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Author Topic: Platinum Stars Patch Code Creation Tool  (Read 7017 times)


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Platinum Stars Patch Code Creation Tool
« on: December 02, 2019, 12:00:02 am »
A couple of JP players have worked together to create a utility for applying patch codes to Platinum Stars. Anyone who plays Platinum stars for completing the game or even unlocking all the costumes knows the frustration of the extreme randomness of drops in the game. A huge challenge to create patch codes is that almost no 2 player's save data share the same format since the actions they perform in game or even having DLC can change the formatting of where data of items and stats for characters are located. The Patch Code Creation Tools is able to uniquely determine the locations of important areas we want to modify so that you can properly apply your own patch codes without resorting to excessive trial and error and searching.

Prerequisites for using the tool
You will need a PS4 save file editor. As of now, Cyber Gadget PS4 editor is no longer being serviced or maintained, so Save Wizard will be the best alternative that I know of at the moment. You will need to get Save Wizard's PS4 Max license ($60 USD) since the method we will be doing heavily relies on its Advanced Mode features.

You will also need to down the zip file attached that contains the utility itself.

How to use the Code Creation Tool
  • Back up your Platinum Stars save data. This can be done in two ways:
    • by uploading it to the PSN cloud.
    • by copying it to your USB drive and placing the save file contents somewhere outside of the PS4 folder.
  • Open the Save Wizard and find your Idolmaster Platinum Stars Save. Double click on The Idolm@ster Platinum Stars to show your game save.
  • Right click on your save file and click on the option to go to Advanced Mode
  • Click on the icon shown in the SaveWizardAdvancedModeExport.png to export your raw save data. Do not change the name of the saved file and keep it as param_0.dat!
  • Close Advanced Mode since you no longer need to use it.
  • Open the Platinum Stars Patch Code Creation Tool (imas_ps4_pcode_110.exe)
  • Click on the top left button to open the param_0.dat file you just exported. You now have a list of patch codes you can use specific to your save data!
  • The left side shows the available codes you can use. The codes from top to bottom are:
    • Stats of all characters set to 999
    • Almost all items set to 99. For items that different magnitudes such as the S/M/L items, only the L items will be modified. You can also change the 63 at the end of each line to FF (255 items) in case you find yourself burning through items way too quickly. The game will recognize you have more than 100 of that item, but will not display the hundreds digit since players will typically never have that many of any item.
    • Chocolates for all 14 idols (including Kotori) set to 99. Again, you can set the 63 at the end of each line to a higher 2 digit value such as FF if needed.
    • Present drop modification codes. This will be discussed in a different section since modifying presents has its own set of specific instructions that must be followed.
  • Go back to Save Wizard and locate your save data again. This time you can right click on your save data and select the option to navigate to Quick Mode.
  • Right click on the row param_0\.dat and select the option to Add cheat.
  • You can now copy and paste codes from the Code Creation Tool to the Save Wizard. It is a good idea to create a new cheat for each cheat you want to apply to keep your list organized and to not reach the limit of how much code text you can shove into a single cheat.
  • Once you are done applying all your codes to the Save Wizard, you can check them all and press Apply to modify your save data.
  • Copy the modified save data back to your PS4 and the changes should take effect once the file is loaded!

Modifying live drops
Drops are determined the moment you start a live show which means you cannot make edits during the idols' downtime or live intermissions because the game will generate new values once the song actually starts. Luckily the game autosaves during the beginning of a live performance in case something happens or you try to rage quit. We will be using that save to modify our drops. You can also modify drops to unlock accessories and costumes from DL Lives and funny enough, you can actually modify these drops to earn DL Live items outside of DL Lives and regular items in DL Lives.

Follow these steps to modify your drops.

  • In your Idolm@sters Platinum Stars game, start a live performance.
  • Once you see notes drop, immediately close the game.
  • Follow steps 1-7 in the previous section to get the most relevant version of your param_0.dat file loaded into the Code Creation Tool.
  • Once the list of patch codes are generated, scroll down to the bottom where the Present drop modification codes are
  • Copy code [1] as a new cheat into the Save Wizard's Quick Mode similar to steps 9-11 in the previous section. This code dictates how many presents you will receive. Change the 1 at the very end of the code to a reasonable value you would like to have as present drops. We will ignore the rest of the codes because they are useless and are mostly aesthetic.
  • You now need to define each present drop using the right side of the window. Almost every field is useless except for the following:
    • The 3rd drop-down box that determines whether a present contains a 衣装 (costume) or アクセサリ (accessory).
    • The 4th drop-down box that lets you select exactly what costume or accessory is contained in the present.
    • The input field in between the drop-down boxes and the bottom right area where our resulting code will be generated. This field tells us which present is being modified. A value of 1 means we are modifying the first present, a value of 2 means we are modifying the second present, and so on. We will not need to actually modify this field since the tool does it for us by automatically adding 1, but you should know what this field does for verifying your generated code.
  • Once you have selected what costume or accessory you want for a present box, press the button on the right with the down arrows to generate the resulting code.
  • Copy this code and create a new cheat in the Save Wizard where you will paste the code.
  • Repeat this step for every single drop until you have accounted for the number for drops you originally modified in step 5.
  • Once you are done applying all your codes to the Save Wizard, you can check them all and press Apply to modify your save data.
  • Copy the modified save data back to your PS4 and load your game. Once you clear the live performance, you should see your modified drops come in!

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