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Well, I decided (Well, it is a project of mine) to give the bluescreening a shot. I figured that someone else may ask, and it might prove to be a useful set of notes for those wanting to follow along.

The end result is here:

For those who don't know - it's a method of using algorithms (Edge + difference) after doing composite comparisons on several backgrounds in an attempt to remove the background. It's not perfect, but it leaves a lot less stuff to manually mask out.

For those who don't know me, I have about as much Japanese knowledge as I'd expect most people here to understand forensic accounting. Namely, next to none, so the only way I've managed is via trial and error.

Even though Javie is mostly in Japanese, the NukIM@S-3 addon is... mostly in english, oddly enough.

You can get it here.

Requirements for this are:

- Windows XP SP3  or better.
- A Nvidia or ATI card with either Catalyst 11.2 drivers, or GeForce 260.99 or better (Depending on what your graphics card is of course)
- Java version 5 or better

Things you might want on hand:
- Lots of time. It took me most of about 6 hours to get the demo done. Granted, I'm not a video editor and I imagine real ones will post less time.
- A good video editor program (Which you will need for one of the steps, and of course, processing afterwards)

Of course, being me, I try something that's clearly not on the 'For beginners list' for my first attempt.

The song is fairly simple. i...

Okay, bad jokes aside, the difficult part was in the setup, because I picked someone who sort of melds in blue screens (Azusa) and I picked a... mostly blue costume set, and I shot it exclusively at long range, making it very difficult to apply anything other than the basics.

That and I tried to make a uniformed blue screen setting over a 2:15 song, when in all fairness, I should have chopped it up and done a better job every time I should have changed the settings.

However it's a demo, not a production reel, and it's mostly a proof of concept.

In the process you will learn a lot of things, which you will care about when you start this.

1. You require at least two (up to 4) videos to attempt this masking method. You also want to keep around a couple of spares.

2. You'll need to make sure that each of the reels are IDENTICAL in their dance sequence. This sounds easy. It's not. Here's why:

- You'll discover that there are actually FIVE breeze settings. (two in each direction, and a neutral.) This isn't actually a bad thing, since it adds a little bit of variety. Thing is, if you're dealing with Miki's hair, you'll lose about half of it because her hair won't bloody well be in the right spots anymore.

This means you need to be VERY particular about the stages used. I'll be adding to the compendium general notes a breeze measurement now, because of this.

- You'll also discover that you'll need the lighting to be identical all the way through. It crosses off most of the indoor stages, which would have been useful. Once again, time to be particular folks.

- Did I mention the reels need to be the exact length and start at the exact same point and precision is basically queen here? If I didn't, I mean it. this is why you want a good video editting program, to prep your video. As well, don't try this with youtube rips, you WANT the true 59.94 frames that im@s outputs. (Then again if you're using youtube video to do serious video work, you should be clobbered on general principle.)

- You'll have better luck doing short spurts (not whole clips), and/or working closer up in the camera angle. Remember that you'll need to prevent the bounciness, and you probably (for sanity's sake) keep it to a single angle per run. You get better results if you're zoomed in (at Mid or close) but remember to keep the angles and any bounciness consistent.

Other than that, have fun.

Use the tutorial (slow it down and basically copy it. Yours will be in english, and they're in the same order as the Japanese version) and remember that the trick is the bits in red when you switch to the Difference + Edge (Filtered) Mode are the bits that will 'show up' in the blue screen.

I won't walk through all the steps (because the Japanese tutorial can probably demonstrate what you're gunning for better than I could describe in words) although remember to change your output to 'Result from Difference + Edge (Filtered) to  'stage X with unsharp mask' with X being the number you want to stop at.

And then of course, output the AVI with encoding settings your computer can hack. Just bear in mind that depending on your computer, you could be there a while with this...

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / The Stop Piracy Online Act and im@s requests/recording.
« on: November 17, 2011, 04:28:38 pm »
For those who missed it (or haven't been paying attention) here's a partial summary by those much smarter than I (Some who I pay significant amounts of money to consult) and just have you read it.

Now, why would we care? I mean this is an im@s request forum and it's hardly like we're going to go on a piracy spree-

Wait a second...

For those who want to wrangle the legal, they're free to try, but I'll sum up what will (and I'm not kidding, despite how sarastic I can carry myself) happen if (or when, it seems) the law passes:

No im@s requests will be permitted to be filled. I'm an Australian citizen, but considering that uh, Obama was just here yesterday and the Australian PM was kissing his feet, do I feel lucky enough to not get wrapped up and posted to the US?

For those who don't know, there's a 5 year federal prison attachment for anyone streaming copyrighted material over the internet without permission. No, you read it right the first time. On the bright side, I live in Australia, so the extradition proceedings could take quite a while at least, or at least enough time for me to pack up and run. For anyone in the US, no such luck

No, I could probably ask really, REALLY nicely for copyright permission, and it'd still take me 12 months or more to even get considered for such a legal waver. No bets if I could get a yes, either.

Furthermore youtube will most likely have to pull down all the video that's been distributed so far.

Any attempt to circumvent it will involve credit card companies pulling the plug on the site and more scarily from the interpetations I've read, on SPECIFIC USERS if necessary. I like mastercard processing my import payments, thank you very much.

Now, why would this matter to a Japanese game, with japanese companies, if we shift it offshore?

Because there is a little note which says that they are to target users OUTSIDE THE US explicitly. If anyone complains to someone in the US, they can do it. Now, guess who has im@s rights in the US? It's... Sony.

Essentially? Being outside the United States does not protect you - they will delist the site you're on (before you think about hosting your own place to run videos) from all DNS servers (ICANN is compelled to remove your registery listing) and well, go after you, and the ISP economically.

As well, 5 years federal prison is a lot of fun. Well, if you like dates in prison anyway.

Oh, and before I forget, if the action is done in error, it doesn't matter as long as they can prove sufficent belief they're doing the right thing. Well, to be precise, belief that there is copyright infringement on hand. They're not liable for any damage going forward.

Essentially, even Nico Nico Douga isn't protected much, unless NBGI EXPLICTLY gives them a waver in writing, and more to the point, that Sony in the US don't accidently put in an instruction regardless. You've got uh, 5 days to mount a defense and counterfile. You'll need to be fast, and there's a significant legal risk in this (Cause you may not win, obviously for one) and it's not cheap.

There's more to it, but I'll just reiterate - this is too important to go 'Eh it's politics' and just let it slide. Get involved, and get angry. It's not there yet, but well, it's going to be voted on in a couple of months.

If you DON'T do anything about it, I can pack my ball and go home and get binocculars and watch. I'm not sure about most other people though.

I can't emphasise how screwed up it is (and that's speaking from a perspective who's been in the IP law game for quite a while) and that the scenario isn't exactly the worst case. (Yep, there's further vulnerablities in the law in question, and the scenarios above are NOT the worst things you can in theory execute with it.*)

You're free to disbelieve, but well, if you're not willing to defend the right to watch im@s, I'm not sure what will get anyone going.

*For a quick summary for some of the REALLY fun stuff you can do that you probably shouldn't be able to, try this on for size - 10 guys, hooning with loudspeakers, playing Celine Dion music from the Titanic. Go to any political rally of your choice that you don't like. Then file IP infringement against EVERYONE WHO RECORDS the group, particularly if they're providing a live feed of it. 5 years federal prison and killing off any financial support. **

** And most likely sanity when people hear Titanic over and over again, but on the bright side, losing your sanity over Celine Dion is probably perferable compared to dealing with IP law.

Another set of requests, although nothing too big here - I just need a translation of the Jupiter costumes available.

I'm also looking for an idea on how to provide the screengrab for them - there's no preview for them, and I imagine at least for Jupiter (although for everyone else it'd just be a nice addition) previewing the costumes might prove useful.

Anyone got a good idea (or even better, a good time/setup or screenshot) which would be suitable for this?

If you haven't figured out the images I posted in the request thread by now, well, now you know. Sometimes the best way to ensure everyone does it right is... well, to make the tools to help them yourself.

That and I got tired of losing requests because a forum isn't really the best of places to track what's been done and what hasn't been done. I'm hoping that requests will be streamlined on both ends, where both requesters and request fillers can have an easier time at it.

I figured after long enough that I'd just bite the bullet and write the code myself, even though I'm actually a novice web programmer. Yes, I know that using php with a very expensive SQL server is unusual. You use what you have basically.

You can find images of the current prototype here:

This will eventually be attached onto a database, which I'll be maintaining myself.

- All logic for the Xbox 360 version of im@s2 has been written and confirmed working. Currently on Catalog 4 (last version of the compendium)

- All logic for the PS3 version of im@s2 has been written and confirmed working.
Currently on prebeta Catalog 1 (Not released yet)

- English Translation -> im@s Compendium shorthand AND longhand completed.

- First iteration online for online tests - If you want to make X360 requests, you can use it and it'll give you exactly what the other person needs to fill a request.

To do:
- Attach to database after all features work. It currently works as an online paper compendium.
- Login/Logout (I figure tracking who asked for what could be useful.)
- Save drafts of requests prior to submission.
- email notification when picked up by someone else.
- email notification of completion
- Full image insert for referencing
- RSS feed of completed requests.


- People to volunteer to try the initial system phase. You won't be able to submit requests, but you WILL be able to via a GUI (but at the moment, words only) create a request, and furthermore, get given the code to copy and paste. No errors ever again.

- If you want the compendium to be placed online for PS3 requests, I need someone who can confirm the first 16 spots of costume (in the grid ORDER - This is important) for all catergories and the first 28 slots on all 4 accessory slots.

This is so I can finalise the item order. I know what the items are and have screenshots (they're the X360 items) but the PS3 shuffles them around and I need to know exactly where each item is to confirm its order.

(Yes, I've been so busy coding and with work/life, I haven't played the game in two weeks. You can wait for me if you like, it just means that I don't fill any requests at all until I'm done 100%ing it.)

Anyone who is any good at HTML would be greatly appreciated, because I'd like to talk templates. (Currently all the HTML is generated depending on the scenario, but You can probably guess that it's very modular. Nothing like learning more efficent ways to code.)

Same goes for anyone with skill in Javascript -  I would like to change the images on the fly, and although I DO know how it  works, my javascript  manipulation skills are abysmal (mostly due the fact I suck at debugging.)

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / Request - Stage name translations - The idolm@ster 2
« on: October 27, 2011, 06:26:14 am »
I've looked over the im@s wiki, and it seems I can't seem to locate a list with all 34 stages translated.

If I'm not looking in the right spots, let me know, but if it hasn't happened, could I request someone provide them to me, in im@s2 order.

If anyone needs screenshots to translate it with, please let me know.

THE iDOLM@STER 2 / The idolm@ster 2 PS3 - Gravure for You Compendium
« on: October 10, 2011, 09:19:46 pm »
Opening this one up early, mostly because of the fact that well, I've considered it and well, after a lot of deliberation, I've decided I'm going to be supporting this, up to G4U volume 4. Did I mention dropping 20k yen a month was expensive?

In any case I suspect this will be a case of providing a basic requests framework as well as booking timeslots for shooting times. However, I will only be providing the framework for requests - I imagine a new thread will be made to put actual requests, but I'll be designing a codification system.

It will have to be kept seperate from the im@s 2 compendiums (both the Xbox 360 and the PS3) however, as the options change significantly. As well, the costume deployment order radically changes.

I am awaiting confirmation if they will allow costumes to be carried across between G4U costumes, although I don't expect the answer to be provided for a while. NBGI staff have been busy of late.

At this point, I am open to compendium construction and feedback, so if you want to provide format/design recommendations, now's your chance. This top post will be updated with suggestions and other usage notes as they come up.

However, there is no gurantee that it'll all be done of course - I'm only one person.

This post will be updated in due course.

iM@S 2 video requests / The idolm@ster - Live for You Compendium
« on: June 02, 2011, 08:17:03 am »
If you ever wondered how the im@s 2 compendium ever got constructed relatively quickly, well, let's put it this way - It's not the first time I've done this, and I learnt from my mistakes here first, back in 2009.

Current version:

Catalog 17, Version 1.01

(This is also the last version, unless someone would like to tell me what items I need to buy to get the ???? that are still outstanding)

Okay, I stand corrected - there's always an improvement to be made. I still need to figure out the missing ????s but song names have been changed back to the transliterated Japanese names.

Please note!
The compendium is a compressed file using the rar format, and needs to be uncompressed prior so you can access the folders inside for use. (Namely, decompress the folders to a folder on your hard drive before use.)

It is ALSO in TWO PARTS. You'll need both.

You will need to pick up a program to decompress rar files. There's a few available, I'll link one of each to start. There's others out there, just search for them.

Windows: Winrar  -

Mac OSX - UnrarX -, or you could try the Winrar beta.

... if you're using any other OS and need to ask this question, I'll clip you over the ear on principle. You should know better.

SPECIAL NOTE for im@s Live for You OWNERS filling requests codified:

You can cheat by counting the number from left to right,  (First item is 1, next is item 2, next is item 3) and going down to the next row to get 5, 6, 7, and so on.

For the Costume, you count the first code from left to right (01 is Cute and Girly, 02 is Cool and Sexy, 03 is Cosmic and Funny, 04 is Extend) and go from there.

If you end up counting and you hit a ??? - It means either you don't have the DLC item, or more likely, you're looking at a REALLY high number, and things got a bit wonky at that point. I'd check the compendium just to be sure (although for that to happen, you'd need to be at like 60+ for most, and at 80+ for the head accessory)

Stages are self explanitory really.

Current features:
- Costume preview for all items (Barring any I couldn't unlock)
- Song setup layout.
- Stage preview.
- Lyric layout
- Vocal and camera controls explained.

Read the Readme files, I guess but for a quick and dirty look:


Song Name
Char 1, Char 2, Char 3
Costume:    (Costume Catergory number) - (Costume Number)
Accessories:    (Part Catergory): (Part Number)
Stage: (Stage Number)
Additional notes:


Song - Char 1, Char 2, Char 3 (C sub#-item#) (A Hd-item# Bd-item# Ar-item# Lg-item#) (St stage#)
(Additional notes)

Use the compendium to fill in the numbers and the spots.

Note there's no such thing as im@s 2 notation for Live for you. They are always set Leader, Left, Right. (Well, you'd THINK that one'd be obvious but...)

Also please note in im@s Live for You that you CAN turn off all subtitles. Just to save some time, please remember to note if subtitles are to be left on, or to be taken off.

I never could figure out what I needed to purchase to get the missing items, although filling it would be low priority. If you know what they are, I'll attempt to fill them out through donations, well if I ever get any. :P

If you wish to request using this, see this thread:,1315.0.html

Update: 27 November 2011:

This edition of the compendium is now depreciated.
Please see:,1503.0.html for the new developments.
All focus will be allocated towards here. Thank you for your attention.

Update: 30 June 2011
Due to extensive damage on personal equipment used to maintain this as well as provide requests, updating of this Compendium has been shelved - No new revisions of the Compendium can be done for 3+ months unless someone wants to throw MS point codes my way to complete purchases, otherwise cover MSP costs, or is willing to assist in updating the compendium and has all the items in the Compendium to this point!.

Current version - Catalog 4 - Version 1.00

As well, it contains preview pictures (Although it's basically a compiled set of jpgs) if you want an idea of how it looks.

Because people have actually ASKED... Donations via Paypal

Click on the button if you wish to chip in towards various costs incurred, or you just want to leave a tip. This isn't a performance thing although it might help me get a couple of items faster.

There isn't an obligation, although sometimes I get suspicious if other people believe that I do owe them something - if anything it's for time spent working on it. I don't own any of the material, just spending time to compile and work on it to spec.


Catalog 4, 1.00

- Catalog 4 has been added. All available items are indexed.
- Catalog 3's Body-29 is now Body-31 in Catalog 4 - This is due to an NBGI decision to push the flag (Catalog 3's bonus item) down further in the list, instead of doing the smart thing (Like they did with Catalog 2's bonus item) and keep the position.

Catalog 3, 1.02

- Updated Stage to identify what stages allow for Quintet use and to provide further clarification with stages.
- Updated Song layout - Honey Heartbeat In Song 2 was redundant.
- Contact details updated to request title in corrispondence.

Catalog 3 - 1.01

- Clarified Character Notation with an example - Specifying the notation type is important. It is ONLY the text files that updated at this point.

Please note!
The compendium is a compressed file using the rar format, and needs to be uncompressed prior so you can access the folders inside for use. (Namely, decompress the folders to a folder on your hard drive before use.)

You will need to pick up a program to decompress rar files. There's a few available, I'll link one of each to start. There's others out there, just search for them.

Windows: Winrar  -

Mac OSX - UnrarX -, or you could try the Winrar beta.

... if you're using any other OS and need to ask this question, I'll clip you over the ear on principle. You should know better.

SPECIAL NOTE for im@s 2 OWNERS filling requests codified:

You can generally cheat (if you have all the regular items unlocked) by counting the number from left to right,  (First item is 1, next is item 2, next is item 3, last on the first row is item 4.) and going down to the next row.

For the Costume, you count the first code from left to right (01 is floral, 02 is Luxury, 03 is Starry, 04 is Extend) and go from there.

Remember that im@s 2 DOES NOT leave gaps for DLC items, so if it runs off the edge of the regular costumes and items (12 for costumes, 24 for accessories) you'd either need all the DLC items to code it correctly with this method, or you probably want the compendium to check.

Stages are static though, so if they say stage 31, they well, mean the stage listed as 31.


A couple of incidents just reminded me I need to get this finallised sooner than later. I may end up doing a program to automate most of it for my own use though.

First though, I'd need to develop the basic so consequently, a manual compendium. Some people have seen an earlier version I did initially, but that was a bit haphazard due to how DLC costumes are handled (They don't leave gaps anymore like L4U)

Current features:
- Costume preview for all items (barring note).
- Song setup layout.
- Stage preview.

How to use:

Read the Readme files, I guess but for a quick and dirty look:


Song Name
Char 1, Char 2, Char 3, Char 4, Char 5 (notation type)
Costume:    (Costume Catergory number) - (Costume Number)
Accessories:    (Part Catergory): (Part Number)
Stage: (Stage Number)
Additional notes:


Song - Char 1, Char 2, Char 3, Char 4, Char 5 (notation type) (C sub#-item#) (A Hd-item# Bd-item# Ar-item# Lg-item#) (St stage#)
(Additional notes)

Use the compendium to fill in the numbers.

Notes and a basic to-do list:

I AM missing a single item, and that's the hamster from Catalog 1 (Catalog 2 and 3 do not require email purchases. 1 does.) and it will be revised for each catalog.

Due to Catalog 4 costing a kidney, I do not know when the hamster will be added. If you wish to donate towards purchasing the card to add, please let me know.

I also need to name all the costumes and accessories but their numbers will do just fine for now. If someone else wants to modify it by adding names to all the costumes, let me know. I will credit you for the work (It's just a case of massive copy pasting, as long as you keep the number at the front, you'll be fine.)

There is also some consideration to adding in unique costume notes that have been discovered as footage has been shot. It will be added when time allows.

I've still to work on timing notes (Namely bursts, their lengths and special notes, special effects for stages and the like) but this should do for a start.

This'll be a long term project, and I've said that I'd do it for a while... Well, I better put up.

For most part, I'm either thinking of a program that will automaticallly script out im@s requests that can be sent as an attachment, or a database (with a web front end) which will also do analysis and matching services.

Admittedly, I'm tired of the guessing games (Not anyone's fault, but it's one of my quirks because I deal with requests at a level where they're specific down to the nth degree +1 and I get slightly annoyed when I guess wrong) so I figured I might as well start.

I can only write code in C# (making me bound to the .net platform and consequently Windows) and write SQL in MS SQL (although if anyone here is experience with other SQL services such as mySQL and the like, I could code to those databases if they knew the sorts of commands that can be fed and could write me up the search requirements for me to implement server side.)

Hosting will have to be provided by someone else, and it would have to be properly paid hosting due to the implementation requirements. (Namely, database installation, and .net framework deploy.)

To make it clear, until someone fills the ability to deploy a database, the first option WILL be the one worked on, and consequently any database required options (Basically nearly everything outside the core) will not be looked at due to technical deployment considerations.

I'll also warn that I'm not particularly good at it either, but no one else is going to do it, so...

So why am I putting this post up?

A few things:

1 - Outlining requirements (Namely, what has to be implemented and the like, in order of pirority)
2 - Help required
3 - Timelines and other notes.

1: Requirements

1.1 Has to provide a basic functional (emphhasis on basic, and functional) graphical interface to select and set up a request:


- Providing information on every song, character, costume, and stage, as well as provide a limited preview of setups (still image)

Not a total preview, simply because if we did, we'd have to take EVERY picture of every possible combination, and you'd have to pay people to seriously do that. If you're wondering about the math, you're looking at somewhere in the vicinity of (I'm guessing the numbers since I'm not done unlocking) (24*4 costumes) * (32 head) * (32 body) * (32 arm) * (32 leg) * (13 characters)

In short, that's a hell lot of combinations to take screenshots for, somewhere in the vicinity of a billion seperate combinations, give or take a bit. If you want to know exactly what it'd look like, go buy the game, console and recording equipment instead, it'd be faster, cheaper and more reliable than paying someone a dollar a day to do the shooting, even if you assumed that the 360 would take 4 weeks to ship, the game an extra 2, and it took you six months to save up for the kit :P


- Enforce rules set upon by the game engine (Currently this is 'Quintets are limited to certain songs, and certain stages', and only 1 dress, one head, one body, one arm and one leg accessory)

1.2 Has to be able to read a request and provide a readout to someone picking up the request:


- It must be clear exactly what item is being selected, highlighting the exact selection when examined.


Additional 1.1:


- Provide song lyrics and provide timings, and allow to indicate when certain actions (Burst, accident or appeal) are activated.


- Enforce appeal, accident and burst rules (Namely, times when appeals, accidents or a burst cannot be launched, and disallow bursts, accidents or appeals within 2 seconds (I think) of one being executed)

New 1.1


- Allow for additional special notes, such as encoding, upload requirements, or items not implemented yet.


- Carry a centralised database of pending requests, as well as notification of filled ones.

New 1.2


- Provide a way to 'match' a request after a request filler loads up a request file into the system to determine if they can fill a certain request.


- Flag requests as filled, with a link (of whatever sort you like really) to the completed request.


Additional 1.1


- Allow for camera angles to be specified - Which camera angle (far, mid, near, auto) as well as which character (and for mid and near, to specify which angle the camera is looking at said character) the camera should be focused on.

- Indicate starting positions of the idols on stage.

- Indicate in timing for each stage when stage effects are fired off (Concert screen change, fireworks, confetti and anything else I might have forgotten)

- Indicate what sort of accident or appeal is required (Single, duo, trio, quintet, as well as which type (There are several variations for vocal, dance and visual) and add timings for it)

- Full preview of items (Just adding it here because of completionist requirements. Good fricking luck getting this optional done, cause I'm not going to do it unless someone literally mailed me (and I mean postal mail, cause you're only talking terrabytes of data and I live in Australia, land of download rationing) all the screenshots catergorised correctly for implementation)

New 1.1


- Be able to identify how many people (if any) can (or have indicated they want to) fill a certain request that have registered to the system. It might make people think twice about requesting certain items or certain request lines if they realise people don't HAVE it yet, or if they don't want to fill said request.

This is a free service after all, at least until you start paying people by the hour to do the task (which is not illegal or even legally grey in itself because you're paying them to do the task, not the product. Paying for the task is legally clear, the product not so much.)


- Implement system for im@s L4U (I have my bible and can deploy it, surprisingly) and possiblly for im@s SP. (I don't know if we'd bother with DS or im@s 1 Xbox 360 or im@s Arcade. Anyone actually OWN an arcade machine anywhere, let alone record off it?)


- Allow for request removal. Sometimes people won't touch them, that's life.

- Indicate if a request is identical, and if so, provide a link to the exact request, filled. Killing double up. If you want a 'different' auto take, you probably have SOME idea what camera angles you didn't like, so you can make our lives easier and actually just tell us what anglles would be better.

New 1.2


- Allow a listing of available requests that can be fulfillled, making it easier to pick requests that the filler can actually do.

- Flag requests as in process - this should prevent doubling up.

2 -  Help required.

If you're programming inclined and can code in a .net language, we can split the work up, making it easier. I know it's cheating, but hey, it's not like anyone's PAYING us to do it yet. :P

If you're tolerant enough, you could teach me to program in something else (But for the record, I will REFUSE to do much Javascript work apart from AJAX. I draw the line there and will torch anyone who suggests javascript.) so I can work with you.

If we move to a web based design, if you can generate HTML templates, it'd be a good idea, simply cause I suck at making things pretty.

If you HAVE a copy of im@s 2 or SP and can't code there's a few things you can do to help:

- Screen shots! Lots of them! I don't have every item unlocked, and consequently, will be missing pictures to place for items. I can do them eventually, but if you can indicate where and the item, it'd speed things up.

- Translations as well as transcription. Sure, I could use the wiki to a point, but a bit of help would be nice. This is for everything (Stages as well as song lyrics and costumes), even the stuff that doesn't apparently matter. It DOES matter, you'd be surprised just how useful it is to know when exactly to launch an appeal.

3. Timelines

Until you start paying people for it, anyone who asks when features will be done will be directed to the next line, with NO EXCEPTIONS:

- A feature will be implemented when time permits by the person or people doing the work and has been tested to their satisfaction. No sooner, no later. We have lives, and this one's a freebie.

If you start paying proper wages (I'd say 20 an hour isn't a bad place to start) THEN we can start talking about deliverables on a set timeline, because then we'd start talking contracts. If proper payment is delivered, deliverables will be placed on a timeline, estimated accordingly and consequently can be nagged for.


Now, did I miss anything to add to the list, or overlook anything?

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