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Many thanks. There's no doubt this is a fine start, but one question: how long does one have to fill in security questions? I feel it's such a haaaaassle. D:

I'm obsessed with all flavors of tea. If it is tea, I will drink it. In fact, in all my years of tea-drinking, there is only one type of tea I have ever not finished, and that was some sort of strange herbal medley of throat-coating tea. The blend of herbs just created an unpleasant taste similar to that of raw ginger.


I share the sentiment, friend. Conversely, I can't drink coffee to save my life... it just tastes... like coffee! Moreover, herbal tea is one type I've never had before. Or yet, rather... I'm one to tackle all kinds of tea if by some rare occurrence green isn't around. :3

As for the :3 emote, it's very playful. The internet is brimming with cats and Pusheen, so that had a hand in this too. x3

I've been to Canada once. Well, Niagara Falls, but it was still gorgeous.

So many Chihaya fans. I don't blame you guys, she is simply wonderful. ^-^!

I'm not much for traveling, what with expenses and all. But I too would like to visit the more exotic places in my country, and Japan simply just to say I've been there.

Yeah, Chihaya won me over pretty quickly, being that it's very easy to empathize with her. To be broader, I'm also very fond of Ritsuko and Yukiho; the former is a hard-working office girl which tickles my fancy, and the latter is basically the epitome of innocence, with a soothing voice to match. They all have comedic traits so there's that, too. :3

Have you tried green tea ice cream? I love it!

... Never occurred to me, actually! That's coming from a guy who carries at least two teabags wherever he goes, so it'll happen sooner or later.

Bold decision. While I share said doubt in this way of financing, if it means people can have a hand in giving along with taking then I'm all ears.

After hassling with typing Chihayas' bust size very specifically, I'm now able to register. orz

But belay that, I'm the guy you see to the left, yet you can call me Dean. :) Some history then: I've been long familiar with the iM@S series, but never really heeded it up until I watched the second anime, having been intrigued by Chihaya. It felt nice to have someone with similar history, so this intrigue became fandom -- you know how that goes. Eventually, this led me to buy iM@S 2 for the PS3, and it also made me go my first venture towards online transactions like Ebay, Amazon, and other sites for good old iM@S merchandise (and in general).

In the now, not only am I very interested in One for All, but the games' advent is also a grand opportunity to have a "new beginning" with the community, as it gets acquainted with said game upon release. That brings me to join this place, seeing as I can share my fandom as well (that, and it's the only English forum I know of since my Japanese is all over the place :P). Hell, iM@S 3 bodes well for this whole thing too, especially when it's coming on the PlayStation 4 along with Kingdom Hearts 3. Icing on the cake, really. :3

So about myself: I'm a mellow person who likes to take it in stride. To that end, I try to be free of arrogance and double standards, owing up to things if I felt I've done wrongdoing. I'm also one with a penchant of making fun of myself -- any smile made is a good one. :) Personal hobbies include gaming, music, anime and art in general. As far as aspirations go, I'm looking to further my education to the point I can be a police officer. RoboCop had hand in this during my childhood, and it was realistic in that it held nothing back, similar to things one would expect in life.

Furthermore, I'm a compulsive drinker of green tea. I can't help but sing praises about this beverage since it's one the healthiest things one could have, so much as I take to having it as a seasoning and an in-joke for being manly. :P Lastly, my favourite past time is poker, or Texas Hold'em. I'm simarily enthusiastic with every game I have since it's a test of conviction, being more of a "peoples' game" than a mere card game; it's exciting, it causes enthrallment, heartbreak, or just tension overall. That said, I know when to pick fights accordingly. :3

To sum up, courtesy is my modus operandi so I look to have a swell time with everyone. :)

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