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Looks like they just made that one costume in various color variation.

Not exactly connected to iM@S itself, but perhaps it's enough to be posted here...

So there's a Kickstarter for an English version of one of these anime headphone guides.

A softcover book with 52 pages, Moe Headphones Design Guidebook 2013 consists of an in-depth look at 6 designer headphones with illustrations complementing them and reviews done by illustrator Lunatic Joker. Sekai Project will be localizing this to English so anime fans and audiophiles outside of Japan can experience this unique book. The money raised will go towards covering translation, printing, and shipping costs. The printing is done in Japan and the quality will be identical to the Japanese version.

※ 日本語でのリターン説明は下に書いてます。

Who/what is Lunatic Joker?

Lunatic Joker is a circle (group) name for Tsukigami Luna (pen name). A sampling of his art can be found on his portfolio.

Tsukigami Luna's current professional work, "Ultimate Etude" and "4LDK!" is serialized in "Manga Time Kirara Carino."

Tsukigami Luna also has done illustration work in Shueisha Super Dash Bunko, "Kuzubako ni Houkiboshi" and "Ou-dition!" series, in ASCII Media Works Dengeki Bunko "Omae nanzo ni musume wa yaren", and in Gakken Megami Bunko, "Zako Kamisama".

Lunatic Joker has attended Comic Market, Comitia, and Comic1 selling his illustrations. He is a big iDOLM@STER fan and has done many fan illustrations of the idols.

How is it connected to iDOLM@STER? The guide itself is only the first part of the book. Second is a roundtable discussion with some of Namco's sound engineers/producers. That includes LindaAl-CUE and Ryo Watanabe, both of them who have made songs for iDOLM@STER.

So yeah, more of a trivia. Dunno if it counts for this section. Might be interesting, though.
Link to the KS page with more details:

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