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CV Magpantay:
So I recently finished all episode 1st of the 13 idols (Last one is Iori which took me forever due to her random activation and problematic ex 3 but was able to finish by bursting as soon as the r1 button appeared and using all memories after the 2nd burst letting me burst one more time before the end) and recently found out that the max memories for a solo Idol is 5 with Yayoi which is funny as she beat my 1st idol into getting there. Also found that each completion of ex episode gives you a new set of Rank S skill as Chihaya's Level 4 Burst was not on my skill board before I beat her 2nd EX episode and producer Level is still going up even when I have a level 37 producer so I have a few questions now.

1. I saw rival idols also have 5 memories so it must be the max, but is is possible to go to 6 max memories for one idol?

2. Do I get anything out of the Fest, Audi and Live at the tab where the ex episodes are like say new other idol songs? If so then what of those should I do? A3 fest? Also some has 1 so I guess there will be a new one once I finish it like the ex episode with some choice that does not affect the memory gain before and after the battle?

3. Fore the amulets, i read some of it increases exp while another something else so can anyone tell me what each amulet does and if possible, put a pic besides the amulet's effect?

4. Found out that your leader gives you a gift post season 4 week 4 for the Christmas Event and season 4 post week 10 for Valentine event but it seems the later can be done twice. Is this true?

1. Technically rivals aren't limited to 5, EX3 Leon has 15(!) iirc. But yes, 5 is the max you can have per character without regenerating them with Azusa's burst skill.
2. The only events that give song rewards are Allstar Lives and EX1-3. Rank ups give skill points and unlock more of the skill tree.
3. The amulet effects are straightforward, they increase fans, money, or EXP gains. The pandas increase fan gain, the cats increase money, and the birds increase EXP gain. There's three versions of each: small, medium, and large (they line up in that order if you have subsequent versions).
4. I've never bothered trying to get all of the gifts from events, so I don't know.

CV Magpantay:
Thanks for the response so...

1. Leon can have 15 memories huh? But that is when you fight her with a Trio so it'll be a LOT easier there as I can use my gold songs that i can easily perfect. Plus, I saw a vid that even though she got full stats the player easily defeated her by burst counter then do so again when she counters the players counter. But, i guess them timing is key as each side will have 15 memories to use.

2. So you don't unlock for example Miku's song for S4U after beating her in one of those dlcs? (She is there right as I have the full dlc and have not seen her song in the other idol song list for S4U)

3. I see, so all the mics increase Exp? Also if i say used the small, mid and large exp amulet gain, will the effects stack? Come to think of it, Will Takane and Ami's burst which is basically the same (Increase voltage gain when doing a perfect burst) stack? Also, from my observation Takane increases the voltage faster than Ami. Is that right?

4. I see, guess I'll check that Valentine event on my next season 4, hopefully, I don't have to worry about seasonal goals anymore at that time as I already have a level 38 producer rank before starting season 2 and am hoping the max is 40. (Is it?)

1. No, it's the final 1v1 at the end of EX3. All of the EX episodes are solos, so you have a max of 5 memory appeals to her 15. Also you're forced into using solo costume+song, not like you wouldn't want to use them anyway, since they're both required for ultimate burst.
2. DLC songs unlock directly after purchase/download. I think Ultimate Eyes (Leon's EX3 song) is the only exception, you need to complete EX3-4 with at least one character for it to unlock for S4U.
3. You cannot stack amulet effects, only 1 amulet can be active at a time.

CV Magpantay:
1. Wow! That's gonna be hard then! She can appeal 3x more than your idol. I wonder how you can win that! Guess I'll find out after getting all 13 idol's episode 2 exs done then with Chihaya. Guess I will also need to get Chihaya to S2 huh?

2. What about Miku? I saw her in a pv of the 1st catalog I think and I don't see her song when I 1st checked the other idol's songs in S4U. Isn't she one of the rivals in the dlc festivals?

3. Well, that blows. So only the 1st effect gets used, or is it the highest even if you use the low mid and high effects? What about Ami and Takane's burst? Will those stack if I use duo or trio burst?


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