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Author Topic: My imas poems  (Read 9102 times)


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Re: My imas poems
« Reply #45 on: March 06, 2010, 05:53:25 am »
always good to read a Blake steel poem.

  Like a bird in the sky I believe i can fly


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Re: My imas poems
« Reply #46 on: March 23, 2010, 04:24:20 am »
As I stare into the nocturnal sky,
I think about how I shall perform as the ultimate idol.
But I can only succeed as ultimate idol if I try,
So I must face headstrong like a bull if I want my dreams to become real.
Even with Kuroi’s insane lies and deception,
I must face the rival 765 idols with intense preparation.
Minase Iori, Hagiwara Yukiho, and the Futami twins may be tough to beat,
I know that in spite of this challenge I cannot accept defeat.
But with Kuroi’s lies,
I cannot any further stay by his side.
So without hesitation,
I leave 961 productions without grief or remorse.
With my new found freedom,
I can play and have fun with Yayoi and the Futami twins anytime without boredom.
I am Takane Shijou.
With my angelic singing voice,
One day I will become and idol of legend like the moon in the nocturnal sky.


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Re: My imas poems
« Reply #47 on: April 02, 2010, 11:26:01 pm »
This poem is dedicated to the birthday of a special someone with ribbons in her hair. XD

As I wake up to the morning sun,
I realize I’m running late so I got to run.
I put on my make up and ribbons in my hair,
Then dash out the door without a moment to spare.
I dash towards the 765 productions with a fury,
While falling down along the way.
When I arrive I beg the producer-san for forgiveness,
He understands and forgives my tardiness.
With a smile in my face I happily greet Chihaya-chan.
But she gives me no answer.
Later she turns around with a bright smile in her face,
I happily offer her my homemade ice cream as I feel my heart race.
She accepts my request and eats the ice cream,
I am as happy as a clown when I see the joy I brought to Chihaya-chan.
Even though Chihaya-chan has a hard life,
It warms my heart to see Chihaya-chan happy and full of life.
I am Haruka Amami,
With wonderful friends like Chihaya-Chan,
I cheerfully head out to the idol world doing the best I can.


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Re: My imas poems
« Reply #48 on: April 25, 2010, 06:09:22 pm »
Here is my latest im@s poem starring Chihaya Kisaragi.

Sitting in the graveyard,
I can’t help but agonize over how my life with my parents is hard.
The sound of my parents arguing,
Is like listening to a loud siren screaming.
My passion for singing,
It’s the only thing that makes my life worth living.
Though I’m not much for conversation,
The presence of Azusa-san and the producer makes me feel warm like a summer vacation.
Takatsuki-san’s and Haruka’s smiling faces,
They give me peace of mind and sense of happiness.
Oh how I wish I could be like Haruka and Takatsuki-san,
Happy and joyful like the kids in a playground.
As long as people like Azusa-san, Haruka, and Takatsuki-san around,
I will always find happiness in the 765 productions year round.
I am Chihaya Kisaragi,
With my beautiful and gifted singing voice,
I will fly high,
Like the blue bird in within the blue sky.


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Re: My imas poems
« Reply #49 on: September 22, 2010, 05:15:48 pm »
I know it's been a long time since I wrote any poems in the forum. Honestly I have been on a little Hiatus when it comes to writing poems. But I have been thinking about writing a couple of new poems for the boys of project Jupiter and the rival unit of Iori, Ami and Azusa. There is no timetable to when I will post them, but hopefully they will be posted soon.


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Re: My imas poems
« Reply #50 on: September 25, 2010, 07:22:17 pm »
My poetry for Project Jupiter and Ryuuguu Komachi is finally out.

961 productions is back from the grave!
This time the boys from project Jupiter have come to play!
With their fiery talent on stage,
they will take down all that stand in their way.
With their charming looks and talent,
They will steal the hearts of millions of fan girls across Japan.
It’s not to say project Jupiter can’t be beaten,
But they will prove to be the toughest idols to date.
With the stage set,
Their team work and talent will be put to the test.
When they take the stage,
They will brighten the stage like the stars in the sky with their combined talent, looks, and fury.

P.S: I still don’t approve of the Yukiho x Touma Pairing.

There is a new trio of idols in town,
Their names are Iori Minase, Azusa Miura, and Ami Futami,
Together they are known as the highly enchanting Ryuuguu Komachi.
Lead by their cunning and intelligent producer Akizuki Ritsuko,
They have been formed into a stunning and charming female trio.
Though they are all different personality wise,
They all have similar talent which attracts the eyes of millions of fans.
To the millions of fans around the world,
They are indeed a smoky thrill.
As long as the wonderful and enchanting Ryuuguu Komachi is around,
There will never be another  trio with as much talent and beauty that Iori, Ami and Azusa possess.