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Author Topic: Heattokun's brainstorming thread(Minecraft+RPGMaker)  (Read 1205 times)


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Heattokun's brainstorming thread(Minecraft+RPGMaker)
« on: July 28, 2014, 03:43:13 pm »
Alright,just a warning, I kinda go on a tangent with these sorts of things, so here goes.

(warning: i usually accidentally make a complete ass of myself when i go on these tangents. I admit.)

So. Minecraft and RPG maker. Do I make stuff in them? Yes. Do I know how to make a RPG Maker game? Ehh.. But a Minecraft Adventure map with Custom NPCs? Yes.

The thing is, I feel I'm not the best writer. I'll come up with something and kinda leave it unfinished. What do I mean? This example will go through for both of these examples:

"Okay, So heres a thought. We include quest line here and here,and we'll do dialogue for that"
"But then you gotta program the quest for both characters"
"Already did. One down."

^ And that's what it's like. Even if you don't necessarily Have Experience with RPG Maker XP/VX or Minecraft, that doesn't mean you still can't write. If this sort of thing interests you, drop a message here or in my PM box. If anything, if we manage to actually do something with this, and for some reason another person can't play it(No Minecraft account, Doesn't like RPGs, etc, etc.) then we can always have someone on the forum do a Let's Play.(Which in my experience I'm bad at making those too)

EDIT: Also,I forgot to mention: Why make a thread like this? Because I've seen bunches of threads like this already (Myself Included) that I feel have just gone nowhere. I have Higher hopes for this thread, and hopefully if we get some positive feedback we can actually move forward.
EDIT 2: It'd be a sick irony if this went nowhere.
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