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THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage / Re: THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage (PS4)
« on: September 23, 2017, 09:42:38 am »
Im just not sold on that returning gameplay from Platinum Stars. It seems they think a selling point is finally getting the girls out of those awful track suits... I guess it is for some. So whats really new? OFA style menu system and some new interactions? I just cant imagine having a huge amount of reasons to play this game with the Platinum Stars gameplay returning. Maybe they have something up their sleeve or some good incentives planned out, but I had my fill of Platinum Stars. Maybe this new girl means rival battles are returning? Would love to see Rin Shibuya, if she shows up im sure it will cost 2k yen just to have her in a rival battle. Sigh. Hope im wrong and the game is great but frankly I dont believe it will be... Probably pick it up no matter what if the Asian release has English subs but I most certainly will not import this new at 8k yen after Platinum Stars.

The DLC outfits are not only expensive, but absolutely worthless in game. The only end game objective is to farm fans and or DL lives for outfits you dont have. Limiting your costume choice greatly and totally removing any incentive to buy the DLC outfits. As Naryoril mentioned the trophy to get all songs max rank excluding any DLC did not help whatsoever, on top of song selection being old songs. Lack of stages, idol customization, just everything is a total downgrade from OFA. I really cant believe they did not have the foresight to see there would be 0 incentive to buy the DLC outfits. How many times can you listen to Change!! in stage for you? Why was something like the G4U photo taking not added as a part of the game? Why not anything new whatsoever? The graphics was nice, but the lack of stages just made it bland. The gameplay was just as bland, a step back from OFA in that regard too.

In all honesty I really dont see how this game could not have been more of a total disaster. Such a shame that the future of IM@S is pretty much the mobile games, considering the PS4 wont ever be what the PS3 was in Japan for various reasons. Considering the game reviewed poorly and the DLC probably sold like crap. IM@S is not the only console series to suffer from the demise of console gaming in Japan but what has happened to the IM@S is just the result of pure greed and fatigue with the series. Im thankful for the logo change as its a clear distinction where care for the series ended and the milking for profit begins.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: October 21, 2016, 12:12:11 am »
I think I already know the answer to this but I never see anyone complaining about it. So once you get all your idols to A rank, all that is left to do is begin the S rank grind. However from what im seeing there are just a handful of lives/jobs to select that actually give worthwhile fan numbers. The majority of the lives give 5-9k fans with a few giving 12-13k, then some of the S rank ones give 25k.

Well anyway, my problem is you pretty much cant use what feels like about 80% or more of the games outfits unless you want to drop all the way back to C or B rank lives and get virtually no fans or money for doing it. Is there something im missing? There is no outfit type variety in A and S rank, nor the SP lives. The DL lives are not any better either. Hell I would have gotten some of the DLC, but there is no point because I seriously cant use the outfits and farm fans at the same time. I know S4U is there, but I want to actually play on top of not getting burnt out on the songs since the grind is already long.

So, my best friend stopped playing platinum stars completely. she was the one to introduce me into imas and had every game till now and she says she's never been so dissapointed with an imas game. shes going back to play ofa again to overwrite her bad memories of ps. she even stopped buying the dlc after the first one. she said she didn't want to pay for new songs and costumes if she didn't have fun playing with them later.

I mean I know many were dissapointed with platinum stars, but have you heared of any other players stopping ps ? I mean I don't own a ps4 but I wouldn't play it myself  after I have seen some gameplay and I am not a fan of grinding (except for the live parade event in starlight stage, but that was a lot of fun)

My friend who lives in japan also said he maybe dropping the game because he is just bored out of it know. are any of you feeling the same? It's kinda shame that imas first ps4 title has left so many of my friends dissapointed
I quit because the lack of outfits and not being able to farm fans at a halfway decent rate while using the outfits I want. Then the DL lives drop rates are horrid in addition to locking you out of the main game S rank drops. Just really bad design as opposed to bad mechanics. You could fix a lot of whats wrong with platinum stars with a patch or even an expansion. Wont happen though, not with the way the fans pay 1500 yen for a outfit when something like Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion took probably 3 times the work platinum stars did entirely and it only sold for 2000 yen.

As far as I can tell the new DL outfit is the ultra super omega rare drop and the accessory's are given to you, all except the legs entirely useless skill wise. Clearly they have not heard complaints, and pdrop sales must be very poor so they have now made it so you buy the pdrops in hopes for the outfit rather then the accessorys. Definitely never buying pdrops, and I will be buying all future installments used unfortunately. So we got 2 unique outfits in addition to what was in the base game, still making the costume selection absolute dribble. The DLC outfits are useless, on top of outlandishly priced, considering you cant use them unless you want to gain a super low amount of fans.

Sony Asia Slide Presenting a Host of "PS4 Pro" Supported Titles

IMAS is on there

So, what's the CD all about?
Live disc "Lis-ani! LIVE 2016"

Live CD of "Lis-ani! LIVE 2016" that was held on Jan. 2016. 765PRO ALLSTARS, Cinderella Girls and Million Stars has performed together!

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Official Survey
« on: August 30, 2016, 03:42:40 am »
I sure hope they dont try and spin this into fading interest of the franchise rather then what it is, massive lack of outfits and the ones in the game are gated behind extremely low RNG drops.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: Scoring mechanics and strategies
« on: August 28, 2016, 12:49:04 am »
Does anyone have any tips for utilizing the track suit? (+50% fans)

*sigh* if only the trophy to get all non dlc songs to legend wouldn't exist, or rather it just said "get 18 (or whatever) songs to legend", i'd love to get overmaster and me ga au toki, but as it stands i probably wouldn't use them.
Same problem here, I would pick up the new costume but the game wont allow me to use it and farm fans at the same time :' (

Bokutachi no resistance gameplay:
What do you guys think?
I think its pretty great. Wish this would have been in the main game instead of Show personally. Still waiting for Only My Note and Music.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: August 23, 2016, 07:39:49 pm »
Namco solely made these DL Lives to make money off the p-drops, no one can dispute that. What we can dispute is that we do not need to be thankful for these non-free DL Lives. In the end they are not free, they are craftily designed money makers for greedy Namco. Even though I LOVE im@s I'm very tempted to make this the very last im@s game I ever buy. Namco is getting ridiculous with the money grabbing tactics. I spent over $1,600 on OFA (excluding mail, money, and DLC guest idols) and I fear PS will only be worse with the expensive but content-light DLCs and the not so free DL Lives. I can only hope if we do ever get a proper im@s3 it'll be better executed than PS's structure. OFA had a great gameplay structure (you had jobs to complete in a set time and actually needed strategy to beat opponents) but PS has the superior graphics (duh PS4 after all). I can only hope that im@s3 will be a combination of the OFA gameplay structure along with PS graphics, if ever released and if I'm still willing to throw money at Namco at that point.
The concept of pdrops is great originally, its DLC that a small minority of the community pays for that everyone is able to have access too. Now if there really is only 12 planned, and based on how fast they are coming out and frankly how cruddy DL Live 2 and 3 are, its clear this is just launch content being released after the fact.

Everyone knows the drop rates are atrocious, which is really where all the arguments start and stop. Honestly there are just not enough items in this game to even have a drop rate system.

As for paying that much for DLC, well at the end of the day what do you really expect? They are just taking advantage of IM@S fans because they have proven they will pay these prices. The new Dark Souls 3 DLC was announced with new weapons, armor, magic, bosses and a new area and new PvP map all for 1200 yen. Meanwhile the miracle dance hall outfit is 1500 yen with none of the accessory's. Respectfully, you paying those outlandish prices makes you a brick in the foundation that created the current state of Platinum Stars.

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: August 23, 2016, 02:38:53 am »
They definitely dropped the ball on this IMO. Its just bad decision on top of bad decision.

Drop rates are classic MMO level of drop, the drop rates are absolutely atrocious we all know that one.

The lives that you end up farming at A rank to get everyone to S all use the same 2-3 types of outfit, your forced to either be efficient and do the same live with the same outfit over and over alongside seeing the same stage over and over or be inefficient, further the already extremely brutal grind and farm lives of the costume type you want to see and get very little fans.

Gold Boxes that drop from DL lives do not contain the base game gold box drops making it very punishing just to get an accessory you like.

There is no reason to buy the DLC outfits unless your big into S4U, as the game picks your outfit for you so why spend 1500 yen per outfit?

Comparing this to a slot machine is not really a good comparison, because if you roll triple 7's on a slot machine your getting your payout. When you see a gold box pop up not only could it have the S rank accessory's that you are guaranteed to get in S rank, but it could just be a double of a S rank outfit you already have.

As stated earlier in the thread, hyper fans might put up with the state of this game but any casual fan of the genre or just casual fan in general is not going to farm for ages for drops. The songs are old, the characters are established, they had one job and that was to make costumes for them to wear and they just totally botched that aspect of the game. I dont think I have ever not worn the tiara on the head. Its just sad.

My personal ideas for a fix with minimal effort on Namcos part:
Overall increased drop rates
Gold tickets should have a chance to reward S rank outfits
A Live for ranks F-S that has randomized stages and requests a different random outfit type each time you complete it, with no cool/cute/cosmic/clever secondary typing. Or it could just even be typeless. This Live will reward the most fans out of all the lives in that rank.

Fixes with more work required:
Overall increased drop rates, but to keep heavy farmers/pdrop users interested there should be hyper ultra rare outfits and accessory's with nasty drop rates.
Small set of outfits/accessory's added to the store ranging from 500k to 5million. Money feels totally useless in this, in addition getting duplicates to sell would not seem quite as shitty as it does now.
New outfits to be worn by the idols in the menus, either sold in the shop or rare drops

THE iDOLM@STER Platinum Stars / Re: DL Lives
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:32:21 am »
Whats funny is there is no reason to buy the unique DLC outfits unless you sit around and watch S4U which just burns you out on the songs imo because the game forces you what to wear. A rank and S rank lives dont even cover half the costume types its ridiculous on that front. They need a transforming live that changes its type randomly after every clear and it cycles through all costume types, along with random stages for ranks F-S with the best fan rewards for each.

Does anyone know what would happen if you got a new PS4 and tried to play a save file for a US/EU account that had purchased DLC and catalog DLC without having the catalogs or the JP account on the system and set as primary? Im wondering if it has a smart system for still letting you play and keep your stuff for when things get settled or if it would actually mess up and glitch your save.

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