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General chatter / Need .flac torrent seeders!
« on: November 02, 2013, 05:55:24 pm »
So I went out and bought a $100 64gb microSD just to download this torrent [insert illegal stuff here] onto my phone

So imagine my disappointment when I learn that none of my friends want to or are able to seed me the file! Could anyone assist me?  :'(

Ahhhh, since I've just pre-ordered this excellence I can't resist but finally getting my hands on that Beyond the Stars Hibiki I've always loved.

Would anyone happen to have one for sale in a reasonable condition? We can discuss price and shipping in length if you post or PM. :]

General chatter / Another translation request
« on: January 28, 2013, 03:28:53 am »

I know there was a whole series of these on all the idols, but I was wondering if someone could just translate Beast Tamer Hibiki's for me!

The life of an idol is a dangerous business, as tempers flare and ratings rise...

iDOLM@FIA - An offstage battle!
Project-iM@S' first Mafia game!

With the 40th week closing in fast, two production companies vie for the upper hand. 765Productions has recently come under threat of a new wave of idols, the Cinderella Girls. Failing to surpass the original idols of 765Pro, many of the Cinderella Girls have become growingly disgruntled and... violent. With a conflict on the horizon, ominously forewarned by the heavy storm pattering against the window, the idols gaze out at the dark sky hanging above the city before leaving the office after another busy day. Who will make it home, and who will survive the concert come dawn?

All of you have been supplied with a private message, containing your role.

It is now NIGHT 1. The night phase will end when I recieve all of the commands, or in 48 hours.

You may now begin discussions in this thread, or through private messaging. You're also welcome to open a chat room or other means of communication; so long as you never screenshot or provide anything that could not have been easily editable. Good luck!

The rules, and how to play!

The Town's roles:
Quote from: Bro
Bodyguard – Takane Shijuo
Dear zeda12123,

Not only are you the most enigmatic of all the idols, you are also the tallest. Despite your stature however, you are often regarded as being very graceful and majestic, as well as wise and soft-spoken. Some might consider you a tad strange, however, and a few skeptics might even go as far to say you are not even of this planet… Despite that, you are known to be very fond towards children, and like to play and take care of them. You should seek out the Detective, Mami Futami, as soon as possible and keep her safe!

Once every night, you may PM Bro with the message “Night <#> – Protect <USER>”. The target will be protected from death that night. You cannot target yourself.
It’s advised that you try and find Mami as soon as possible, without giving yourself away, and protect her! She will be able to investigate the other idols and designate who should be lynched. But be wary! A clever Cinderella Girl might attempt to masquerade as the detective… Remember that you are a very valuable role. Good luck!
Quote from: Bro
Sexy Girl Detective – Mami Futami
Dear Roswell,

Though not to be confused with Ami Futami, you are both hyperactive and energetic girls. You are very silly, and love to play games with everyone. A favorite persona of yours is to imagine you are Mami Futami, the Sexy Girl Detective! Though you are sometimes brushed off, your curiosity and determination makes you a great inspector, especially when the other person plays along! Even without Ami, you might just be able to unite and save 765Productions!

Once every night, you may PM Bro with the message “Night <X> - Inspect <USER>”. You will receive the target’s role PM privately. You cannot target yourself. (Obviously.)
You are the most important town role, and it’s a big responsibility! It’s recommended that you reveal yourself as the Detective at the start of the game, so you can come in private contact with both the bodyguard and the pretty girl. If the bodyguard protects you, you can’t be killed during the night, giving you plenty of time to inspect the others and discover the Mafia. It’s important to remember that the Mafia can, and will, lie. Someone who claims to be the pretty girl might not necessarily be! Play cautiously, and good luck!
Quote from: Bro
Pretty Girl – Miki Hoshii
Dear starfighter9,

You are one of the prettiest and most charming idols of 765Productions, even to go as far as being hailed “The Visual Queen”. That said, however, you are unfailingly lazy. Few people can motivate or convince you to do much work, and you are sometimes considered a slacker because of it. That’s probably not so far from the truth; with the exception being is that when you are really determined and apply yourself, you can achieve anything. Despite your work ethic, you are an indisputably attractive girl, and have a bit of a knack for… distracting people. Your large bust and ditzy personality has a way of pulling the attention of both genders, and you like the attention. Whether intentional or not, you’re a valuable asset to 765Pro, both on and off the stage.

Once every night, you may PM Bro with the message “Night <X> - Distract <USER>”. The target will be unable to complete their night action. You cannot target the same person more than two nights in a row. You cannot target yourself. (Obviously.)
It would be in your best interests to get in contact with the detective and bodyguard as soon as possible, so you don’t accidently distract them! The detective can also indicate targets for you. Good luck!

The Mafia's roles:
Quote from: Bro
Mafia – Rin Shibuya
Dear Byuusan,

While you have a contrasting, sullen personality, you are the Haruka of the Cinderella Girls, and you contend to take over her spot as the cover girl of the idol world! Ever since your debut, you have lived in 765Pro’s shadow and despite your slowly creeping popularity, can’t seem to overtake the originals. And you intend to do something about it. Though not naturally malicious, you are very determined to do what it takes to get ahead. You’ve also approached similarily disgruntled Cinderella Girl, Noa Takamine, help. You’re convinced that tonight is the night you take the spotlight!

Once every night, you may PM Bro with the message “Night <X> - Kill <USER>”. The target will be removed from the game, as well as have their role revealed to the town and their death announced. You are the only killer in this game.

Your fellow Cinderella Girl, Noa Takamine, is CynicalServant
Playing as the Mafia is always fun, but difficult. Though you do have the advantage of already knowing your team, the Town has more players, more votes, and more night actions than you. However, it’s not too difficult to win with the proper strategy and a bit of luck. It’s always difficult to advise someone how to play the Mafia role, but my own personal suggestion in such a small game like this would be to lie and claim a Towns role. The Towns roles have already been posted in the “Resources” section, but you might have to post a fake role PM to prove your innocence. Consider looking at the one you’ve already been provided and make one similar to that format. The role you guise as will likely call you out on it, but it will be your word against theirs. At least, until the Detective investigates one of you, or if you accidently kill the role you are masquerading as.

To be specific, I would recommend posing as Miki the Pretty Girl. If you can kill the Detective swiftly, no one will be able to officially disprove you. Alternatively, if you pose as the Inspector, you can pull a total reversal. I hope this makes sense, but if the Detective claims publicly and asks for the protection of the bodyguard, you can accuse them of lying and assert that you are the real detective. In the ensuing panic and confusion, it’s not too hard to tip the vote in your favor even if you less votes amongst your team. (It’s important to remember that you also get first kill, however. ;)) I don’t want to make the game too easy for you, however, even if I feel a lot of it will come down to luck. You have a lot of things to consider when playing Mafia, and it would be wise to study up on what the Town roles do and get in touch with your partner right away- Don’t forget about that. I hope this hasn’t been too complicating. If you want to play it safe and easy, you can always opt to lay low! All I can really say is good luck!
Quote from: Bro
Mafia Miller – Noa Takamine

And you are very similar to your sworn nemesis and knockoff, Takane Shijuo. While you both enjoy stargazing, have long silver hair, large bust, tall… You’re the older one! You’re the original! She’s mimicking you! While naturally much more mature, the subject of Takane and 765Pro has become especially sore with you. Despite your best efforts, you have been unable to overtake her in the ratings and it’s been driving you insane. To such lengths, in fact, that you would be willing to do anything to bury her… Without much effort, you can manage quite the convincing impression of Takane to sabotage her career, and even manage a near-flawless disguise if it’s dark enough. While this will certainly prove useful in the night, you are unpopular character. To your dismay, you are not only accused of mimicking Takane, (Which isn’t so far from the truth anymore, is it?) but also an admittedly unexceptional idol. Try as you might, you have no influence during the day and cannot manage to steal a single fan away from Takane or the rest. But you’ve been approached by fellow Cinderella Girl, Rin Shibuya, to do something about it. Desperate for a sense of individuality, you’ve agreed. Tonight, she leaves to strike the first blow to 765Pro.

If you are ever inspected during the night, you will reveal as Takane Shijuo:
Quote from: Bro
Bodyguard – Takane Shijuo
Dear ,

Not only are you the most enigmatic of all the idols, you are also the tallest. Despite your stature however, you are often regarded as being very graceful and majestic, as well as wise and soft-spoken. Some might consider you a tad strange, however, and a few skeptics might even go as far to say you are not even of this planet… Despite that, you are known to be very fond towards children, and like to play and take care of them. You should seek out the Detective, Mami Futami, as soon as possible and keep her safe!

Once every night, you may PM Bro with the message “Night <#> – Protect <USER>”. The target will be protected from death that night. You cannot target yourself.
However, while you can still vote, your vote will count as zero during the day.
Your fellow Cinderella Girl, Rin Shibuya, is Byuusan.
While you are the only player lacking a real night command, you are the only one with the capacity to lie convincingly. Not only do you inspect as Takane the bodyguard, but you can also display the provided role PM to any of the town members in a bid to win their trust. If you can convince someone to tell you who the other roles are, (Remember, you already know who your partner is, so everyone else is definitely an enemy!) you can better coordinate who you want to kill. If you feel it’s important to kill Miki the Pretty Girl first, ask around! The Town is unaware who their own team is, so it’s not too difficult to instill panic if you act quickly… Wait too long, however, and they will already have united! Take care when claiming to be Takane, however. You have identical role PM’s, but as soon as the real Takane is killed by your partner, you lose your alibi. And of course, the real Takane will accuse you of lying as well. Consider how you can use this to your advantage.

You might be a bit distraught at your loss of influence in the game considering you are the only one to lack not only a night action, but even a vote. Don’t worry! With coordination with your partner, you can trick the town to vote against itself and provoke distrust among them. Lie and fake whatever you need to cause confusion and divide. If you can keep 765Pro from uniting, you’ll have no problem winning the game. Play smart and good luck!

Player list:

I understand that this might be a bit confusing to new players, especially considering I'm a new host myself! So please, if you have any questions at all, please PM me and ask. I'd be more than happy to help clarify things, considering it's likely my fault for a bit of an inexperienced and crude introduction. Still, let's hope for the best! If this is fun, I'd love to try another, larger game sometime soon; and improve on what might not have been clear here!

And remember, only the winning team gets entered into the draw for the special rare Cinderella Girls card of Haruka from Shiny Festa! So play fair, but play to win!

Have fun, and good luck!

General chatter / Goggles
« on: November 07, 2012, 02:23:38 am »
Have you tried this?:
I see we already have some grafitti on our front page, some no thanks to me. ;)
It's pretty fun, and reminds me of a sci-fi idea I had awhile back where the whole world could be drawn on and seen using special... well, goggles!

Try it everywhere, especially on your public profile.  ::)

General chatter / ~$200 and nothing to buy!
« on: November 03, 2012, 07:06:38 am »

I finally have the money to buy Shiny Festa: Funky Note. It's on back-order now, and nearly everything else iDOLM@STER has sold out on AmiAmi!

Any suggestions on some good things still on sale? Back-order, pre-order, or tentative. I just want some cool merch!

More specifically, what's a really great CD to buy? Should I wait until the next Namassuka CD? (I mean, the one after Chihaya/Yukiho.)

Help a Bro out!:
(Willing to look at other sites too, as long as they include Shiny Festa: Funky Note. AmiAmi is perferable, however.)

Welcome to the sign-up thread for iDOLM@FIA - A forum Mafia game with some iM@S flair!
I’ve had this idea for awhile now, and I’m glad I can finally move on it! For those of you who already understand the mechanics of Mafia, this isn’t anything radically different from most. It’s 765Pro versus The Cinderella Girls (With the CG’s acting as the Mafia) in an off-stage battle!

For those of you who might be a bit more confused, here’s some things you might want to check out:
Here’s an animated and entertaining guide to Mafia for those who are looking for a brief overview, and here’s a more in-depth look at how to play a Mafia game, along with tips and tricks, as well as a very complete repertoire of the various roles you might encounter in one.

This is my first time hosting a Mafia game, so I don’t know all that I’m doing. But, with some advice, I think we’ll have a great game!
I’ve also never made a Mafia game from scratch before. Though I have roles typed up for a game of something like forty players, I’m not entirely sure on how I prioritize what roles are used based on the interest. Instead, I’ll be setting up the game after we’ve ran sign-ups. I know it’s a bit wary joining a Mafia game with so few details, but I hope you’ll give it a chance anyway! If nothing else, we’ll learn what does and does not work in iDOLM@FIA and we can improve it for next time.

Now, before I word-wall you with some pretty average and boring rules, I’d like to add a bit of enticement! Coming with my copy of Shiny Festa: Funky Note next week, I’ll have a code to one of those promotional Haruka cards for Cinderella Girls! Not so interested in using it myself, I’ve offered it up for grabs! The winning team and all its players (Dead or alive) will be entered into a draw for one lucky user to take home the prize! If the winner of the draw is uninterested, I’ll continue to draw names until someone accepts. Of course, don’t stress too much about it!
If this game gets a bit nasty in efforts to win the card, I might just keep it for myself. Remember to have fun above all else!

Community works / Project-iM@S halloween!
« on: October 31, 2012, 06:13:08 am »
Alright, the night is near and it's time! Halloween iDOLM@STERS thread!

I'll start with my Nonowa pumpkin! (I lacked the talent to do anything else... QQ)

Not bad, huh? I considered hollowing out the eyes entirely, but this looks more like Nonowa...
I dunno, what do you think? I've got another day to make up my mind, so an opinion is appreciated!

Feel free to post your costumes, pumpkins, and other iM@S-y decorations for this halloween!

Other iM@S games / THE iDOLM@STER for SSB4
« on: October 25, 2012, 12:03:52 am »
(Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong sub-section, and you thought iM@S was confirmed for SSB4!  :-[)

So, I hope I'm not the only one who's indulged in some fantasies of an iDOLM@STER crossover in a fighting game! Maybe a stand-alone game as well, but I couldn't pass up the "Haruka trip chance" joke.

Not to mention, Namco is helping Nintendo with SSB4, so everything nothing is out of the questionnn~

Here's a brief discussion I shared with a friend about the possibilities of Hibiki for SSB4:
(I'm Ich sa mein Bruder sterben, and he's Waifu=Layton.)

Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Hibiki for SSB4, Y/N
Waifu=Layton: uhh attack?
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Basically? A Lucario clone.
Waifu=Layton: ew
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Even replace Lucario with Hibiki.
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: But change the aura-fist thingies to be Hamzuo-aura.
Waifu=Layton: no she needs dedede's attack set
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: That'd be great
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: But then we can't have a Hamzuo aura.
Waifu=Layton: except instead of gordos and waddle dees/doos her animals
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Perfecttttt
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: And her smash-
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: READ MY MIND
Waifu=Layton: C:
Waifu=Layton: except what could replace the hammer?
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: The hammer works fine. I think.
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Why can't she have a hammer
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Like
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: It doesn't make sense
Waifu=Layton: i think it should be chihaya with just a serious face
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: But it's not like it doesn't work or anything.
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Dude.
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: It should be
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: board-Chihaya
Waifu=Layton: :D
Waifu=Layton: chihaya= OP
Waifu=Layton: pls nerf
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: How....
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Dedede's Down-B. How do.
Waifu=Layton: what one is that/
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Does a giant mechanized thruster come out of this thin plank of wood that is also Chihaya
Waifu=Layton: it would be replaced with a yoshi egg roll but way more stable caus then she gets the hibicycle
Waifu=Layton: that seems like a good cover up.
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: I think
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: Yoshi Egg Roll was a side B
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: But
Ich sah mein Bruder sterben: YES
(Eh, anyone know how to make a box instead of this black tape stuff?)

I cannot be the only one sold on a Hibicycle replacement for Yoshi's side-B. Also other silly jokes.

What do you think, seriously and joking? Smash attacks? Yukiho's shovel as an item? Discuss.

Community works / I don't suppose anyone has some iM@S MIDI's, huh?
« on: October 08, 2012, 08:26:52 am »
Looking to mess around with this FL Studio 10 project of mine. Anyone care to make me a different kind of Producer and provide some iM@S MIDI's?

Or is there no such thing...?  :(

Characters / What would the idols dress up for Halloween?
« on: September 28, 2012, 12:51:25 am »
With halloween kind of coming, I started thinking... what costume would each idol wear?

Iori as a princess is obligatory.

Community works / /a/ sings 765 Pro Allstars - READY!!
« on: August 06, 2012, 12:01:08 am »
Thanks 4chan.

[[ I, like so many others, do not know how to embed YouTube videos, so, sorry about that. ]]

Characters / How does Hibiki afford being an idol?
« on: July 06, 2012, 09:05:07 am »
Just a small question that I've been mulling over.
Hibiki is only 15 in her first appearance in iDOLM@STERS SP, working as a no-name idol. Yet, she affords living alone, feeding 10 animals, (And likely has a large space to house them all) not to mention the trip from Okinawa. She's never been alluded to having a rich family either. How do you think she affords it?

I always assumed it was a hefty sign-on bonus... though, I'd love to see someone argue that Hibiki is just reeeally reeeallllyy good with money to afford it all. (Especially feeding 10 animals, including an alligator!)

How do you think Hibiki affords being an idol, at the beginning?

Welcome Center / Hello Everyone! - Wordwall Inside
« on: May 12, 2012, 08:35:21 am »
I've got the normal Q&A down below for those less inclined to read this essay (I'm pretty sure I wouldn't! I didn't realize there was a bit of a form for this until I typed it up, and it seemed like a waste to delete it.) but I am glad I could share my story with IDOLM@STERS with you all!
Hi! I'm new here, but I haven't had a chance to introduce myself here properly yet!  I'm a Canadian bro and I'm really happy to have found a... semi-active forum about IDOLM@STERS. I just have so much to gush about, so sorry if I dump a word wall about all my favorite things here!

I'm not a huge manga or anime fan, but I really do love the quirky, bright and fun culture Japanese is so in tune with. I've only ever watched one true anime, (Unless you count old 4kids dubs anime! >_<) and I loved it. I was originally introduced to it by Katamari Damacy, more specifically Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox 360 with the song "Danketsu". I went to go find a translation, and I really loved the characters! Even in just the few short verses each of them got, I thought they were all really unique, which always captivates me. Each one was special and had a seperate personality.

 After a pain-staking search (I didn't know you had such a fabulous, complete wiki! Also apparently I am very bad at searching. Now that I know what to look for, that solid week spent pursuit of it seems quite wasted.) I managed to find some information on the game, and that there was an anime. I mulled it over a bit, but decided it was worth a shot. Normally streaming anime is a huge disappointment for me. Every site feels virus-ridden and some pathetic YouTube rip-off. But I finally decided I could handle it, and although the experience was just as bad as I thought, the anime was amazing. I could go on for hours about how in enamoured me, but I'm sure everyone here hsa already watched it and felt the same. I know a lot of people perferred it when things got more dramatic and the plot picked up, I sure did, but the fun little episodes that peered into everyone's lives were just as good to me.

In particular, I think... Episode 15, was it? The one with Are We Live?! Saturday. That entire episode was adorable and hilarious. Obviously, I nearly crushed a lung laughing so hard when Haruka got whapped with the box lid, and Chihaya's expression made it priceless considering I didn't think it was possible to make her smile, let alone a giggle-fit. I love that episode to tears. Takane's (She looked like such a boss with that gun) comes a close second, as do both finales. The season finales were both so beautifully animated! The dances and songs were amazing and it really tied together that feeling of progression as the girls reach climb closer to their goal of top idol. I nearly broke down at the end, not because it was all that sad (Really, a very fitting end) but because it was over. I still wished some episodes were done a little better (Hibiki's was the only truly bad one, I believe) but otherwise it was really enjoyable.

I'm not sure why Miki receives all the flack for taking up so much screen time, though I understand it'd be annoying if she was your least favorite character, but personally I found her to be very cute and funny. Personally, what irked me in terms of sharing the screen time was the fact that Hibiki was very rarely seen, even in the background, and that Chihaya got such a huge spotlight despite being so one-dimensional. She’s so dreary it’s almost insufferable watching her. Haruka’s on the other hand was amazing. It really brought out depth to a character I only really saw two traits in. (She bakes and she trips, we get it!)

Overall, the anime was fantastic, and the animation itself was beautiful, and the whole thing was magnificent. I could jaw on about it for hours, but I’ll save you an in-depth review of every episode. I’m currently in the process of trying to obtain the English translation hack of Perfect Sun, learning to play IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls as well as acquire as much IDOLM@STER goodness as I can afford, from buying CD’s to figurines and etcetera. I have a lot of questions regarding this stuff, so I’m sorry if I’m asking a lot of simple questions here, I’ve never become so invested in something overseas!

Oh my goodness that was a word wall. Kudos to anyone who suffered through that, but nice to meet you all anyways!
I love IDOLM@STERS and hi:
Real Name: Tyson
Sex: Male
Country of Origin: Canada, Alberta
Hobbies: Roleplaying, talking and playing games of various variety. (As of posting? GETAMPED 2)


Q: How did you come across this site?
A: A long and hard search in attempt to find more about IDOLM@STERS, after watching the video Danketsu from Beautiful Katamari.

Q: Why did you join this site?
A: I wanted to gush about IDOLM@STERS. I don't know anyone anywhere else who I could relate it to.

Q: Do you play it?
A: I want to! But not as of yet. I'm currently trying to get the English translation of Perfect Sun, but if I can't work that out I'll certainly tough it through the language barrier and pick up the Japanese copy.

Q: Do you wish you could play it? (Ignore this part if above answer is "Yes")
A: Oh yes. Duh. Yes yes yes.

Q: Who is your fave idol?
A: Hibiki! She's so spunky and cute <3 I really wish she had more screen time in the anime, and maybe that'd add some more depth to her, but I love girls with fangs so I don't care! <3

Q: Why is your username "Bro"?
A: From the webcomic, Homestuck, off of Dave's... well, Bro. I would tell you more, but spoilers! If you'd like to read it or talk about it with me, I have a lot to say about it too!

Q: What are you in to right now?
A: GETAMPED 2 and IDOLM@STERS. Why are so many titles in all capitals nowadays?

Q: What is your motto?
A: Jeez... I don't know. Probably something akin to Yayoi's.

Q: Who's your favorite singer(s) right now?
A: All of them. Right now, I'm listening to some fanmade medleys that are truly dizzying to hear. I'm suprised I can identify almost every song already!

Q: What are you up to right now?
A: Typing this and watching TV. It's currently 1 AM, so I'm tired and it's getting troublesome to type this! Afu.

Q: Do you have any expectations from this site?
A: A friendly, enthusiastic and active community. :)

I hope I can get to know you all well! Thanks for reading.

Community works / Lost and Found?
« on: May 08, 2012, 05:12:18 am »
I need some help identifying this fan-art:

It's clearly Jibun inspired, and it came along with a .gif scrolling through a couple of other characters similar to this one posed with idols, though I didn't save that. I can't read Japanese nor type it, so searching for this individual has been very difficult. If anyone could translate it or point me into the right direction, I'd be very grateful. Alternatively: Weigh in, male or female? I'm assuming female due to the nature of the poses but HEY MAKOTO.

[Sorry if this is the wrong section, if it is I'd be happy if one of the mods could move it the appropriate for me. :) ]

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