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Author Topic: If you could pick 13 Cinderella Girls to star in a mainline console iM@S game...  (Read 2260 times)


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... Who would they be?

For me, I'd pick Syuko, Miyu, Nao, Izuki, Sae, Chieri, Momoka, Kanade, Nana, Minami, Miria, Chinami, and Airi (obligatory lol)


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Thr Problem is, if there was a CG Console Game thes Would most likely use the 14 AniDere Idols and others as DLC rivals like in OfA

I personally would pick: Rin, Syoko, Mirei, Frederica, Shiki, Tomoe (if she had a voice), Risa (if she had a voice), Kaede, Kanade, Yui, Nana, Izumi (if she had a voice) and Natsuki


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« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2017, 09:20:41 pm »
Here’s my list. Do note that only BOLD idols are part of my fav CG girls, the rest are here just because I think they would make an amazing addition to a main console game that followed the 765 scheme/roles.

-Sakura (Haruka type/Red leader)
-Izumi (Chihaya type/Blue leader)
-Ako (Miki type/Green/Yellow leader)
-Chiaki (Takane type)
-Reiko (Azusa type for obvious reasons hahah)
-Chinatsu (Ritsuko type)
-Ai (Makoto type)
-Aya (Hibiki type)
-Risa (Iori type)
-Nina (Yayoi type)
-Kaoru (Ami/Mami type)
-Haru (Ami/Mami type)
-Chieri (Yukiho type)

Now, here’s another list of the 13 girls I’d choose by myself, without following any scheme, just my favs:

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IDK much about Cinderella Girls, but here are the ones that seem good
Nanami (if she had a voice)
Feifei (if she had a voice)
Reiko (if she had a voice)
Natalia (if she had a voice)
Kate (if she had a voice, because foreign idols are the best)
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