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Community works / Fan Idea: THE iDOLM@STER Online
« on: July 11, 2014, 04:32:06 am »
My idea for how a MMO version of iM@S would be like... Just a pipe dream, this is never going to happen in a million years.

In the iDOLM@STER Online, you don't produce 765. You don't produce Cinderella Girls, Million Live, or any of those. Instead, you create your own idol in a very in-depth character creator. You can choose from dozens of personalities and voices for your idol, and even play around with the pitch a la The Sims 3. And of course you can make more than one have a unit.

The gameplay will be much like the console games, including the raising and communication, except with a multiplayer aspect. When you go do a festival, you're actually competing against another player's idol. But you can also make friends and collaborate with other producers, such as pairing up your idols with them.

Costumes would be given out through gachas, and you can also get special idols through gacha, including 765 idols.

The song selection would be all standard songs from the console games like Go My Way, Kiramekirari, Ready!!, you know. There might be a song gacha, too.

Community works / Fan Ideas: iDOLM@STER: 876's Prince and Dueling Live!
« on: February 11, 2014, 08:37:26 am »
Since Zeta shared his ideas about fanmade projects or ideas, I decided to make a thread detailing my fanwork ideas. One involves original idols, one involes Million Live. I've also had an idea regarding original idols. Male idols. I've been thinking of pitching it to an otome game community and get some male fandubbers and make it a community project. I know that one of these original idols will be a shota (female voiced) idol that I will voice myself. Maybe I should make a thread about it... It would heavily involve 876 and Ai and Eri would play a role, too.

First is an idea for an otome game set in the iDOLM@STER universe. Essentially iM@S Girls side. I don't know a good title for it but the placeholder will be called 876's Prince. I've been considering pitching this idea to an otome game community and make it a nice looking and sounding fandub project. I myself will voice a young-enough-to-be-voiced-by-a-girl idol, and I might voice Ryo if needed, too. The story would star Ryo, Touma, Hokuto, and Shouta, along with about 10 original male idols. Edit: I've made a post about some of the original idols, see my reply).
The setting? After Ryo's good Dearly Stars ending and his massive success even after revealing his sex, after some pleading Ryo convinces 876 pro to start a male idol branch. Some of the first to join are former Jupiter members looking for an agency with better business ethic than Kuroi... (that or just AU versions). The other 10 are complete newcomers to the idol world. "The Haruka", as in the main standard hero, will actually be Ryo. Ai and Eri will actually play a major part in Ryo's route, and they'll be there to cheer him on and give advice to both him and the producer.  The women working at 876 will also play a big role regardless of route, and will serve as mentors to the female producer-protagonist. Yumeko will serve as a rival in Ryo's route. Ryo will have an "Awakened" form just like Miki did in iM@s 1. Eri will make an appearance during Takuya's route.

For some of the original idols, see my reply. I will update the main post once I'm able to.

As for the costumes, it will be just like the main games, with three categories plus extend. The three categories are Past (Vocal), Present (Dance), and Future (Visual). Past will feature formal and elegant costumes, Present will have modern, cool idol clothes, and future will be the distaff counterpart of Cosmic and Funny/Starry, lights and everything. Touma, Hokuto, and Shouta's costumes from IM@S 2 will be their "present" costumes (and the aesthetic for the present category in general will be based on them. Ryo's costumes from Dearly Stars will be kept, but without the pads. He will even still wear the cute&girly dress for the past costumes (his androgyny is his appeal, afterall), though he will express displeasure when he wears it. Though I've also considered making Ryo wear a ouji style outfit with really short shorts for Past. Ideas for extend costumes could be gakuran, butler, casual, punkish gothic, street hopper, distaff My Dear Vampire, Tales cosplay, and one of my silly ideas would be a tokusatsu-themed set with matching accessories, the uniform being in each idol's image color. Hell, there could even be a Tokusatsu style song for your idols, lol. I am going to be learning music theory so maybe I will write this song.

Recurring Songs:
Dazzling World
Himitsu no Sangoushou
Alice or Guilty
Koi wo Hajimeyou
On Sunday
Kessou ~Crystal Dust~
Agent Yoru wo Yuku
Futari no Kioku (uses boku so appropriate)
A remixed version of Go My Way
Meisou Mind
Kosmos, Cosmos (also uses boku)

My other idea is DUELING LIVE! It's not a fandub project but rather a dream iDOLM@STER game.

It is about an all-out war between two production agencies. The game will be separated into two separate versions a la Pokemon, each version featuring a different production agency. One version will focus on good old 765, the other on a new production agency with the Million Live idols (or brand new idols entirely, maybe the Cinderella Girls?). The 765 version will feature every single song in the 765 repertoire, from Aoi Tori to We Have a Dream. The version focusing on the new production agency will feature entirely new songs. To fully stress the theme of new vs old, the DLC for the 765 version will consist entirely of songs that have only appeared on the CDs and never in the games, while the DLC for the other version will only feature brand new songs.

The story will be about 765 and the new agency in an all-out war for dominance in the industry, and players get to pick a side. The idols from the opposing version will be your rivals.

The gameplay will return to some of the features seen in the arcade game and be highly competitive with focus on multiplayer. There will be online leader boards for high scores, and you can pit the idols you've raised against other people playing the opposing game. Maybe even competitive multiplayer festivals? Your raising method will be key to winning. May the best producer win!

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Things you want in a future installment
« on: April 01, 2013, 07:30:29 am »
Judging by the way DLC has been handled lately, it might be that iDOLM@STER 2 is nearing its end and a new installment is on its way...

So which features do you want to see appear/make a comeback?

Here's mine:

1: The return of picking which idol sings which line like in Live For You
2: Azusa to grow her hair back
3: The ability to let each idol wear a different costume/accessories.
4: The option to be a female producer.
5: The return of free produce mode/sandbox mode
6: More idols!
7: Quartets.
8: Better lip sync
9: A green screen stage!
10: More ways for idols to interact with each other. For instance, if you put Iori and Miki in the same unit they will bicker and you can do communications with multiple idols at once to boost affinities. I basically want much more focus on the communication between the idols.
11: All the idols have different shoes in the main three outfits! The fact that they always have the same shoes bothers me for some reason.
12: Remasters of the arcade songs, re-recorded and remastered instruments.
13: Marketing and complete control over promotions (see page 3 for detailed description), which could include integration of g4u into the main game.
14: PV creation tool/dance edit mode.
15: Hopefully no region locking.

Community works / iDOLM@STER Girl's Side Shota Trio Voiced By Me
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:32:58 am »

Weird voice acting thing I did... XD

Based on Tomitake-p's (I think, or did he just do the MMD models?) iM@S Girl's Side. I'm pretty good at doing boy voices, so I tried giving voices to the genderbends of the Futamis, Yayoi, and Iori, with my own voice instead of pitching down. I tried to preserve their nuances and singing style while singing as their genderbends. They're not perfect. But I'm proud of how I managed to pull off Ao and Mao, the Futami twins are very hard to imitate as they are (and Start Star is hard to sing), yet alone in a female voiced male's range! With Yamato I tried to keep in Yayoi's awkardness in his voice, for lack of better words. Ibuki was by far the hardest, because Iori's nuances are well... Not obvious and easy to point out. She sounds soft, but also tsundere. I tried to keep those traits with my Ibuki voice.

Yes, I'm a girl, yes, I voiced all three (four?) of them.

My throat hurts now... DX

I'd love to upload this to Nico Nico Douga but I don't know how the heck I'm supposed to tag something like this, and how to describe it. Can someone at least help me with the title and description, I don't speak Japanese.

General chatter / Ever have a dream about iDOLM@STER?
« on: May 05, 2012, 11:48:11 pm »
Last night I had a dream about a 3ds iDOLM@STER game THAT MADE IT TO THE STATES. Unfortunately, they changed everyone's names to more American sounding names. But it wasn't even a typical iDOLM@STER game, it was basically like Animal Crossing with iDOLM@STER characters. It was called IDOLMASTER Fountain (No @ sign).  I don't know what the hell the word "Fountain" had anything to do with it, but that was what it was called.

Unlike Animal Crossing, your population will include all the characters, which includes all the girls of regular iDOLM@STER, Jupiter, the DS idols (Ryo is counted as a boy), and new male characters to even out the male to female ratio. I don't remember any of the new male characters other than one with glasses and sand colored hair. Also, every character kept their personality from the games and would interact with each other in amusing ways.

When you started a new game, you'd choose your gender and make a simple character. You'd just choose from basic hairstyles, when I made my girl there was a choice between long hair, short hair, pigtails and a ponytail, and the colors were only the shades other im@s characters have had.

I was then greeted by Haruka, Yayoi and Miki, gave my character a name, and was put in the middle of a bustling town filled with chibi idols. You could talk to them and do various activities with the idols, like karaoke, shopping, etc and make friends with them. There was also a possibility for romance, including yuri and BL pairings.

I think to make money, you had to play rhythm game to popular iM@S songs, which were still in Japanese despite the characters names being changed (DREAM LOGIC).

I remember seeing Makoto and Yukiho at a cafe, then I woke up.


Have you ever had any dreams about iDOLM@STER?

Post western cartoon style or realistic/semi realistic drawings of the idols here! I don't know where picture threads would go, so I assumed it goes in characters...

I can't seem to find any cartoon style iDOLM@STER pictures at all, even on Deviantart, where it's very easy to find cartoony pictures of Vocaloid and Touhou. Guess it's because iDOLM@STER is the least popular of the "big three" in the west. The closest I got was a Panty and Stocking style picture of Haruka and Chihaya.

I wrote these singable lyrics for Kiramekirari, with the intention of singing them for an English fandub, I'm in the middle of singing it right now, though it could be a while until I finish, since I always record verse by verse, each verse as separate files, so I don't get thirsty or out of breath and I can take breaks. It's very hard doing a Yayoi voice! I'm probably going to do more iDOLM@STER English dubs, but I need your help deciding which songs to do! I can imitate all of the idols, though some I can do better than others. So request a song for me to write lyrics for and sing. Only rule is: NO HONEY HEARTBEAT. The rapping part is too hard for me! XD

As for the lyrics for Kiramekirari:

Feel free to use these lyrics for your own fandub, just give me credit! Also give our very own wiki credit, since I used the translation on the wiki as a guideline.

This started with lyrics for Kiramekirari that I wrote, but I did other stuff but only uploaded to Nico Nico Douga.

Hooray Hooray go for it! Let's go for it!
Hooray hooray go for it! It's the best!
Any and all seeds will eventually become a bud
It's just like a super star!
Any and all buds will bloom and become flowers
You deserve a gold star, super start!
Money cannot buy you happiness, yes that is true.
I'm a splendid super girl!
Coming from my happiness is a wonderful fortune.
Hit parade mega super rules!
The clear days end and
the rain goes away
now a rainbow will come out!
With my heart and my wishes, I can make dreams come true!
Where's the miracle coming from?
I'm not gonna wait around!
I guess I'll make it myself! HOP STEP JUMP!
Dazzling and sparkling always come with a kiss
This light will shine all throughout the whole wide world
Sparkling sparklies more and more and much more
I want to tell the world that I am only me!
Pulsating sparklies are surely pulsating
When I look in the mirror I'm so lovely!
Pulsating sparklies are holding me real tight
I really really really really like this me!
Hooray Hooray go for it! Let's go for it!
Hooray hooray go for it! It's the best!
Every single striving expert can go back home and laugh
What an exciting laughter!
Even though it's not gold, it still shines very brightly
Thumpy thumpy sparkly feeling!
I tried to buy a lamp and a vase at the store one day
Oh so pretty, ooh la la.
Always be sure to whipe your nose after you sneeze, bless you.
Abra Kadabra, Alakazam!
From outer space I can see the whole world and a pretty shooting star!
Is that how come all the time everyone's wishes come true?
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, is that right?
Hey god hey god any god? Please please please!
Dazzling and sparkling... But it's a little flat...
However though, it is my own melody!
Dazzling and Sparkling, it really is vivid!
But if I sing happily it is all OK!
Quick moving sparkly gets faster and faster
I wait for the fun that comes right after this!
Quick moving sparkly you divide it by two!
The one that gets the last laugh it is dear~ol~me
Guitar Solo, come on!
Dazzling and sparkling, they reset only once
And then when the time comes then it will be my turn
Dazzling and Sparkling with the press of a button
If I start everything with smiles it's ok!
Quick moving sparkly my heart is very hot
I find black and white pictures very boring
Quick moving sparkly fly perfectly, Perfect!
Towards the sky, towards the heavenly rainbow
Dazzling and sparkling, we are always shining
This light will shine all throughout the whole wide world
Sparkling sparklies more and more and much more
I want to tell the world that I am only me!
Pulsating sparklies are surely pulsating
When I look in the mirror I'm so lovely!
Pulsating sparklies are holding me real tight
I really really really really like this me!
Hooray Hooray go for it, let's go for it!
Hooray hooray, go for it, it's the best!
Hooray Hooray go for it, Let's go for it!
Hooray Hooray go for it, It's the best!

I'm really sorry.

I'm sure you guys have all seen my rant blindly defending Project Jupiter, at the same generalizing this forum and grouping them with the idiotic brainless mass of fanboys on YouTube.

I'm really sorry, and I think this forum is awesome.

I was just in a bad mood, I didn't sleep the night before, and I saw all these comments on YouTube that pissed me off. The rant was targetted at the fanboys on YouTube, the kind who mindlessly hate Jupiter because of their gender. I hadn't been on this forum, and couldn't fit my rant on YouTube, and instead of just making a rant video, I made the bad choice and ranted on an innocent forum. I'm sorry. Unlike YouTubers, you guys have logical reasons if you hate them, and I respect your opinions.

I was thinking about the impression I left all day, and it was bothering me all day, I couldn't focus all day because of the stupid choice I made. After I made that responding post, I didn't read that thread at all because I was worried about what kind of responses I'd get. I'm still not going to look at it.

I'm sorry.

I want to start fresh right now, without all the abd impressions. Please forgive me.

You are not stupid fanboys in the slightest. You are great people. I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / A Message to People Who hate Jupiter But Love Ryo
« on: April 01, 2011, 02:21:04 am »
I understand this might be breaking the rules, and I could possibly be banned, but I barely post anyway, and I wouldn't mind not sharing a forum with these hypocrites. I'm just really freaking angry because of this issue, and I want to get it off my chest. I ask that at most, you give me a strike. I still want to post here occasionally, but if this warrants a ban, either let me know and I'll sugar coat this post, or ban me. I'd prefer not to be banned though.

The topic is Jupiter Haters. Now, I am a girl, so of course, I'm going to automatically want to defend these painfully handsome boys, but, especially on the youtube video for Koi wo Hajimeyou and even on here, that some of the Jupiter hating from idiotic fanboys is getting way out of hand.

I respect opinions, and all that, but a lot of the Jupiter haters AREN'T, and they're so nasty about their hate that it really grinds my gears.

But it wouldn't bother me so much if so many of these Jupiter haters weren't the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen.

Most of these Jupiter haters adored Ryo Akizuki, even calling it the greatest twist to happen to iDOLM@STER.

Excuse me? He's male! Just like Jupiter! So you're saying Ryo is fine, but Jupiter is not?

"Oh, but he looks like a girl, so he's A-OK!"

Umm, no, it's not. He's still a guy no matter how you slice it, no matter how many pink dresses you put him in. There's still a penis underneath all those girly outfits.

So as long as they can pass off as a girl, they're fine!


You're just angry because you can't masturbate to them That's what!

And you know what, if you find Ryo attractive in any way, or like him because he looks like a girl, and you're a guy, you're probably a bisexual, in denial. Even though he looks like a girl, he's still a boy, and you're attracted to a boy. That goes for any straight male shotacon or trap lover out there. They're bisexuals in denial.

Now, if you're one of those people who dislike both Ryo AND Jupiter, I still resent you, but at least you aren't a hypocrite.

If you hate Jupiter for reasons other than simply the fact that they're male, such as you not wanting the fandom to be ruined by stupid fangirls (I have to deal with KaitoxLen fans all the time in the Vocaloid fandom... *shudders*), or not wanting the fandom ruined with shipping, I respect your opinion, and I apologize on behalf of your ignorant brethren.

I may be coming off as a stupid yaoi fangirl, afterall, I have a hasubando who I fantasize about every night (Vash the Stampede, for those curious. ^_^), but a lot of the iDOLM@STER fandom is just as stupid and fanboyish, so we're even. :P

*breathes deeply*

I'm sorry, I had to get that rant out... I feel a lot better now...

Characters / What Idol Do You Sing Most Like
« on: September 21, 2010, 01:34:35 pm »
This question might be a little hard for males to answer, but if you're a guy and you think you can compare your voice to an idol, go ahead.

Well, I think my natural voice sounds a bit like Yukiho or maybe Chihaya.

Listen to me sing:
Don't you hear a little bit of Yukiho and Chihaya in me? XD

Characters / Other characters that sound like the idols?
« on: June 28, 2010, 08:27:26 pm »
After listening to more of Makoto's speaking voice in videos (I don't have Perfect Sun, though I want it because I like Makoto), I found that she kind of sounds like China/Wang Yao from Axis Powers Hetalia. Well, I guess it's more like China sounds like Makoto because im@s came before the Hetalia anime.

General chatter / THE iDOLM@STER and your family
« on: June 27, 2010, 05:06:10 pm »
What does your family think about THE iDOLM@STER and your love of it, that is, if you don't keep it a secret.

Well, when I showed my mom my newly obtained games, she pointed at Yukiho on the cover and said "She must be the smart one".

I was like "No, that one's the smart one", pointing to Ritsuko, and she said "Oh yeah, stick some glasses on her and she's automatically the smart one". XD

My Grandma's pretty much computer and video game illiterate, but I managed to teach her how to play Animal Crossing, so I showed her THE iDOLM@STER and told her to pick what character she liked best. She chose the Futami twins, and I planned to have her pick a song and outfit for them, and maybe do a few communications, since that doesn't require any hand eye coordination. When she heard the twins talk, she started saying some Japanese/Chinese sounding gibberish and laughing, but she said they were adorable. She couldn't make an outfit even though she could play Animal Crossing, she said it was too confusing for an old lady like her.

Thankfully, I don't have Dearly Stars, so I don't have to explain the whole Ryo situation.

Characters / What songs would you want to be covered by the idols?
« on: June 27, 2010, 01:51:08 am »
I don't know what forum this would go in, so I thought I'd put it here.

I'm sure all of you know that they make cds that have songs covered by the idols. Well, if you got to choose what song could be covered by the girls (and boy) of THE iDOLM@STER, which would it be?

For me, I don't care what idol sings it, I want the two songs from Trigun, Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku and Sound Life. Maybe Azusa for Sound Life and Ami/Mami for Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku?

I would also like All the Way and The Beautiful World from Kino's Journey to be covered, maybe both by Yukiho, or All the Way by Yukiho and The Beautiful World by Chihaya?

And it would be freaking amazing if they would cover Japanese Pokemon songs. Think about it, Makoto and Yayoi singing High Touch, Ami/Mami singing Rival, Yukiho singing Kimi no Soba De, Yayoi singing Advance Adventure, Makoto or maybe Ami singing OK, and Chihaya singing Soko ni sora ga aru kara

THE iDOLM@STER SP (PSP) series / Your favorite reactions?
« on: June 23, 2010, 01:37:32 am »
Like, when you say something, what are your favorite reactions from the idols.

I love the reaction the Futami twins sometimes give when you say good morning in English, they say "Suuuushiii, tempuuuuraaaa Sukiyaaaaakiiiii" in this hilarious way.

Welcome Center / Haldo!
« on: June 23, 2010, 12:21:56 am »
Hello, I'm ninjamitsuki. I make videos and stuff, but my account recently got suspended. Trying to file a counterclaim, so hopefully my channel will be back up soon.

Personal Info:

My real name I'd rather not give out, I'm a female from the United States and I'm 15 as of this post. Hobbies include making videos, Vocaloid, anime, video games, and of course, The Idolm@ster

Came across this site by googling "Idolm@ster wiki". Joined because I love The Idolm@ster. I have Live For You, but no Japanese 360 because it never came when I ordered it. I do however, have a PSP and two of the SP games, Wandering Star and Missing Moon, and I plan on getting Perfect Sun sometime in the near future. Favorite idols are Makoto in all of her reverse trap glory, Azusa and her angelic voice, the Futami twins and all of their cuteness, and Chihaya and her beautiful voice. I'm into The Idolm@ster SP right now, since I just got it a few days ago as of this post. As I said, I'm really into Vocaloid, I happen to own a few Vocaloids myself, besides Vocaloid and Idolm@ster songs though, I really love Gackt and L'arc~en~ciel, like all weeaboo fangirls. ^_^ I'm a rabid fangirl of Vash the Stampede from Trigun/Trigun Maximum. I'm honest to goodness in love with him, he's mai hasubando.

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