Is there any site here for ex episode contact/commu?

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CV Magpantay:
I want to ask as I'm having problems on what to touch after doing Chihaya's 1st ex in her 2nd episode dlc. Can anyone help me with at least that?

For One For All.... not that i know of, but even when you have the information what you are supposed to do, those touching events are so finnicky that you often won't do the right thing anyway (i remember a scene with Miki at the harbor that was a huge pain, or a scene in Stella Stage with Haruka, or maybe Azusa, where i was supposed to wipe tears of their eyes). i suggest you just accept the non-perfect-communication, you don't lose anything a few extra lives won't get you anyway.

CV Magpantay:
I see, well the Miki harbor one I found the perfect way by pressing and holding the button on her right hand hair and moving it up and down. Then when will Chihaya get another contact? Is it after doing the last ex for episode 2 exs? If so then I guess I can try waiting until I get there to try that contact. (The contact remains there if you don't do it right? Speaking of witch, Do you unlock all Rank S skills after getting rank s3 or will there be more rank s skills after getting to rank s2? Sorry again for the questions and thanks as well for the help. Once i get my orders from Lazada I might start uploading vids for this game.

What i mean is: apart from the different dialog, all you get for the correct "answer" is that the "heart meter" is filled more, but you can also fill the hearts by just using the idol on stage. That's why it doesn't matter that much if you get a perfect communication or not.

You will unlock more skills as you complete more of the rank up events that come with the ex episodes. Be warned though, some of the events in EX episode 2 and 3 will be tough, even at max level, and you'll most probably need at least 4 hearts to beat them.

CV Magpantay:
I know that but i had done so up to this point so i wanted to keep doing so. I might just not do so until I need to. By the way, the max memory for an idol is 5 right?

So no new skills will appear after I get s2? And no worries as I have all but Iori at 4 memories thus my problem with her ex 3 episode 1. By the way, i have discovered the Christmas event after season 4 week 4 and Valentine event after at the same season after week 10. Is there more and is there an all star live to appear after completing rank S3 like say S2?


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