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Brazilian Idol in Side M


I kinda want a Brazilian idol in Side M, but different from Naty and Elena (though as a Brazilian I love them both, for as stereotypical as they are). He has to be a Caucasian of European descent. Not all Brazilians are brown-skinned, I'm a brown-skinned Brazilian and even I hate that stereotype. We're one of the most diverse countries in the world and brown-skinned Brazilian stereotypes really don't show that.
Not all Brazilians like soccer and carnival either, that's a stereotype we hate in fact. I used to like soccer, though I mostly lost interest, but I never liked carnival outside of having no school in carnival week.
With that said, I'd really like to see a Caucasian Brazilian character in Idolmaster who hates soccer and carnival. I kinda want a black idol in Idolmaster too but I don't want it to be this guy, because again that'd reinforce the stereotype. I want it to be a girl in Cinderella Girls.

Edit: I also want a female idol who is officially lolicon. Judge me. lol


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