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IM@S's voice actor singing in other games

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i like the disgaea games and after doing some research i fund out Hiromi Hirata (Makoto) sing the main base theme '' Extreme Outlaw King'' and she also voice the main character Mao
and also Chihara Minori (Leon) who sing the opening theme of Disgaea D2 ''Candle Over'' and a character call Barbara.

Do any of you know other games/animes where the IM@S VAs sing songs?

btw here the 2 song


--- Quote from: Baka1fred on February 25, 2017, 08:04:25 pm ---Do any of you know other games/animes where the IM@S VAs sing songs?

--- End quote ---

Well, Asami Imai (AKA Mingosu, Chihaya's VA), sing the Puyo Puyo no Uta.

And she sings the opening theme of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2, and the vocal version of Condemnation Wings (Tsubaki Yayoi theme).

And there's the Corpse Party song.

Anyway, for Mingosu, that's all I know I think.

And for Makoto (Hiromi Hirata), I remember her singing in Megaman ZX Advent. The song is only in the ZX Gigamix album though, not in game.

wait she sing the opening of blazblue continuum shift no wonder i liked it alot

Tomatsu Haruka (Hidaka Ai) who also voices Asuna from SAO sings the first ending Yume Sekai.

Bonus Trivia:Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, aka Kirito, voices Jupiter's Mitarai Shouta from 2/SideM

i have been playing senran kagura shinobi versus and be my suprise who do i hear singing the ending credit song and character Hiromi Hirata! (Makoto) she voice a character name Miyabi

and here the song in question

she one of the 2 singers


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