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General chatter / Art Software
« on: December 10, 2015, 08:26:53 pm »
This topic is for discussing art software, their features and how to use them.

Personally, I've been using Mischief for sketching. Since it's vector based, you can zoom all you want and it doesn't get pixelated; great for drawing little details. Some of Mishchief's brushes even blend without having to lift the stylus, so it mimics a real pencil better than other vector drawing apps I've tried. Also, the files it saves in its native format are tiny (but they can get big under certain circumstances). However it lacks some features, like a fill tool, and there is no smudging at all—so if you want a brushstroke to push around paint from previous brushstrokes then you'll have to find another app.

Has anyone tried Painter Essentials 5? How closely does it emulate real paint and brushes?

General chatter / Five Random Facts About Yourself
« on: April 01, 2015, 06:16:26 am »
On another forum (vocaloidotaku) there's a thread like this where people post five random facts about themselves and it gets some interesting responses, so I'll start a copy here on project-imas.

Here are five random facts about me:

1. I try to walk two miles on a treadmill every day, but since the beginning of this year random tasks have been popping up most days that prevent me from doing it.

2. In elementary school I won an award for having good handwriting but today my handwriting is awful. I can write neatly, but in order to do it I have to write slowly.

3. I love Japanese food but I can't order most of the items on the menu because I don't eat meat anymore.

4. I have myopia and 20/20 vision without glasses (my glasses do make distant objects appear a little clearer).

5. For breakfast I usually have the same three things: orange juice, cereal and yogurt. Sometimes I'll substitute oatmeal for the cereal.

General chatter / Stereoscopic Gallery
« on: February 03, 2015, 04:34:20 am »
stereo Miku by dyril, on Flickr

stereo Miku by dyril, on Flickr

Align the left and right images like you were doing a stereogram/Magic Eye, focus your eyes and the 3D image should appear. Try the smaller set of images if you have difficulty getting the medium set to align. I'm surprised that stereoscopic images like this aren't more popular. Sure they can only be so wide, otherwise they'd be impossible to align, but other than that, they're so cool! We already have a similar thread, but I wanted to make one that's not just for idolmaster. Feel free to post stereoscopic images or videos in this thread, imas related or not. I'd like to see images of the side by side variety (like the ones above) but don't let that stop you from posting stuff for 3D glasses, VR goggles or any other high tech gadgets out there.

By the way, is there a way to make stereoscopic photos without a special camera?

Edit: Note that I did not make the images above. Credit goes to the actual photographer.

Edit 2: Tips for viewing stereo photos:
To make these stereo images easier to see, try tilting your head a little when aligning them. This helps because one eye may be higher than the other.
For wider stereo images you have to sit back from your display; if you're too close the image will un-align.

The method used for Magic Eye images and narrow stereograms will not work for wider stereograms because the two sides of a wider stereogram are further apart than the distance between your eyes. So here are step by step instructions for looking at wider stereograms designed for wall-eyed viewing:
Looking at a stereogram normally, you see two images; left and right.
Move closer to your display until the stereogram splits into four images.
Once you see four images, move away from your display until the two center images align.
You should now see three images and the image in the center is the 3D image.

Tips for shooting stereo photos:
A special camera is not necessary.
Hold the camera up to your left eye, snap a photo, then hold the camera up to your right eye and snap a photo while centering the same subject.

An alternate method:
This method allows you to hold your camera at a greater distance from your face.
Shut your right eye, move your camera so that part of it obstructs the sight of an object in the center of your desired photo, twist your camera so the same object is centered in the camera's LCD, and snap a photo.
Then shut your left eye, move your camera so the same part of the camera obstructs the same object, twist your camera so that object is centered in the camera's LCD, and snap a photo.

General chatter / Shellshock flaw in Unix systems
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:15:57 pm »

This article explains the problem. Mac users should leave Remote Login off until Apple patches the flaw (or until you compile a patched version of Bash). Remote Login is in the Sharing pane of System Preferences. Patches for various Linux variants are already being pushed out.

I wonder what the fallout due to this flaw will be. Home computers won't be directly affected as much as servers that people access remotely.

General chatter / Your favorite animated films
« on: August 06, 2014, 05:44:38 am »
So what are your favorite animated films?

Here's my own list (in no particular order):
My Neighbor Totoro
Kiki's Delivery Service
Porco Rosso
Whisper of the Heart
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
Tin Toy
Jack-Jack Attack
Fantasia (1940)

I might've forgotten how good some animated films are, or forgotten them completely, so they were left off the list.

This is a thread that I ripped off of another forum. 0:)

General chatter / Vocaloid discussion!
« on: June 20, 2014, 05:04:52 pm »
Project-imas has been lacking this thread for years. Not anymore! ^-^

Anyway, I'll start off with some news. Did you know that Miku is coming back to the US in October? Los Angeles and New York City, to be specific. Tickets are still available for her concerts in both cities. More info here:

Community works / altuixde's learning to draw thread
« on: March 31, 2014, 07:14:13 am »
Since I posted in the advice thread asking for drawing tips, I figure I should share some of what I've drawn so far. This first post consists of attempts to copy four of Mark Crilley's drawings.

Actually, the hair on one of the drawings is different because I was running out of room. ^^

This last one is supposed to be shaded; I'll see if I can learn how to do that. And I messed up one of her earlobes. After scanning the shaded version, I'll edit that digitally. 0:)

Edit: Hopefully I'll be able to add original idolmaster fan art here eventually... otherwise this thread might be in the wrong subforum.

General chatter / Favorite idolmaster fan artists
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:59:54 am »
Right now my favorite is this artist: 【yae】 三日目ペ24b
Examples: 宣伝, アイマス落書き詰め合わせ2 ([2], [16]), アイマス落書き詰め合わせ4 ([17], [18], [25]), アイマス落書き詰め合わせ5 ([39]), アイマス落書き詰め合わせ6 ([7], [10]), アイマス落書き詰め合わせ7 ([3], [4], [5], [15], [17], [27]), アイマス落書き詰め合わせ8 ([12], [15], [18], [25]).

Runner up #1: たく
Examples: コミトレ21色紙まとめ② (all), アイマス落書き詰め合わせ③ ([4]), アイマス落書き詰め合わせ ([4], [8]).

Runner up #2: 日干だいず
Examples: おねがい, 響とパンダ春香, 冬の南風, 響ちゃんへ, 冬はこたつでみかんだよね.

I'm sure that there are some more great examples of these artists' work that I've omitted, but I only have time to list so many.

So who are your favorites?

That was a lot of work! ^^;

General chatter / Food!
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:03:41 pm »
I was lucky enough to get a Trader Joe's near where I live, and their produce is amazing! I bought some oranges and some strawberries and they were so sweet. Compared to the regular grocery store, it's like a night and day difference.

I'd take a picture of the strawberries too, but they're all gone. So how about you guys? Eat anything good lately?

General chatter / Japanese Phrases
« on: February 13, 2013, 06:14:18 am »
The French phrase "de rien" means "you're welcome" in English, but it could be more literally translated as "it's nothing." The Japanese phrase "dou itashi mashite" can be translated into English as "you're welcome" but is there a more literal translation?

Derived products, CD albums & anime / The Idolm@ster (Mana) manga
« on: December 23, 2012, 12:28:35 am »
MyAnimeList link

From what I've read so far, the authors seem to consider the personality of each of the characters as established by the games and the anime, and they're just putting the characters in new situations. I think that strategy can only work for so long. An exception is that, in this manga, Haruka has a crush on the producer; which, in my opinion, is out of character (my opinion, however, is somewhat uninformed because I've only watched videos of people playing the games; I haven't played them myself). I'd like to see new traits in everyone, but nothing OOC. It can be done: for example, we didn't know that Iori told ghost stories before the anime (right?), and that trait suited her perfectly.

That one complaint aside, it's nice to see more of what happened between the scenes in the anime. Also, why is it called Mana?

General chatter / Anime/Manga/Video_Game/Music Stores Around the World
« on: December 05, 2012, 02:25:32 pm »
Hey everyone. I'm going to be in Boston again for the next few days. I'm planning to visit the Tokyo Kid store. The phone number on their website isn't in service anymore. I hope the store's still open. Is there anywhere else I should go in the Boston area?

Feel free to use this thread for any city, not just Boston.

Edit: I had read this article, but since the store's site is still up I thought the store might've reopened. However, it looks like the latest blog entry (of which only the title "We're Back" remains) on that site is from before the article was written. :'(

Characters / Which idol has the best wave?
« on: September 24, 2012, 08:10:49 am »
You know how in the game the idols wave to the audience after a performance? Whose wave is your favorite? This is a double ballot poll.

I'll cast my votes later because I need to go to sleep; I'll re-watch everyone's waves in the morning.

Also, does Kotori have a wave? It's not shown in this video.

Derived products, CD albums & anime / Master Live 01 question
« on: June 08, 2012, 07:55:57 pm »
Who is Ami or Mami singing with on track 6 (Ohayou!! Asagohan REM@STER-A) of Master Live 01?

General chatter / 1000 members!
« on: May 12, 2012, 03:05:30 am »
We're about to hit 1000 members on this forum!  :D  What are everyone's thoughts on this milestone?

However, if you look at the profiles of people who have never posted, you'll find many spam accounts.  :(

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