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Author Topic: Platinum Stars Patch Codes (fu scamco too)  (Read 1195 times)


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Platinum Stars Patch Codes (fu scamco too)
« on: August 26, 2018, 09:16:57 pm »
After playing Stella Stage, I decided to come back to this game with the goal of making the game more enjoyable and dealing with the major ("endgame") gripes from this game.
I've been on and off this game for years now and I decided to buy the ps4 save editor that has been floating around the internet and see how well it works with the game. It does come with some premade codes, but it only has money and exp which mean very little to this game at all, so I have to dig through the data in my save files to produce my own codes. I will be updating this every once in a while, so this is by no means complete.

Some of you who are familiar with cheat engines and save editors can figure this stuff out pretty quickly. For those who are having issues, their documentation is decent and can be put into google translate. While some people may complain that 60 bucks isn't worth it when people have made these tools for free use in the past, it's still cheaper than sinking money into DLC boosts and I have no time to wait on somebody to release it.

Cyber Gadget PS4 save editor -

Without further ado, here are the codes I have so far:

Item Codes
000360e0 000000XX - Bronze tickets
00035f74 000000XX - Silver tickets
00035ea4 000000XX - Gold tickets
000354b0 000000XX - Pikateka Sheets
0003110c 000000XX - Music Magazine (We Note)
000356ec 000000XX - Omoide Aroma L
00035858 000000XX - Burst Cookie L

* Replace the XX with hexadecimal values of how many tickets you want. I haven't been able to go above FF (255) and the game will not display the hundreds digit even if you have more than 99 of that item.

Hopefully, this will give others some closure to this game so we can put our time and money to better things (like the mobile games). If you are interest but are not confident in your tech skills or still have trouble picking up patch codes and save I will be able to help you get started. By producing a lot of the codes myself, I'm hoping to eliminate all the complicated dirty work that goes in between
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