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Title: 3rd Vision?
Post by: esdamibe12 on January 07, 2018, 04:06:02 pm
Hey guys, have you ever think about the third vision that might be comming? just analysing the release of Stella Stage, it was on short time notice after Platinium Stars, but also includes new mechanics not seen before from the previous main games. I was thinking, that Platinium Starts and Stella Stage might be a bridge to the third vision, but I have also my theory, I believe that there will be another game release on PS4 before we get the actual Third Vision, and I show you the reasons below of why do I think is like that.

Platinium Stars:

-Huge attempt to convert the main games into multiple lives plays, rewarding after lives and long duration game (like Starlight Stage or Theater Days), but also I must say, it was a failure from the reception point of view.
-Less strategy game and more rythm throught the whole gameplay (I remember perfectly to carefully think about what i am going to do for the 52 weeks given to produce, or to have a perfect auditions, stats to beat rivals, or even, stats to have a perfect MV, things that i do not think anymore)
-Not unique dresses anymore, and I believe is more related to the actual generation of im@s games, as you can see for Starlight Stage and Theater Days.
-Blue colored background on the image for the scoring (might be stupid, but you will see below why did I mention it)
-Vocal, Visual, Dance? what are those?, new stats as we know, Appeal, Burst and Omoide (Special and important wording since the arcade game)
-Way less communications, and way less interaction between idols (few times i can hear an idol calling other idol ;( )
-Only 6 DLCs, way less than any other main im@s game.
-Omoide level acquisition have been changed (this is comming from Im@s 2 and OFA, but the use of it is different and adjusted to notes of the song we are playing)
-Addition of medleys

Stella Stage:

-They might change some mechanics because of the reception of platinium stars.
-Pdrop taken out completely (thanks god)
-Items to raise idol and songs status were added to the store
-Dresses and accesories can be acquired by the store
-Money become more important (wont say money is hard to get, because since idolm@ster 2, it has been like that)
-Red colored background to the scoring image
-By now, only 6 DLCs have been announced, even thought is the first time on the im@s history that you are able to use the DLC contents from the previous game (Platinium Starts), making it a total of 12 DLCs by the moment (same as the firs im@s game for xbox)
-Introduccion of a rival from 961pro, even thought gameplay does not change from the live point of view, you dont fight against the rival meanwhile you are playing the live, like the ps3 generation games.
-Introduccion of idol status (tired or great condition, not sure if to say that this feature came back, because i do not feel is the same like in im@s 2 atleast)

The new game i say they might release:

-Yellow or green colored background (to complete the thrillogy before the 3rd vision game, like cute, cool and passion, or haruka, chihaya, and miki... :v)
-Another 6 DLCs, to complete the common number of catalogs (18) (3 games, 6 dlcs per each one (666), 12 at the second, and 18 to the last one)
-Adjusted gameplay to our most possible like from the reception of the previous games, so they take our most money from the third vision game :v (i am pretty sure they have been tracking us, lol)

This is one of my theories I have for the "before" of the third vision, what about you guys? also is there something you miss from the previous games? as for example, i miss more idol interaction, modifying who sings feature from L4U, being able to do two things per week, or doing a lesson without consuming weeks, and many other small things i can point out.
Title: Re: 3rd Vision?
Post by: SapphicSari on January 08, 2018, 05:13:18 pm
I think a third vision is likely. Maybe some of the other girls will get new hairstyles, like Ritsuko did. As for things I miss, definitely the remixed versions of songs from L4U. Especially Aoi Tori...REM@STER B, you were always the coolest song...I also miss the outfits having variations for each girl. Like Iori, Ami, and Azusa had clearly distinct outfits in Ryuuguu Komachi, but they were all clearly part of the same set. It adds an air of individuality to the outfits, which nowadays just have color variations for each girl if you're lucky.
Title: Re: 3rd Vision?
Post by: esdamibe12 on January 18, 2018, 03:13:28 pm
I do not believe they will want to mess with the hairstyle, as far as I remember, Azusa new haircut was hard for acceptance, but would be great if they put new haircuts as a head accesories. I was thinking also about the remixes, will be great if they release wiht a new upcoming game, so you feel you have to get until the some kind of Rank S live. The costume variation, not sure if they will go back to that, might depend on the sales of the DLCs costumes, and we know platinium stars did not made it very well.

Have you think also about the inclusion of game extension by DLC? like OFA? i mean, i am kind of bored now, do not know what else to do with the game.
Title: Re: 3rd Vision?
Post by: SapphicSari on January 20, 2018, 01:43:15 am
I do not believe they will want to mess with the hairstyle, as far as I remember, Azusa new haircut was hard for acceptance, but would be great if they put new haircuts as a head accesories.
That could work. Kind of how like in iM@S 2 and OFA, certain costumes gave Ritsuko her first vision braids. Or like how there was a bathing suit costume that gave some of the girls different hairstyles. Like Chihaya had a ponytail, Iori had twin tails, and Miki had a bun...