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THE iDOLM@STER SP (PSP) series / Re: Idolmaster Shiny Festa
« on: August 28, 2012, 03:13:50 am »
Well, what song is your favorite? Or what episode looks the most interesting?
(Or, which game has the most Hibiki?)
That is also part of why it's hard to decide, i don't really have a single favourite song and also the episodes don't really matter imo - in the end you would be able to find uploads on youtube or something lol. I'll probably end up with honey sound, because chihaya.

THE iDOLM@STER SP (PSP) series / Re: Idolmaster Shiny Festa
« on: August 23, 2012, 01:58:23 pm »
I'm still undecided on what to get... bandai namco just had to split my top 3 chihaya, miki and hibiki into 3 different games :(

TLwiki has apparently finished those 2 routes (although WS still has some misc. dialogue untranslated).
However the patcher is only compatible with PS so you need to do it the hard way with all their Perl scripts.

Welcome Center / Re: Hello everybody!
« on: August 21, 2012, 02:50:14 pm »
Hmm i always thought SP was basically a port of the X360. Personally i found it difficult to get good/perfect communications with her and you basically autolose tension on average because of stupid morning greetings >:(.

Regarding Xenoglossia i'm reserving my judgement for later, maybe when i get lots of spare time i'll take a look at it. Not going to write it off just because it's outlandish, Muv-Luv proved you can crossover high-school teenage girls into mecha and make epic win out of it.

Meanwhile I've picked up the first episode of the anime, and its looking good so far. I finally get to see producer's face lol.

Welcome Center / Re: Hello everybody!
« on: August 21, 2012, 07:20:57 am »
^ That picture is just so epically true. But that's what makes Chihaya fun to play with. E.g when i played Haruka and Makoto i would just randomly hit buttons without really caring. In fact i basically played the promotions with a half-troll mindset and they never went below the highest mood tier (the pink colour).

Xenoglossia is sort of the bastard child of Gundam and im@s, which is not that much of a surprise considering it was animated by Sunrise. It doesn't have the game CVs on board -- think about why that is the case...
It has nothing to do with the series except the character designs. Don't watch it.

Anyway, welcome to the site!
And they didn't even get the character designs right... For example, Yayoi's not a loli, Chihaya's breasts are larger, and Iori arguably looks even worse than in the rest of the first vision stuff.
There's a penguin.
It's Evangelion.
Now i'm even less sure what to think of it  ??? Penguins, giant mechas, non-dfc chihaya, wat. I guess i'll watch the 'normal' anime first.

Welcome Center / Re: Hello everybody!
« on: August 21, 2012, 03:26:28 am »
Ok, i'm interested enough to put im@s anime on my to-do list. Xenoglossia is a case of not-sure-if-want...

Welcome Center / Re: Hello everybody!
« on: August 20, 2012, 09:04:04 am »
Wow, so many fellow Chihaya fans :)

I rarely watch anime but after seeing all these comments i'm interested lol. Maybe i'll also get a better idea of the other idols as well. On the other hand i'm halfway in Katawa Shoujo, and also Chihaya's SP:MM route is just 2 scripts away from being fully translated on TLwiki (yay!). I think i will end up sinking a good number of hours trying to fulfil my personal goal: complete Chihaya's story without save/reloading (CHIHAYA SPIRAL MODE  >:(). To those who have watched it, how long is the anime? I imagine it's quite long, if it has to do justice to everyone's storylines.

Welcome Center / Hello everybody!
« on: August 19, 2012, 04:24:31 pm »
I've actually been lurking this forums trawling for gameplay tips for quite a while, but decided i've lurked enough so i created an account to say hi and participate in threads.

Real Name: Yu Zhun
Sex: Male
Country of Origin: Singapore
Age (upon joining): 20
Hobbies: Videogaming, reading


Q: How did you come across this site?
A: I came across the wiki searching the internet for im@s, and from there i found these forums. Why i joined is covered already.

Q: Do you play it?
A: Yes, SP Perfect Sun (Haruka, Makoto) and SP Missing Moon (Chihaya, Ritsuko). Considering picking up the DS version but the thought of having to play again in front of my pc constantly referring to japanese dictionaries is just @.@ Don't have an xbox/ps3 so no access to any of the other games for me :(

Q: Who is your fave idol?
A: Chihaya! Even though i played through her story with only a half-baked knowledge of Japanese, I got enough of the important parts (her personality, the main events, etc.) to understand what was going on. I also reloaded over 9000 saves because chihaya spiral effect is wtf, and each morning is like having a bomb thrown in your face and being forced to defuse it by cutting 1 random wire out of 3. That's probably part of her appeal to me though, having played many rpgs i always have a concept that the hardest to play characters are the most rewarding.

Q: Why is your username "<insert username here>"?
A: I am a Star Wars fan.

Q: What are you in to right now?
A: Gaming mostly, been concentrating on visual novels and also the occasional dota 2 game when my friends call me for it. Also camping for Chihaya's route to be fully translated on TLwiki, then i'll stuff the scripts in and enjoy the story in english.

Q: What is your motto?
A: Too lazy to have one. :P

Q: Who's your favorite singer(s) right now?
A: Vocaloid is my current area of interest, top 3 would be Miku, Gumi, Luka.

Q: What are you up to right now?
A: Posting this thread, while queueing for a dota 2 match.

Q: Do you have any expectations from this site?
A: I've lurked around for a while so i have a vague idea of how its like already. If there's any big thing i expect it would be the general lack of haters to be maintained, i haven't seen any flaming going on in all the threads i read so far.

And that's it for the introduction.

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