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CV Magpantay:
As stated in the title, I wanted to know which song is easy and which is hard. As difficulty is subjective to certain people, I'll give some examples of songs I find easy for myself. Those are Futari no Kioku, Nanairo Button, Dream, Masterpiece and Watashi-tachi. If also possible , and I would very much be thankful, the lsit of which idol's solo dlc song is easy or hard. I found haruka's solo song to be easy while Ritsuko gave me some problems and finally, the hardest one I encountered is Takane's solo song so here is to hoping anyone of you can help me with this, especially with the Solo DLC songs.

Since we are talking about One For All, it isn't really a rhythm game, so the only thing that's different between songs is the speed, the BPM (beats per minute). I'm not sure about most of the songs you list as easy, but i definitely remember Masterpiece being one of the slowest, if not the slowest song in the game, which makes it the best song for scoring later on. If it is indeed the speed/BPM that determine whether you think a song is easy or difficult, the BPM are listed in the song details when you are selecting a song iirc (they are definitely somewhere listed in the game). Just use songs with lower BPM, although iirc if it gets too low, there will actually be several button presses for each beat, but i think i encountered only one song like that in the game and i don't remember which one it was.

CV Magpantay:
Then how about the slowest to fastest solo dlc songs/ I Have not unlocked yet all of it so i can't check. Anyway, I tried doing so before and selecting based on the bpm but some of the songs with the same bpm has different speeds so bpm is not the only factor. Yes, slow songs are a lot easier for me than fast ones which seems to be 180 which is the bpm of Takane's solo dlc song which I'm having trouble right now. Anyway, thanks for the quick response. If possible, I have a few more question I hope you can help me with. 1. What is the max producer level? I'm already at level 31 and always level it up each season so I'm wondering what is the max as the goals are conflicting with the ex episodes I'm doing to increase the idol's max level. Oh yeah, 2. I also read that if Ritsuko's burst gets countered, her next burst will be stronger, is that true? If you can help me with those 2 I'd greatly appreciate it, if not then just the list of solo idol dlc song from fastest to slowest bpm will do like say Haruka, Chihaya, etc.

Concerning the list of song BPMs, i currently have no access to the game so i can't easily give you the list. But if you check the corresponding song in the wiki, it lists the BPM there. For example Saihyou (Chihaya's song) has 72 BPM
Wait, 72? Is that a coincidence?

Anyway. About the producer level... if i remember correctly (it has been a while, so everything i say might be wrong, sorry) the cap was increased with some patch, and before then it was 20. Did you ever get anything new after 20? A trophy or anything? If there is indeed no change, then i wouldn't bother too much with it.

About Ritsuko's burst: I don't know about the counter situation, it's the first time i hear that, so i have no idea whether it's true or not. What i DO know however is that her burst gets more powerful if it's a duo or trio burst, and the difference is immense. Her burst skill used with a solo burst is pretty useless, used as a trio burst however, it is extremely strong.

CV Magpantay:
I see, thanks, will do then and what is so special with 72 bpm for Chihaya's song?

Well at 23 you seem to get true idol master as the title and some new items at the shop? At level 20 I think your card becomes gold and maybe level 35 is the max PL as it is the default Idol max level?

Yeah, I observed as much, guess i'll try it out next time then. By the way, I'm not sure if I'm right but i read that the 1st option on the producers desk lets you decided what the idol you won't be using do and i think the 1st (Top option) is Audition, then below it is Live and finally Fest below that before free choice takes the bottom spot letting the idol decide which of the 3 she will go. Am i right in my assumption?


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