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What Anime Are You Watching Now?

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Cien Laguoire:
Pretty much the same deal as last time. What anime are you currently watching?

Right now, I'm watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Damn good so far. :D

Wrapping up K-ON! right now. Might want to re-watch Xenoglossia...

watching hajime no ippo, god i love that anime
also some old school ones such as ashita no joe, etc.
finished k-on! hopefully theres a season 2! :K

I just finished Suzuka. I'm currently on School Rumble and Haruhi Season 2.

Trance Blossom:
Haruhi Season 2 - Annoying me right now. There is no plot progression in these episodes. You can divert to a limit, but this is ridiculous.

K-On - Fantastic, hope there's a season 2.

Clannad - I never got around to watching it until now. I really like it, it has a great mix of drama, comedy, and flickers of others in there.

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni - The anime is going really fast to cram in the four story arcs in a reasonable number of episodes, and they aren't showing the deaths to any reasonable extent :( I hope it improves. Also where the hell did they get the OP and ED, they're terrible.


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