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I'm in grind hell, trying to get enough fans for S Rank Ritsuko and I only have 4 million.
So far, I've been using the Honey Sound live which give 13k and occasionally doing the Lvl 3 Publicity work but I'm curious if there is a better method.
I don't have any DL lives, any suggestions?

If i remember correctly my method of choice was doing some live that gives a lot of money, and then use that money to do the dice rolling minigame. There is some way to get a 10% fan bonus on that as well, so a promotion should yield you 110k fans. Unfortunately it's a horrible grind fest.

Here is what i wrote in another thread on the topic:
Personally i farmed the RE:whatever quintet live, it gives a lot of fans and also a lot of money. The costume you get from the solo live after getting Iori to S rank is perfect for farming that live btw, since the image and type match, and it has a 30% money bonus, so the live yields over 19k.

Ah, sounds good! I just got the S Rank cosmic costume that gives 2 extra memory appeals so I'll start using lives for money and use the costume for the publicity work.
I'm not sure what quintet live your referencing, the only quintet lives I have are in rank B & A. Is the quintet live your mentioning a holiday live or a DL live?

It's probably an S rank live, so it doesn't help you to get your first character to S rank. But iirc there are some one time lives (i think in combination with DL lives, but not the actually hard ones, the ones i mean are rather easy) that give a ton of fans. They can help you a lot to get your first girl to S rank.


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