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Hype has died down, and beyond the fact people are upset about the static rhythm game that it is, here are actual problems with the game as a standalone installment.

Lack of costumes and stages make things go stale quite quick. On top of that you cant even wear what costume you want. I found the costume typing works very well up until you hit A rank, I was changing out costumes all the time before then and it was kinda nice. However at late/end game you will find yourself totally unable to progress in a reasonable time frame unless you force yourself to farm the the best 2-3 lives over and over using the same costume and seeing the same stage, and that is if you even consider farming the most efficient live at all reasonable.

DL lives suffer a similar problem stated above, want a new accessory considering there are virtually none in the base game and they are very lackluster at that? Not only are the drop rates beyond atrocious but you again will be using the same outfit to even be able to complete the live over and over endlessly, on the same stage endlessly. Choose not to farm it? Never see the accessory's.

This brings about even another problem, there is no point to even buy the DLC outfits as unless your choosing to be VERY ineffective or really enjoy S4U, there are no lives worth repeating beyond a select few and odds are the outfit you want to use will not be the type you need.

The second problem with DL lives is perhaps not technically a problem, but is quite annoying for the people it effects. The DL lives do not have the gold box drops from the base game meaning that if your farming the DL live you have 0 chance of obtaining any of the S rank outfits from the base game, especially annoying if your hoping to get the trophies for the game.

Honestly it seems the only upgrade from OFA in terms of customization and job farming is being able to change the song at the live start screen. I just hit the 100 hour mark, and I enjoy the game but I am also a person who enjoys grindy games. Its quite a polished game, but it definitely feels like a hyper polished foundation they plan to build a empire of DLC on. Most people who read this will already have the game, and anyone whos interested enough who does not have it to visit this forum would probably like it. Its just your millage will vary and customization is horrid. The only reason I would recommend this over OFA is because the PS3 is just not near as smooth as the PS4 in addition OFA had much more annoying transition/loading screens.

If your not a very big S4U user, is there much reason to get the DLC outfit? I have been wanting to get Miracle Night but I keep holding off because I figure I may as well get the outfit for it. I like it a lot but it just seems pointless with how the game picks what you wear basically. I could get two songs for the price of the bundle.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Translated trophy list
« on: August 18, 2016, 08:15:00 pm »
I have all the chocolates and no trophy, that and there are no trophies where this looks like it fits exactly. I dont believe they are required for any trophies.

OFA had much larger catalogs, so did IM@S 2. 1 outfit per catalog? Hopefully that means the DL live outfits will have more unique outfits.

Do duplicate items ever stop dropping? Three possible options.

Duplicates stop dropping once a item is upgrade to the max.

Duplicates stop dropping once you cant fit anymore into the store(cap at 10?

Lastly duplicates drop no matter what.

Anyone know which?

Are there any decent level grinding methods yet? I feel like I'm just playing this game somewhat aimlessly at this point.
Me too.

Right now all the idols are A rank and I have completed all the A rank jobs and SP on a few of them. Some still have a few solo lives and whatever else in A rank/SP but they need training. Is there anything that unlocks for clearing all those on everybody? Or is the only set of content S rank and the solo live that it comes with, or does it come with many more jobs? Cause as far as I can tell once everybody is A rank you just farm whatever live has the most fans seeing the same old boring stage and praying for drops.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Translated trophy list
« on: August 16, 2016, 04:38:17 am »
Are the valentines day chocolates required for any of the trophies?

Is the best live to farm just the one with the most fans/exp that you have? Kinda sucks the DL live prevents you from getting S rank gifts outside of the costume. That should get patched to where after owning the costume the loot tables change.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring mechanics and strategies
« on: August 14, 2016, 08:15:50 pm »
If your grinded enough to beat everything anyway, of course there is no point in trying to get the best out of your idols.
If your struggling to beat the DL live at those levels something is off. Especially if you have 5 hearts.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring mechanics and strategies
« on: August 14, 2016, 07:19:09 pm »
If you are really going for a high score in a trio live, which means using kiramekirari you need 2334 omoide in a normal case, and 778 with an image type.

Depending on how more than 5 omoide appeals are handled, getting more than 5 appeals could have a huge impact on this comparison though.
Its nice to have the 100 points per 10 notes if your idols have no training, are low levels, and your outfits and accessories suck. Late game I think the appeals are better, they have been each time I tested it but thats also not using kiramekirari. Unless your going for high score for fun I dont see the point in tunneling into this song. I have everyone A rank with all jobs complete and I have only ever used pro with the songs I felt like hearing at the time. My only rank 10 is Happy.

Its quite seriously a nasty grind, like drop chances are so low that you would have a good chance of not getting all the pieces if you did 12 hours a day the entire event. Its kinda sad they are whoring this game out to this point but whatever.

I have a bronze ticket and a gold ticket and I haven't been able to use them yet (the shop won't let me choose them). Any reason why? Not high enough level? Not far into the story?
You have to have 5 to exchange for one item.

What is an idols level cap?

Has anyone farmed out all the accessories from the DL live? I got the leg piece and I probably have 5-10 hours worth of runs. This is 110% designed to sell pdrops and nothing more, which is not a shocker, but damn. It would be nice of the stage would rotate too.

Does anyone have the numbers for the S rankup live? Is there even one?

Ok I need some advice on how to level up quick so I can beat this DL live. I thought I was doing fine in this game until the DL live came along.  :P
The posts above kind of already answer this question. At that level all you can really do is gather more burst or perfect chain master songs. Spend all your current funds on training and make sure you have the Drive Duo/Trio abilities. The 5th heart added about 5k to my score with the duo ability, essential in my clear and my idols stats had been posted a bit above.

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