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Author Topic: Why do you like your idol?  (Read 747 times)


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Why do you like your idol?
« on: February 20, 2021, 07:09:50 pm »
I saw this post and I wanted to reply, but considering the original was about 4+ years old, I thought better than to reopen it.
For me, my favorite idols are Hinata Kinoshita, and the Futami twins.
I like the energy and dynamic the two twins have together, and I think they're quite sweet, despite the reputation they have as pranksters. Their outfits in SP are probably the cutest ones in my opinion, and they just remind me of myself as a kid, especially Mami. My friend likes them too, so I like to post videos of Ami performing at lives whenever they're in a bad mood, and we just bond over liking the two of them having fun together.
For Hinata, I like her solo song, and her overall character. I think she's somewhat naive, like myself, and I think she pulls off the "apple idol" motif very well - her design is very early 2000s moe, and I'm quite fond of it. The first card I pulled in Mirishita was her initial SSR, where she's collecting apples in the forest in the unidolized art.
Besides these girls, I also like Haruka and Hibiki. I like Haruka because I'm always a fan of the generic "main heroine" girls. I think Haruka is very funny, and the two bows on her head are a charming part of her design that help her to stand out. Her VA, Eriko Nakamura, gives her voice many layers, while still maintaining her happy, positive feeling. For Hibiki, I like that she's an islander - since my family is from the islands - and that she has so many pets! Her fangs are very cute, and overall I like her IM@S SP rendition the best.


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Re: Why do you like your idol?
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2021, 11:21:29 pm »
Iori is my favorite idol simply because I think regardless of how crude she may be at times, deep down she cares a lot about others. She doesn't let her privilege get in the way of making friends, much like her relationship with Yayoi. I think their relationship is important to the series and Iori's character development in general. Although she may be a bit narrow-minded, through and through she will always do the right thing in the end!