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Stella Stage is now released! Talk about the game and it's gameplay here.

Unfortunately i'll be late to the party this time around. I just arrived in Japan today and i'll be staying here until after the new year live (which is in 3 weeks), so i can't play until the 10th of January.

So having gotten Chihaya to S rank here's some positives and negatives about the game.

DISCLAIMER: This is only based on what I experienced from the beginning to 1 idol solo route. This is NOT 100% of the game's content.


* The unit system! You can actually use solo, duo, or trio to S rank! Coaching also has it split into these and quintet. However note 100% completion will need to use the other types.
* Obtaining songs and costumes is much easier than PS! While some are harder to get than others it's more a matter of saving up money than RNG. Presents in this game are for fan letters and bonus items only.
* I won't spoil how but the credits for this game was my favorite since the original game.
* The time limited system brings more variety to the lives as well as some sense of time management. You also get related rewards. (for example clearing the halloween live gets you a halloween recolor)
* DLC from Platinum Stars carrys over.
* New costumes. I really liked some of the new costume designs in this game.
* Another little thing but I loved the different burst animations.
* It's also much easier to max a song's level compared to PS
* You can unlock Master difficulty early on and the gameplay for Master is harder (from my experience)

* While the gameplay structure is great, I can't really say I can recommend it to people burned by PS. At least not right away. There aren't many new features added, but I found the few they did add made things much more enjoyable.
* Not enough communications again! This is my biggest reason I have trouble giving the game glowing reviews. The day off commus were shockingly short (About 2-4 lines from Producer) and there's not really much more commus than in PS here. It's a shame as I did enjoy the ones they had even if short.
* It takes a year to unlock the time limited lives. I nearly forgot about them until it was like "here they are". I get why as they're aimed at higher players mostly but they could have at least had the usual holidays during year 1.
* The game seems to only have 6 DLC catalogs once again. Even including the PS carry over that's 12 catalogs, which is below average still. With the sped up release it also means support for the game may end quicker than last time if they don't do more afterwards.


--- Quote from: Okayu on December 22, 2017, 01:43:26 pm ---
While the gameplay structure is great, I can't really say I can recommend it to people burned by PS. At least not right away. There aren't many new features added, but I found the few they did add made things much more enjoyable.

--- End quote ---
Luckily I stop playing before I got burned out by PS. On another note anyone know where is the code for Producer Meeting 2018, planned to give it away since I won't use it.

Actually, the fun part is that if you think it's just an improved PS well... It's a significant bit closer to OfA than you'd think but most people don't check. Heck, I'd argue it's also got aspects of im@s PS3 in there too. Or some SP.

Let's say this. There's actual major plot points. One of them (it's the spoiler thread in question) most people haven't seen yet. You might suspect PART of it, but one part WILL catch you by the curve.

There's also a significant running storyline, but most people will miss that unless you try out the various non live options. It's not that far off the track but... if you focus on levelling your idol above all else, you won't see it for a long time.

There's also a STUPID amount of content interdispersed. If you can name it from im@s there's actually decent odds you can find it there, as a unlockable, unless the song is in catalog 1, or was already part of the PS DLC set.

I'll start off with one surprise - The original THE iDOLM@STER is in Stella Stage. So is 2nd Mix.

Weird when you consider that the original was retired FOR 2nd because of the move to second vision.

There's 35 trio/Quintet, and 2 medleys that are NOT DLC, and I suspect there's still some left I haven't found, and I've got ~70% of the game EX'd. The hard part is 'finding the live that has it as an unlock' although the CP grid has some as unlocks.
It's basically a spin on OfA but you have to explore the menus and do more than the 'Run a live, clear, run to next live' in the solo chain (even though that's actually the most inefficient way to play due to how Extreme Clears double all rewards gotten) because some events will only unlock if you EX clear events in the chain (as well as various unlockables)

It's the sort of slow play, but there IS an end in sight, and unlike PS, it's all dependant on you and your progress in the game. I've no idea how many items are in the game, cause I haven't done a count yet. Just say 'A lot' for the time being.


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