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I'm having trouble understanding the requirements for Step 4. Or more accurately, I think I'm reading it right, but the requirement strikes me as absurd. (They POST a confirmation to you via the post office?)

If anyone is in Japan at the moment, and is willing to help carry this out, please let me know (Not likely, but you know...)

The only thing I actually want is the ability to enter the last prize, which is the DLC code for the Mami/Ami Lawson Puppets. I was thinking two im@s green teas would be enough for a decent shot.

It's for very specific purposes, of course.

This is the permanent home stating the conditions which I will fill requests.

Read this if you want a request to be picked up by me.

Current roles: Designer - im@s: Live for you Compendium, im@s 2 Xbox 360/PS3 Compendium, im@s: One for All Compendium, Project Diva F 2nd Compendium.

Current request status:

For any OfA requests, please use this tool, and post in the correct forum. No other request forms or methods will be accepted.

For any im@s 2 requests, please use this tool, and post in the correct forum. No other request forms or methods will be accepted.

For any Project Diva F2nd requests, please use this tool, and either find the thread, or contact me directly. No other request methods will be accepted.

If you do choose to help out with the costs of the compendium or volunteer time to assist in its creation and maintenance, I will find some time to fill any requests you may have, as according to the schedule outlined later in this document (if donating) or by negotiation (For volunteer work).

Current items:

All items in the compendium are available for a request. The compendiums would not exist if I did not have the items to catalog them correctly.

Check the Compendium you wish to request from for specifics.

Request requirements:

- No request will be considered if they are not created using a compendium. I didn't go to all the trouble of designing and arranging deployment of the compendiums just so you can try take shots in the dark.

- No request will be considered if they are not posted in the correct thread for the games, unless you are intending to donate or have a prior agreement, in which case, I may directly field them.

Request filling schedule:


They will be picked up in 48 hours upon seeing payment and acknowledgement has been sent, and will be worked on at a pace of 5 a day until completed, with delivery provided a day after processing.

Special circumstances will be advised beforehand if the timeframe cannot be met.

If you donate and you have requests in the queue, I will track them and match them with the details given.

Costs if you wish to donate and get expedited:

- 2 US will expedite 1 request.

10% discount on the total if you wish to expedite 5-9 requests.
25% discount on the total if you wish to expedite 10-14 requests.
33% discount on the total if you wish to expedite 15 or more requests.

All donations are placed towards catalog purchases for compendium development, and consequently expanding availability of items.

Non donation requests:

General Queues:

Requests will be picked up as time allows. Any and ALL requests made will now have the file directly released - No Youtube videos will be uploaded, that will be the responsibility of the requester.

Once a request has been completed, a person who makes the request will be summarily ignored and skipped over until the requester (or someone who desires to do so on their behalf) uploads the video to a public domain for others to watch or proof that this cannot be done (eg Youtube copyright notice), and provides at the minimum the following in the video link:

- Name of video with song + members
- Short description with any notes
- The compendium code used to generate this request
- That the request was filled on the request thread by me and a link back to the project-im@s forum (
- A copyright acknowledgement that all material sourced from (The idolm@ster/The idolm@ster Live for you/The idolm@ster 2 X360/The idolm@ster 2 PS3/The idolm@ster: One for All, Pick the correct one!) and is property of NBGI, and the video is provided under fair use.

I also track how long people take to fill the conditions above.

If you fail to provide a link for other people to watch, without some sort of communication so we can sort things out, and you're beyond 60 days after the provision, I will not, short of either significant bribery or a very good explanation, entertain future requests from you.

Special request Queue:

Special request batches will be considered on a case by case basis, although it is strongly advised you talk to me about some sort of exchange (As I always require help with various tasks, and you will most likely be able to provide it) if you are unable to donate towards the cost of the catalogs directly.

OfA video requests / One for All - Other Permitted Threads
« on: May 15, 2014, 09:28:54 pm »
If you want to complain your request is being ignored, why not look at what you're asking and what you're offering in return... then think about the fact you're asking a person, not a robot?

You're free to be a jerk. All the request fillers are also free to ignore people like you too, if you choose to act that way. Your call.

Now that's out of the way...

The following are the threads that will be permitted to reside in this forum.

The main reason for this is simply one of scope - The forum is bigger than this thread, so you may want to go to a more appropriate location and post there.

1. Request Fillers can post their terms of filling requests as their own thread.

Some may do it for free, others may request something in exchange. Others will request all requests must be in a particular format, and some may note the items they have unlocked and/or own.

Others may announce they are not taking requests temporarily, others permanently.

For the convenience of those providing their time, they are free to open a thread where they can provide details they see necessary, then link it (via signature probably) for easy reference.

If you require me to lock any threads of this nature to prevent clutter, please PM me, and I will provide the service.

2. Video specific discussion. All discussion must relate to One for All.

im@s 2 video specific discussion has its own thread, at the im@s 2 requests forum. Keep it on topic thank you.

3. One for All video statistic discussion.

Same as 2 really.

4. One for All Compendium specific discussion.

Tech support issues can be asked here, as this is the support home of the compendium. However, only One for All's compendium will be supported here.

People not picking up your request is NOT a tech support issue with the compendium itself.

Thank you, and happy posting. Remember that the im@s forum has more than a video section, so join in the community!

This thread is new, because this is where I both acknowledge those who have been helpful enough to support the compendium build by helping out with its funds, or otherwise provide time to help with the development and preparation.

It also keeps an accounting system, to account for all the money spent for One for All's catalogs.

Prices will be kept in yen, however, the purchase date of PSN cards (or received date if the codes are provided directly) will be noted with each Catalog. You are then free to look up and see for yourself the pricing.

I strongly advise you sit down when you do the math though.

Currently donations made up roughly 12% of the compendium's catalog costs. The remainder is due to a person commissioning the rest of the costs.

Core Design, image provision, testing: Setsuna
UI Design, Coding, Hosting: Crisu

Last updated 1 May 2015




One unknown donator, please let me know if you want to be credited via email.

Other special thanks


- For helping me acquire a regional DLC release code. See,2092.0.html for details.

Current expenditures:

All DLC has been paid for to this point, due to a commissioned job.


The versioning reads:


x. Major version.
y. Catalog number
z. Incremental revision. This is used for bugfix releases, partial catalog releases or incrementals.

Donating helps pay for adding in additional catalogs. They're expensive, and the compendium cannot add items without having to buy them first. As well, all donators will get the opportunity to make requests through the system on a priority basis as a thank you.

The system changelog will be periodically posted here.

This thread will update with information concerning any Youtube (or any other streaming service like nico) placing copyright restrictions which prevent a request from being viewed.

Anyone who fills requests is free to put in reports of combinations (song/idol is enough) which are fully blocked by Youtube.

Anyone reporting please note it MUST be One for All. Im@s 2 has its own restrictions, and we don't know how specific it gets.

Current known restrictions:

M@STERPIECE - Linked to the movie
Hana Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~ - Probably due to the CD single release.

OfA video requests / One for All Specialised Request Thread
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:47:27 pm »
This is the thread that handles all specialised and non standard requests.

Currently the rules are:

1. Be sure that you're supposed to be posting in here.

If you want to watch something on youtube, the general requests are where you want to be. If you know you should be here (due to video restrictions, audio only, or you require specifics like camera angles, or you require reels for video work), double check first. Then triple check, then figure out the next point:

2. All requests posted here MUST include a nominated delivery supply method.

In short? If you're going to be asking for the moving of hundreds of megabytes of data from a filler to you, you better have a clue about how to get it over.

Any requests that FAIL this basic requirement will be removed.

If in doubt, ask before you post. It's not hard, it's just so that people asking know what they're in for and people filling your request know what your plan is.

2. There is a limit of one batch per person.

You can request as many videos as necessary. Remember though, the larger you make a single batch, the less likely someone can (or will) fill it.

Feel free to offer incentives. You're making them WORK for this, you know?

3. No reposts are permitted.

Same as the general thread. You're free to ask nicely, and you're even more free to offer bribes. However, people who fill requests are NOT your personal slaves, so don't treat them that way.

Thank you, and feel free to post.

OfA video requests / One for All General Request Thread
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:34:16 pm »
This is the thread for general requests for One for All.

Currently the Compendium is at 1.1.1 and can be found at

If you want to expand the compendium why not help cover the costs to develop the compendium further with additional catalogs?

Currently the rules are:

1. There is an upper limit of 3 requests outstanding per person.

2. Reposts are permitted 2 weeks after their first posting, unless you invoke rule 3 or 4.

3. Comply with any conditions of any request fillers, unless you want to withdraw a request. Just don't be surprised if no one else is inclined to pick up your request.

4. If a reason is cited for a request not being picked up, you will have to deal with the reasons before a repost is permitted. 
Sometimes it can be 'No one is available' or 'This request is outside what I can provide'.
Other times it may be 'There are certain conditions, and you must fill them first' or even 'You failed to complete the conditions previously, so I will decline to fill any requests from you'.

5. I strongly advise you behave like you expect people to treat you. If you don't, don't be surprised at the results.

Further rules and notes will be added and modified as we progress. Thank you for your attention.

Yes, the requests board has been in fact split. This notice has been written in advance of One for All's release.

I will however reiterate something that I said in the other notice:

The following rules apply above and beyond the rules that apply to this forum as a whole.

I'd strongly advise against a tl;dr approach here. Ignorance is no defense against the rules.

Got your attention? Good.

Check the Request Restrictions Thread BEFORE making a request!

Youtube may have a block on certain songs, due to the fact Sony have the rights to the Anime, and subsequent crossovers. Welcome to copyright, where NBGI isn't quite as restrictive as Sony is.

It will be updated as requests are filled and information is provided.

If a song is on this list, you MUST specify a different delivery method other than Youtube, and place it in the Specialised requests thread.

General rules for OfA's video request threads:

1. The One for All Compendium will only be updated as funds allow. In short? If you don't like the fact it is a catalog or more behind, consider that a single catalog costs more than OfA ITSELF.

Catalog 1 is 11010 yen. The game itself retailed for 7650 yen. You can do math, right?

Due to design restrictions, all catalogs must be picked up in ORDER, and will be updated in order.

Anyone even remotely considering a complaint is free to buy the game, and fill their requests themselves, then find out that the DLC is expensive. Or maybe... you can offer to help cover some of the costs. And I'm probably going to fill the requests you have (to a reasonable degree of course) if you do help out.

I'm not made of money, and unfortunately, PSN credit doesn't grow on trees.

2. Post in the correct thread.

This section handles ONLY OfA requests.

If you want im@s 2 requests (such as songs in their catalog not in OfA, go to the im@s 2 video requests forum and post there. It's designed for that, you know?)

- If you're just wanting to watch a particular setup, post in the general request thread.
- If you are making a batch request for M@D/AMV/Video work, or the request cannot be filled on youtube, post in the specialised request thread.

You are bound by the rules of the thread, and the first post will have any rules specific to them. Read them, understand them, and if I catch you breaking them, I'll refer you on, which may involve losing posting rights, among other things.

3. No particular person is obliged to fill in a request, nor over any expected timeframe. In short, people who fill requests are not obliged - feel free to bribe them with whatever you can come up with, but they're more than welcome to say 'no' if they don't want to do it.

They are also free to request payment for services rendered. The request filler will make that clear, and if you don't like the terms, you are free to ask someone else to fill the request.

If you call them a cheapskate, I might note you're not the one paying for the game, or the DLC, or their equipment, or even the time they have to spend recording and setting it up just for you.

My advice? Don't.


Thank you, and enjoy your stay at the forum.

I'm working on a couple of projects. Those who know will know what the projects are.

To everyone else, I'm not declaring them just yet, only because I don't want to be nagged about the completion of at least one of them until the thing's ready. The people who are working on them would like to be able to complete them in their own time, until you start paying them $50/hr to complete it on our time.

Unfortunately, as part of the projects, we use dropbox, because the members need to see, and add to files at both ends.

I've unfortunately run out of space, so I have to request people who:

a)don't have a dropbox account
b) have an email address which isn't linked to one
c) haven't installed it on their computer

who'd want to install dropbox.

The reason for this is every successful referral run adds 500MB space to the account.

I'd need at least 10 people to PM me emails and run through the process so I have enough room for the projects in question. Without it, work slows down significantly.

Before you ask, yes, the upgrade will only happen after a successful install, and yes, it does a 30 day check and revokes if you install and run, and yes, it does an IP check too. (It'll allow you +1 before they get suspicious).

Thank you in advance, if you choose to help out.

General chatter / I've seen stupid in my life but...
« on: May 01, 2014, 01:44:10 pm »
I don't generally talk about my non im@s hobbies here, but well sometimes some things are really that stupid. As in 'Do they like living past the end of this week?' stupid.

Read over this, and see if you can figure out what could possibly go wrong if they go ahead with it.

If you can figure the problems with the audit report and the recommendations, then you're well read.

If you haven't QUITE figured it out, this requires a little context.

And more importantly, this:

The minimum wage is now $622.20 a week, which is 56 per cent of average weekly earnings.

But the commission wants to cut the minimum wage to about $488.90 a week, which is 44 per cent of average weekly earnings.

It wants to phase the change in over 10 years.

Source: SMH

It sounds bad enough, telling all the people on minimum wage (there's a lot of them, about 4-6 mill in the country) that they have to take a 20% cut.

The thing is, that doesn't actually include inflation, which is (currently) at 2% a year.

So in short? They lose about 20% (it's 21.42% and a lot of fractions, if you want to be precise) of their earnings directly, and what they have left is eroded by 2% a year compounding for 10 years (which is roughly 25%, just say. I don't have the compound interest formula on me right now).

Or in laymen's terms, they'll have roughly half their buying power in real terms come 10 years time. All mandated by the government.

... Am I the only person who's thinking 'If they pass this, we're going to see a lynch mob knocking on the door of Parliament House the moment they figure out what's going to happen to them?'

I'm not entirely sure what their defense is going to be. I mean, we are talking about the lower classes, young people and working poor, who as a collective group generally pick violence as an option historically, and have collectively lost it over a LOT less.

Maybe our government is hoping they're all collectively stupid enough they won't figure out what that one thing is going to mean to them? I mean, it only takes five minutes and a calculator...

But yeah, I generally don't bring much up (as most of my work has always been im@s related) but sometimes you see something so frightfully scary you have to bring it up. If they go ahead with this, it'll be one for the record books, for a variety of reasons.

(I don't even object on it on any other basis other than 'I'm surprised that anyone hasn't pointed out to them that actually implementing this isn't just career suicide (because those people can and WILL vote you out) but literal suicide (Because when you lose -50% purchasing power and you're being paid not enough to cover all your expenses to begin with, prison time would probably be preferable considering that it's going to be a lot cheaper to live INSIDE a prison, than outside it!)

I'm looking for various people who would be available to assist in the cropping efforts for a project that is being worked on.

I can't promise the work will be particularly fun - it involves cropping a lot of images. And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT. All I can offer at this point is my gratitude, and probably some work in kind.

You will need to be able to work with .tga files for this one.

I also require someone to help to translate a whole bunch of things for me. This one should be easier, to some degree anyway.

No, it isn't directly related to another project, but this project needs to be completed before I can actually commence work with the other project due to technical requirements.

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions concerning this request.

Please either reply in thread, or PM me directly. Thank you.

I'm just going to leave this here, and have people consider this one way or the other.

This is what I've been thinking. You're free to debate what I've been thinking about it. All of the below is one reason I've been thinking about im@s request filling as a whole.

I've been considering if I should really do work towards the One for All Compendium and consequently the request service.

I know there'll be a significant request demand, mostly because of the fact that there's several features that weren't present in im@s 2, and I have a list of songs which will be present. (More contact work, I guess)

At the same time though...

a) The amount of hours I have to devote to this is quite immense. The fact the song only goes for about 2 minutes and 15 seconds is actually a very small part of the process.

Each video to record at high quality for me takes roughly an hour, end to end. (Half of that time is uploading said video, if you're curious. The other half is encoding it at very high quality.)

There's also the massive cataloging, the image preparation and other points. A lot of it can be reused from the im@s 2 compendium, but there's a LOT of work regardless.

To get it where the im@s compendium is at the moment took somewhere in the vicinity of about 70 hours for the base and for tweaks and updates, and at least 15 hours per catalog.

This includes testing time, determining shots, and a lot of other things.

If we assume that the process can be sped up for One for All, it reduces the coding part, but not the manual screen capturing and cropping process. So I'd reduce the hours required for the base to maybe 40, but the time for each catalog update to be the same.

It's actually a lot of work. It's also not a lot of fun, since I can name a few people who got burnt out helping me.

To be very honest, there's a cost premium on the time used, which I could be using towards writing in particular.

b) The amount of resources required to do requests is also immense. My net connection isn't usable during this period, and for the upload I get, I have to pay 100 AU a month to cover the costs. Encoding costs are done on a second machine, and this machine can't be used for other work during the encoding process as well.

Once again, there's a lot of opportunity and real costs (electricity comes to mind too, and I pay all my own bills) involved in offering the service.

c) It's bloody expensive to keep the compendium up to date. The compendium requires all the catalogs AND all their items to be purchased, to make them complete due to how Namco Bandai have this habit of hiding away items only after you buy EVERYTHING.

I'm tempted to run a check how many items in the catalogs for im@s 2 have been asked for, but I would hazard a guess and say roughly 70-80% of all the items in im@s 2 have shown up at least ONCE for a request.

If you're wondering, it cost roughly 1500 AU to get the game, and to make sure that the catalogs are available as they are released. It's not cheap.

Since I've got a significant cost to bear as it is (since I am now once again living on my own) I'm wondering if I can straight up afford to do this project.

d) There's been several personal circumstances that are going to significantly hinder the project both time wise and cost wise. Having half a face hurting like all hell is expensive to fix, among other things. I get to see a dentist, and that's going to cost me about a thousand all up, and I'm still paying moving costs from the move I made in late January.

The Bottom line: I can't afford to do it so easily compared to im@s 2, and it's taxing to constantly do it without any sort of ability to offset the costs.

Donating doesn't really help. I can certify I saw three donations the entire time during the im@s 2 run. I can name the people if I wanted to.

After the sheer amount of hours that I and a few others, like Crisu, who is also paying for webspace AND has provided significant amounts of coding hours to make it work, and several volunteers who spent time cropping images have put in, it's just... well, been used and that's how it is.

I also know given the amount of time required, that it'd be unlikely that we'll see that many people step up if no one else does it.

As for requesting, I know from experience that it gets piecemeal when it comes to requesting for accessories and the like, just due to the request stats. It makes me wonder if we'd see less variety in the videos being put out.

So what do I do? I don't know.

I'd argue that for at least im@s: One for All that at least minimum wage should be paid for labour costs, which in turn will get moved to the im@s: One for All fund to pay for catalog purchases.

I did the calculations, and assuming we take a paltry 5 minutes per video requested (It takes a lot longer than that, but we'll assume that the other costs are magically free), it amounts to roughly 2USD per video. (Minimum wage here is about 16 dollars an hour, 12 videos, then dock paypal fees.)

We can make arguments discounts for blocks of requests, but that's the math. Maybe those who help cover compendium costs can make requests in a priority queue, or something.

The other thing could simply be to restrict requests to the catalogs available, and they'll only be updated when funds become available, and limit maximum requests to a maximum of X amount a week.

Giving my current funding ability, and the history of im@s 2, I'm thinking we'll see the first catalog of im@s: One for All done... sometime in three years.

I'm certain that there'll be others to fill the gap, and if I'm REALLY lucky, someone else with a lot more resources than I currently have will just be able to take over the entire project as is, and I can just be a part time request filling service, dropping stuff here and there.

Do I really want to make a profit? Ha, considering how straight up expensive it is, I don't think I could possibly do it.

Would it be nice to see the community actually OWN the project and have it be more than one or two people's problems to bear? That'd be nice.

I spoke to a couple of friends who asked me about if I'd do a One for All Compendium, and they don't think that I'll get anywhere with writing this.

I don't know if they're right or not.

Thank you for reading this far, if you actually bothered. I know how big the tl;dr group is, and I don't expect most of them to make it here.

I expect by May, I will make a decision about it.

iM@S 2 video requests / Working on a Project Diva F request system
« on: March 15, 2013, 01:38:16 pm »
For most part, I've acquired a copy of Project Diva F PS3. It's the limited edition, and it's a gift from a friend of mine (actually, he just wanted the wallscroll and the keychain, and I got to keep the game) and I've been doing an initial look over the game.

After a bit of a lookover, the system's pretty much similar to the im@s 2 request system, with one positive change - unlike idolm@ster 2, the Divas are permitted to have different coordinations per character.

As you can guess, if I'm going to allow requests, I'm going to be driven insane unless we get a standard language to talk in.

I'm still thinking of it, so I'm going to poll you guys here, since I'm always up to something.

If I run Diva F, it means my im@s 2 support services drop. I'm already too busy to deal with im@s L4U stuff, so you can guess things could drop off if Diva F (And possible Dreamy Theatre 2 support) requests take off. I will most likely be handling specialist im@s2 services only if it gets really hectic.

Please leave your honest opinions here, and I'll evaluate it in the next while. The poll is open for 15 days, and I'll begin initial work on the game.

Please bear in mind that until I make a final decision, I won't be accepting Diva requests. After two years of relative sanity with im@s 2 requests, I'm not going back to the bad old days where we spent way too much time guessing, so if I was to take requests, I would have a formal method.

I would also like suggestions for possible places to set up, if this forum is really unsuitable for this next project.

iM@S 2 video requests / Green/Blue Screen idolm@ster 2 Xbox 360 service.
« on: December 05, 2012, 12:48:28 am »
I now can offer Blue/Green Screen options.

For a demonstration see:
For one that I've made, see:

This service will only be provided contingent on very specific conditions:

1. You are to acknowledge the creator of this method (tukushi1 on YouTube) in your video. (This is my condition, not his, by the way.)

2. You are to provide a link to the completed product in the thread after completion.

Not acknowledging me is fine (although I won't turn it down) because I'm only providing this as a unique proxy who can conduct this (and as far as I'm aware, the only person who is applying his techniques to provide this) but I won't tolerate not acknowledging him.

Failure to do either will result you barred from the thread, and most likely from this entire section.

I take lack of acknowledgement as downright plagiarism, and will treat it accordingly.

Now all that being said:

1. Please use the im@s compendium for this, but change the stage number to either Bl (for blue) or Gr (for green).

I may enforce a colour for convenience though, since it requires a bit of work for switching though. You guys get to argue over what colour's better though. I will not accept ANYTHING that isn't run through the compendium here. You're M@D creators, you very well know what you want, and damned if anyone here is making a mistake.

2. This is the ONLY thread that I will accept any of these modified codes.

I mean it. I won't consider requests from youtube or anywhere else, if your friends or colleagues or rivals catch wind of the service. You ARE to register and make your requests here, on the listed terms.

3. There is no limit to the requests that can be made at one time (only because I KNOW that you'll need a good number of them) but please remember that:

a) I'm the only person who's on this roster, and I unfortunately do have a life. I do other things than im@s, honest.

b)Iif you ask for a large stack of videos, that it'll take me a lot of time to produce them. For an idea, you're looking at about 5 minutes to record every clip, then 30 minutes to encode, and an hour to upload, on average, if there's no issues, or we'll just say a clean 1:30-2:00 each.

If you ask for 30 of them, well, that's only about 60 hours of work. You get the idea about what sort of delivery times you can expect with THAT.

4. Xbox 360 codes are the ONLY VALID codes.

This service cannot be provided on the PS3 (at least until such time as I GET a special PS3, anyway then see if I have any luck with the code). So if you want any of the new songs not on the Xbox 360 version, sorry, no luck. So don't even THINK of posting a PS3 code here.

5. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN FORM OF FILE TRANSPORT. YouTube requests will be REMOVED from this thread.

They will not be provided for YouTube for pretty obvious reasons (namely, if you're video editing YouTube files over a higher quality original, you're doing video editing wrong.) so a) don't ask, b) don't ask, and c) did I mention don't ask?

I'm not going to figure out uploading for you, considering I've already got my hands full trying to figure out everything else. (I have to manage the compendium, AND a special Xbox 360 project, and in I'm way over my head here as it is.)

- Mediafile do not allow split archives over 200mb anymore (so I can't rar multi split like I used to) so that is out as a transport option.

- Torrents may be viable, and may be, in fact, be your best bet.

If you're wanting to use a paid service, you'll get a LOT better mileage, since the expanded options are actually fairly useful. If you take the paid route, make sure the service you use has a drop section where I can throw the files in without needing the account username/password.

6. At this point in time, only Quintets will be provided with no effects/no subtitles.

Unfortunately, I've had no success with finding the reference to the trio/duo/solo setups for subtitles. You'll have to live with those for now, unless I talk to the creator of the method and find out how to remove subtitles for everything. He isn't obliged to give me a response.

7. The shadows on the ground are there to stay.

You can clean up a LITTLE bit, can't you?

8. If you need specific angles, please mention them as part of the request.

Default is auto camera, and I know you need the right shots, so please tell me what shots you want. Just bear in mind the note about time taken to produce video.

If you ask for 'all available angles' for a song + costume, please be aware of the following:

There is:

- 1 long shot for all idols.

- For every idol there is:

- 4 mid shot angles

- 4 close shot angles

So for a solo you would be asking for 9 videos.

For a duo, you'd be asking for 17 videos.

For a trio, you'd be asking for 25 videos.

For a quintet you'd be asking for 41 videos.

In short, you better be sure you know what you're asking for (and apply the 2 hour rule, and remember I'm not up every hour of the day, and remember every standard dispatch is 500MB/video. Or more accurately, I'm not going to do a quintet of 3 videos on all angles since I'd need over 240 actual HOURS to do this, short of you actually paying me for them, and knowing you will not receive delivery for over a MONTH.)

9. If you require specific delivery formats, please let me know up front.

If you do not specify a delivery format, it will be h.264 in 30000mbps in a .mp4 container. (Or basically, the closest I'll get before a standard SATA 2/3 hard drive decides to give up playing a video back in real time.)

If you require something else, please let me know, and we'll figure out what's best for you.

10. Failure to understand these rules will result in your request being rejected.

Failure to repeatedly understand these rules will result in you being banned from the thread. Any attempts to circumvent the conditions here repeatedly will have a nice meeting with the administrator, or with me closing down the service.

11. Bear in mind I only speak English, and I mangle that from time to time too. I however can understand babelfish/google translate, so if you're afraid of asking and you do not speak fluent English, just give it a try anyway.

I will add in other notes as I come across them.

If you have the tools to provide such a service, please let me know if you are interested in assisting with the provision of said service.

Thank you for your attention.

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