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Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: April 01, 2017, 11:39:56 am »
Please make both requests with subs and maximized volume of the audience. Thanks!

Unit: Raw Story

READY!! (St-02)
(Hibiki Haruka Miki Yukiho Ami)
(COO-58 Hd-135)

Unit: silver blue

edeN (St-01)
(Takane Azusa Chihaya)
(COO-53 Hd-002)

Kanji name: 西田由成
Romaji name: Yuna Nishida
Age: 19
Hair color: Black with red highlights
Eye color: Light brown
Image color: Blood red
Idol type: Passion
Image stat: Dance
Birthday: June 6
Birthplace: Shizuka
Seiyuu: Yoriko Nagata

Personality Traits: brave, risk taker, a lover of rock
Nicknames: Yuyu (ゆうゆう, by Aya and Sachiko), Yuna-chan (ゆうなちゃん, by the other idols)

Backstory: Yuna loved rock because her parents were in a rock band. When she said to them that she dreams to become a rock idol, they did not support her at first. She pursued them to support her and they did, prompting Yuna to apply for an opening in an idol agency. She bumps into Julia at a rock concert 2 months after. "This must be fun, right?" Julia shouts. "Of course!" Yuna answers. They decided to grab dinner together and went home. The next day, Yuna was looking in front of 946 Pro and saw an audition scheduled the next week. Julia suddenly approaches her and says, "Why don't you go inside? It'll be fun!"

Yuna has been to many rock concerts, including American rock bands such as Alice Cooper and Metallica.
She has a rock band with Julia named After the Stars are Born.
Her most hated genre is pop, but she still listens to it in a few occasions.

Kanji name: 福原生里夏
Romaji name: Irina Fukuhara
Age: 16
Hair color: Platinum blonde
Eye color: Light blue
Image color: Aqua blue
Idol type: Cool
Image stat: Visual
Birthday: May 26
Birthplace: Ontario
Seiyuu: Maaya Sakamoto

Personality Traits: calm, introverted, but later becomes more social
Nicknames: Irina-chan (イリーナちゃん, by the other idols), Iririn (イリリン, by Aya and Sachiko)

Backstory: Irina is born in Ontario to an American mother and a Japanese father. She grew up in Ontario, where her mother worked as a dentist. When she became 11, their family moved to Japan for good to help Irina and her siblings to learn Japanese. Surprisingly, she adapts greatly at her new environment and learned hiragana 3 months after they moved. She learned kanji at the age of 13, and began using it in her daily life. A day before her birthday, she saw posters of Asterisk and Ryuuguu Komachi and realized that she wants to be famous as they are. She meets Miku and Riina at a fan meeting event near her place. "H-hi! I'm Irina!" she stutters while they sign a poster. Miku was surprised. "Are you a fan, by chance-nya?" Miku asked. "Y-yes! I want to be like you!" Irina shouts and everyone looks at her. "Such devotion," Riina whispers and gives the poster back to Irina. She decides to look for a job opening in an idol agency and found 946. Miku finds her in front of the building and says: "You are going to dazzle! Just go inside and see for yourself!"

Irina has been a great fan of idols. She is a fan of AKB48 since she was still in Ontario.
She was used to pancakes and hamburgers everyday, letting her gain weight. When they moved to Japan, she decided to lose weight by eating a lot of ramen and dancing.
She is closer to Riina than Miku, because of their almost same names.

Kanji name: 田中幸子
Romaji name: Sachiko Tanaka
Age: 11
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Image color: Aqua blue
Idol type: Cute
Image stat: Dance
Birthday: March 21
Birthplace: Nagasaki
Seiyuu: Aki Toyosaki

Personality Traits: energetic, fun, jumping when excited
Nicknames: Sachin (さちん, by Aya and Aika), Sachiko-chan (さちこちゃん, by the other idols)

Backstory: Sachiko is a very energetic 11-year old. She's like Aya, but a more energetic one. However, at a young age, she has experienced tragedies. Her sister, Makiko, died of cancer, and her father left them for a new endeavor, only to find out that her father married another woman in another country. She decides to pursue Makiko's dream of being an idol. Aya applied on the same day as she did, and the two became instantly best friends. The twins, Ami and Mami Futami, were there to celebrate the idol agency's grand launch. With them is Azusa Miura, Chieri Ogata, Kanako Mimura and Anastasia. "Ami? Mami?" asks Anastasia, who is half-Russian. Azusa, meanwhile, is back on a diet and sees Aya and Sachiko's larger-than-life smiles. "My, my, those two girls are so cute!" she mutters and decides to go see them. "Hi there! I'm Sachiko Tanaka!" Sachiko introduces. Aya suddenly approaches them and shouts: "Are you Azusa Miura-san? The idol from 765 Pro?" "Huh? Wow! This is amazing!" Sachiko jumps in joy.

Sachiko has a habit of jumping when she is excited.
Her mother is expecting a child, of which Sachiko will be a sister. They believe it came from heaven, or God.
She is incredibly small, almost as tall as Anzu Futaba.

Oh. Sorry about that. I'll change that later.

Kanji name: 高月亜矢
Romaji name: Aya Takatsuki
Age: 11
Hair color: Chestnut brown
Eye color: Brown
Image color: Bright orange
Idol type: Cute
Image stat: Visual
Birthday: April 7
Birthplace: Saitama
Seiyuu: Madoka Yonezawa

Personality Traits: joyful (almost the same as Yayoi), curious
Nicknames: Ayacchi (あやち, by Aika and Sachiko), Aya-chan (あやちゃん, by the other idols)

Backstory: Aya is the youngest child in the Takatsuki household. She is Yayoi's niece living with them. She decided to pursue her dream of being like her older niece. Kazumi, Yayoi's sister, agrees and lets her live with them despite their poor life. Yayoi accompanies her to 946 Pro, and recommends her. She was warmly welcomed by the producer and their president. "Uu! Aya-chan will do her best!" Yayoi happily exclaims. "Hello there! I'm Aya Takatsuki, and I'm very pleased to work with you!"

Aya is almost identical to Yayoi, but is more childish than her niece, given that she is an 11-year old.
She also likes bean sprouts, much to the family's surprise.
She is best friends with Sachiko Tanaka because of their young ages.
Aya and Yayoi have the same surnames, but with different kanji. Yayoi's is read as 高槻, while Aya's surname is read as 高月.

Kanji name: 林千尋
Romaji name: Chihiro Hayashi
Age: 18
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Image color: Canary yellow
Idol type: Passion
Image stat: Dance
Birthday: September 18
Birthplace: Hiroshima
Seiyuu: Chika Fujito I wanted her voice to be a bit sadder

Personality Traits: responsible, laughs at almost anything
Nicknames: Chicchan (ちちゃん, by Aika), Chihiro-nee (千尋ねえ, by Aya and Sachiko), Chihiro-senpai (千尋先輩, by the other idols)

Backstory: Chihiro is an orphan. Abandoned by her mother, she grows up seclusively inside the orphanage, where she was beaten often by most of her fellow orphans. Now 18, she lives a life for herself looking for different jobs, even filthy ones such as a garbage collector, janitor and a waitress at a bar. The most terrifying thing she has ever experienced was being abused and raped while working as a waitress, traumatizing her. She decides to change her ways and sing her heart out at a karaoke bar until she was seen by Mika and Rika Jougasaki. "Wow, she's amazing!" Rika exclaims. "Let's go take a look, then," Mika says and goes inside where Chihiro was. "You know what, you could be an idol!" Mika told Chihiro. "I know an agency where they have idol offerings." They take her to 946 Pro and was immediately hired after Mika recommended her.

Due to her experiences, Chihiro has androphobia.
She is one of the descendants of those killed by the Hiroshima atomic bombing.
She is not picky about the food she eats, even eating those regarded by the other idols as filthy.
She hasn't told anyone about her experiences, but she opened up to Mika due to her trust and faith in her.

Kanji name: 赤嶺愛華
Romaji name: Aika Akamine
Age: 15
Hair color: Black with platinum ombre highlights
Eye color: Brown
Image color: Sapphire blue
Idol type: Cool
Image stat: Visual
Birthday: January 5
Birthplace: Hokkaido
Seiyuu: Aoi Yuki

Personality Traits: a bit shy, yet friendly person
Nicknames: Aika-nee (あいかねえ, by Aya and Sachiko), Aika-chan (あいかちゃん, by the other idols)

Backstory: Aika decides to apply for the current vacancies of the agency, as she believes that it is high time for her to show what she really is. She was met by the producer, and decides to take her as the first idol in the agency. Her parents argue almost everyday, causing her to run away from home and never to go back. She went homeless for a few months until Yukiho lets her in while raining hard outside. "Are you okay?" Yukiho asked. That time, Aika was shivering from the cold and desperately wants to go home. Unfortunately, she has no money in her pocket because someone had stolen her money. Luckily, Yukiho's clothes were fit enough for Aika, so she decides to stay with her. There, she also meets Makoto, Yukiho's best friend. After a few days, they decided to buy Aika some new clothes and saw the job opening of 946 Pro. "Why don't you apply? You're a perfect fit there!" Makoto encourages her. So, she decides to enter the agency with the help of Yukiho and Makoto.

Aika has a half-sister named Aina, which was her father's daughter from a previous marriage.
She hates salad.
After Yukiho and Makoto encouraged her to apply in 946, she decides that her goal will be to buy a new house for herself.

Yeah. I didn't finish it yesterday because I went to sleep.

Okay! Now it's time. Set in the universe of the original series, a new idol agency is established. 946Pro (pronounced as kyushiro) currently hires their first set of idols. Will the agency start successfully?

The story starts with Karina Natsuki as she tries to apply for a position.

Kanji name: 夏木香里奈
Romaji name: Karina Natsuki
Age: 17
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Bluish gray
Image color: Periwinkle
Idol type: Passion
Image stat: Vocal
Birthday: August 13
Birthplace: Kyoto
Seiyuu: Aya Hirano

Personality Traits: a fun, adventurous person; committed to work but becomes depressed when talking about her parents
Nicknames: Kari-chan (かりちゃん, by the other idols), Karikichi (かりきち, by Aya and Sachiko)

Backstory: She currently lives in Tokyo and is about to enter college. She loves to sing and paint nature. Her parents died in a car crash, leaving her alone. She wants to get over her sadness by singing. One day, she bumps into Kirari, Shiho and Haruka, making Shiho angry. "Don't you dare come here again!" she shouts. "Hey, hey, keep calm. She did not do it on purpose, okay?" Haruka says. "Nyowaaa~ Let's all be happy-happy!" Kirari happily exclaims. Haruka asks her name. "I'm Karina Natsuki," Karina answers. "Well, you have a good name," Shiho admits. They decide to eat lunch with her at 346 Pro's Cinderella Project room, where she meets the other idols with the Cinderella Project, including Mika Jougasaki, Kaede Takagaki and Frederica Miyamoto, and some of the 765 Pro girls (both in the original series and ML), including Konomi Baba, Julia, Mirai Kasuga, Chihaya Kisaragi, Iori Minase and Ritsuko Akizuki. The room somewhat reminds her of her parents, and she runs away.

Karina has Aphenphosmphobia, which is a fear of being close to someone. This explains why she ran away from the girls inside the Cinderella Project room.
She loves to eat kakigori, even in winter.
She lives alone in her house in Tokyo. She is often visited by Kirari and Haruka when they have free time.
Ironically, she is best friends with Shiho.

As of now, the page of the anime has its episode articles shown in red, meaning either we can't find it or we have to create it. The episodes on the original anime series' article page has its own articles.  For example:

Can't we do this for the Derem@s anime?

You could say that but htere are hits that she is back from hiatus or slowly starting to come back.
But most likely it is because side M has to stand up against other male idol games that dominate the market at the moment like Idolish7, marginal#4, tsukiuta and many more which got anime adaptations last/this year. It is more likely that the anime coming so soon is a marketing strategy to stay relevant inside this huge pool of male idols which have a pretty big fanbase.

Wow. But I really hope Risa, or Tane-chan, goes back. I loved her as Kaori in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, so...I'm excited!

General chatter / Re: Skype
« on: March 28, 2017, 04:13:15 pm »
Let's make a Project-iM@S chatroom! You know, like they did in that gaming website (did not remember what website it is). Then let's assign a moderator.

Platinum Stars video requests / Re: Platinum Stars Request Thread
« on: March 23, 2017, 03:20:59 pm »
I can wait. It's not like I'm rushing you. I'm very willing to wait. It's just I'm too excited 'cause I never get to play PS because I'm too poor. Ahehehe. I don't mind waiting anyway.

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