-like armor disappears around Haruka and she comes back down to the ground, Reimu and Marisa decide to take Yayoi's word and let them be, realizing that the two of them are not from Gensokyo. Reimu asks the two just who they are, and Haruka explains that she is Haruka Amami and that her friend is Yayoi Takatsuki. Yayoi asks just where they are, and Reimu explains that they are in Gensokyo. At this point, Momiji Inubashiri, a wolf tengu that serves under Aya, runs into the stadium to explain to Aya about how just now, five strange objects crashed into various parts of Gensokyo and that the land is littered with strange shards. Momiji also brings up that she found a samurai, or better yet, what's left of her. Upon hearing this, Reimu decides that she'll go investigate just what happened and Marisa decides to go with her. Haruka and Yayoi ask if the two of them can go with them to figure out a way to get back home. Due to the tournament being cancelled, everyone else decides to go back home. Sanae decides to go back to the Moriya Shrine to see if everything is all right there after what had just happened while Sakuya heads back to the Scarlet Mansion hoping that one of those objects didn't crash into it. As everyone else leaves the stadium, Reimu, Marisa, Haruka, and Yayoi decide to head out to see what has just happened, especially since Haruka notices a glow coming from her key to Imber. Little do any of them of know, a major adventure has just begun as as Reimu and Marisa help Haruka and Yayoi locate the rest of their friends that have ended up in Gensokyo, they'll discover that the iDol cores have also ended up here and will have to get them before dark forces do so.

Touhou Project and its characters belong to and are copyrighted by Zun and Team Shanghai Alice. Neither the series or its characters are mine in any way.
iDolm@ster Xenoglossia and all its characters are copyrighted by Sunrise, Namco Bandai, and Project iM@S. Neither the series or its characters are mine in any way.
Super Mario Bros. Z and its characters are copyrighted by Nintendo, Sega, and Alvin Earthworm. Neither the series or its characters are mine in any way.

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