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As it turned out, an animated adaptation of SideM has all been confirmed to be green-lit.

As per discussion, feel free to express your thoughts, speculations and any reservations.

WOW. A rhythm (hopefully rhythm) game AND an anime? I figured it would be one or the other, but to get BOTH at the same time is such a neat surprise. I'm so happy with all the decisions Scamco has made with SideM, definitely makes them less of a scam in my heart.

According to a reddit post on the iM@S sub, apparently GamiP found a producer and staff willing to make a SideM anime a reality, which leads me to believe A-1 Pictures will not handle the anime. Not too sure how studios work in Japan (can directors and producers work at any studio they want, or do they stick to one studio?) but I'm wondering what studio Scamco has chosen. As someone who really enjoyed the iM@S and iM@S CG anime (CG to a lesser extent), I'm a bit worried about how the SideM anime will go. If anything I'll probably love it a lot more (as long as it doesn't go an utapri direction and become a reverse harem romance oh god please no anything but that scamco please im begging you dont mess this one up)

Nonetheless, there will be a NicoNico broadcast on 3/15 (for 315PRO) where they'll discuss the production staff and show some key visuals, so I really hope we'll see the other idols in this new art style! I'm also curious if they'll focus on a core twelve ~ fifteen like CG and ML or if they'll try for all of 315PRO.

Pretty sure y'all already noticed this, but if you go to the SideM anime homepage and look at the source code, you can find Takahashi-satchou's silhouette!

Clear Blue:
315Prez is recruiting Producers and trying to find out which one is the best P to be part of 315Pro.

At first, I was aggressively against the idea of SideM getting an anime before Million Live. In fact, the mere idea made me furious.

However, over time, I came to accept the fact and realized that all it would do was delay a Million Live anime rather than outright cancel it.

Plus, this gives me a better opportunity to get introduced to SideM alongside the new Live on St@ge game.

So bring on the era of male idols, I say!


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