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Sooo for all of those wondering why side M get's a mobile game before Million Live, It doesn't
they both get a game this year

here is the trailer for the Million Live App Rhythm Game

Probably won't get it because Imas Games take up so much space and I only have space for either side M or million live and since I like Side M More than ML I will get the Side M one.

I've been obsessed with Million Live songs as of late so I'm really looking forward to this! We didn't get that anime announcement (just a 4-min PV thing with voice acting, unlike Dreaming! PV) but this is still great news.

I really like a lot of ML's character designs so hopefully this is a rhythm game with a card system and we can get to memorize their names and faces because I still can't tell any of them apart lol

I'm ultra excited for the new Million Live game. I played Million Live, but I uninstalled because of the language barriers. I like some of their songs, and that is making me happy!

Now, from those franchises ,I'm expecting a 765pro rhythm game with OG 13 girls

Seems that the 2nd PV has been released!

And yes, this is a rhythm game. And yes, it has OG 765pro idols in the game. I'm so happy.

Here's a pre-registration link:

I already pre-registered for the game. (since I regret not pre-regestering for Deresute)

The 3D office scenes really got me on it! Maybe this'll be the closest thing to a mobile 765AS game. Also the animation motions seems to be better than deresute since they're individually animated, which deresute uses the same motion for all models in one MV with only different positions. The solo gameplay is also interesting to see and (CMIIW) I think its a totally new rhythm game feature which no other games have had before.


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