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We have a topic for games, anime and music, but no movies? C'mon! I know you watch them too.

Just got off the cinema? Or did you open your movie channel and watched an interesting movie you thought is worth sharing? Whatever the case is, this topic shall serve as an overall movies discussion.

You know the drill. Let's get cooking!


Right now, I've seen The Last Airbender. It's a pretty OK movie, though for those who were expecting a nice live-action adaptation and has yet to see it, you may wanna look away.

Other movies I saw on TV that I wanna mention:

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - Epic and funny. A good sequel to the already loved first movie.
My Sassy Girl - It's a simple love story, but I love it. Got me thinking of a lot of things. XD

Movies? Hmmm... I don't watch movies that much, games are more my style

Last thing I saw was... Oh! That moon series, the one involving wolves and vampires; boy that was so not worth it for me, one maybe because it has lots of love aspect while I like action more, and second because the female heroine is a total *censored*. I mean, make up your mind you stupid ass hottie!

The Last Airbender was pretty trashy.
Inception would be the thing.

Watched "The Texas chainsaw massacre" (Original) a couple of hours ago all i have to say is boring......

Cien Laguoire:
I saw Inception recently. Best movie I've seen this year. I actually suggested this movie to Taco, and he loved it.


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