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Hime Idol:
(timeframe – start of im@s anime)

Name: Shijou Minami (四条南実)
Birthdate: July 23
Age: 14
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Three Sizes: 80-55-81
Ethnicity: ½ - Japanese (father) and ½ - German (mother)
Seiyuu: Anzai Chika
Birthplace: Hirosaki, Japan
Current Residence: Hirosaki, Japan

Family: biological mother (deceased), biological father (deceased), Shijou Takane (sister), Shijou Mitsuo (adoptive father), Shijou Akira (adoptive mother – deceased)

Nicknames: Mina-nee (Takane’s childhood nickname for her), Mimi-chan (Takane’s other childhood nickname for her) – Minami strongly dislikes the use of nicknames.

Personality Traits: Tends to come off sarcastic, is rather blunt and straightforward when talking with others, has little patience when dealing with her sister, somewhat bullies her sister – who is oblivious to it, takes on the big sister role normally, readily gives out criticism even when not appropriate or wanted

Bio: Despite coming from an extremely wealthy family and having a popular idol as a sister, Minami acts more or less like a typical teen her age. With her mother dying after giving birth to her, Minami and her sister were cared for by their father. A few months following her birth, her father grew extremely ill and asked his close friend and former business partner to take his two young daughters until he was well enough to care for them again himself. Sadly this would never happen and he would pass away two years later leaving the two girls orphaned. The Shijou family would then formally adopt the two girls and raised them as their own children. As a child she grew up pampered without a care in the world, having everything she wanted.

Due to their adoptive father’s work, Minami and Takane moved to Berlin, Germany shortly after the adoption took place and lived there for eight years before returning to Hirosaki, Japan because of his work once again. Though very smart academically, Mitsuo realized his eldest daughter had absolutely no commonsense or practical thinking when it came to business or everyday life in general. He feared that she would ruin his company if he made her the heir but also worried about her future as he knew she could never hold down a job with her unconventional approach to everything she involved herself in. Mitsuo would go on to make a trust fund for his eldest daughter to live off of and allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

Knowing he needed an heir to pass his company to, Mitsuo began grooming Minami to take over his business. A diligent worker, Minami proved to have the commonsense her older sister lacked but was not as bright as Takane was academically. Even with all the tutors her father would hire, Minami proved to be just an above average student in most subjects.

During this time Minami began to become resentful towards her sister. She found it unfair that she had to slave away and study to take over their father’s business while her sister was given free range to do whatever she wanted; not knowing her father’s reasoning behind choosing her over Takane as his heir. When her sister left to become an idol, this created a further feeling of resentment that Minami would carry for years to come. She does not support her sister’s idol career and does not attempt to stay in contact with her. She typically ignores the texts, emails, or phone calls from Takane to spite her.

•    Caused Takane’s Ophidiophobia by purposely placing a live snake on her to scare her when they were little kids.
•    Minami’s frequent form of bullying was messing with Takane’s food; specifically her favorite thing was to dump hot sauce in her ramen.
•    Deep-down she loves her sister but gets a thrill in tormenting her.
•    Minami is fluent in German but not the other Latin languages like her sister. Though, unlike Takane, she is also fluent in English.
•    Despite her dislike of nicknames, as a child she used to call Takane – Ne-neechan. She rarely ever still refers to Takane as this as she believes nicknames are for little children to use.
•    She secretly wishes for Takane’s career to fail.
(timeframe – 22 years after the start of im@s anime)

Name: Takaharu Minami (貴治南実)
•    Maiden Name: Shijou Minami (四条南実)
Birthdate: July 23
Age: 36
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Three Sizes: 83-58-84
Ethnicity: ½ - Japanese (father) and ½ - German (mother)
Seiyuu: Anzai Chika
Birthplace: Hirosaki, Japan
Current Residence: Hirosaki, Japan
Occupation: CEO of Shijou Enterprises

Family: biological mother (deceased), biological father (deceased), Shijou Mitsuo (adoptive father - deceased), Shijou Akira (adoptive mother – deceased), Shijou Takane (sister), Shijou Sakura (niece), Takaharu Satoshi (husband), Takaharu Seiichi (son)

Personality Traits: A lot more docile as an adult, Minami is not as sarcastic and blunt as she was when younger, is still critical of her sister but is much more lenient in her criticisms, if given the opportunity she will still try to mess with and prank her sister – though a lot less malicious than when she was younger, is an extremely strict mother

Bio: Minami continued on to go to college to continue her studies to become the CEO of her father’s company. After her first year of college her father passed away. At the funeral she and her sister were reunited after not seeing each other for four years. Initially standoffish, Minami eventually reconnected with her sister and infrequently stayed in contact with her. Roughly a year later her sister desperately came to her for help when the now ex-performer wound up pregnant following her affair with her producer. Previously as a teen Minami secretly wished for her sister’s music career to fail but seeing Takane completely destroyed by the loss of her music career and having her heartbroken, Minami’s once deep-seeded feeling of resentment soon became regret. Taking some time off college, Minami would help Takane through the second half of her pregnancy and the subsequent few months following Sakura’s birth before returning to college fulltime.

During the following years she would continue to help Takane raise Sakura, normally being an authoritarian towards the two of them. Eventually Minami would go on to become the next CEO of Shijou Enterprises, just as her father wanted, and would marry one of the accounting executives from the business and had her son a few years later.

•    Minami previously stated that she did not like or want children. It’s commonly believed that by helping Takane raise Sakura this caused her to change her mind.
•    She will still bully her sister if given the chance. Though she has toned down the amount of malice in her actions. Her form of bullying now is more or less pranking her sister.
•    She eventually met her sister’s close friend Ganaha Hibiki. The two do not get along in the slightest.

Hime Idol:
(timeframe – 22 years after the start of im@s anime)

Name: Akiyama Hanako (秋山花子)
Birthdate: August 25
Age: 15
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Magenta
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Three Sizes: 82-56-81
Image Color: Cyan
Idol Type: Passion
Image Stat: Dance
Affiliation: 527Pro
Units: ☆pop (w/ Sakura), Eko Ojo (エコー 王女 - Echoing Princess – w/ Yoshino)
Preferred Genre: Dance-Pop
Genre Specialty: Goth-Pop
Seiyuu: Minase Inori singing - speaking
Birthplace: Shibuya, Japan
Current Residence: Shibuya, Japan

Family: Akiyama [nee Kisaragi] Chihaya (mother), Akiyama Keito (father), Akiyama Yuuta (brother), Kisaragi Chigusa (grandmother), Kisaragi Yuudai (grandfather), Kisaragi Yuu (uncle – deceased)

Nicknames: Hana-chan, Chīsana Hanabira (Little Petal - 小さな花びら – idol nickname)

Personality Traits: Bubbly and perky, nothing can rain on her parade, sees the upside to everything, a bit disillusioned about her idol career, can be a bit airheaded at times, overly affectionate with her brother

Bio: Hanako grew up idolizing her mother’s singing. She loved hearing her mother sing and the happy feeling it gave her. Despite her mother being a national celebrity, Hanako grew up a relatively normal childhood though was prone to getting sick frequently when younger. After her brother was born her mother began to immerse herself more into her music career and eventually within a few years became rather inattentive. Hanako did not have a problem with this as her brother did and normally ignored this fact.

When she began kindergarten she befriended Sakura, an extremely shy girl who turned out to be the daughter of one of her mother’s old acquaintances from 765Pro. Hanako already grew to love Haruka and Azusa as aunts, due to them babysitting her and her brother frequently, and grew just as attached to Takane when she began to babysit her as well. It was during this time that her ‘Hime-baachan’ introduced her to ramen and got her hooked on it.

As a teen Hanako began to have the delusional fantasy that if she became an idol that she could become just as famous as her mother. The only problem was that she lacked actual singing talent…or at least comparable talent to that of Chihaya. At 15-years-old Hanako tricked Sakura into going to an audition with her and the two began their careers as idols. Though Hanako did not, and still does not, know the only reason why she was selected was because 527Pro was only interested in acquiring Sakura but the teen, who did not want to become an idol in the first place and only did so for Hanako’s sake, refused to join unless they also allowed Hanako to join.

Hanako’s career as an idol was extremely slow moving, not helped by the young girl’s refusal to take any job she didn’t seem cute enough. She only wanted to be seen as a cute idol and hated taking roles that did not fit that category. Hence why her singing talent was so poor, when given more serious songs Hanako is a decent singer but she normally refused to sing them. Nonetheless Hanako kept believing in her delusional fantasy that she could make it big time as long as she stuck it out as an idol and relied on her dancing skills.

Hanako’s reality came crashing down when, after a live, she overheard the production crew criticizing her performance and her overall lack of talent outside of dancing. Coming to terms that she would never become famous like her mother, Hanako rethought her whole position as an idol. She now goes by the motto: “When I was little, my mother would always sing to me. It made me so happy inside that I couldn’t help but smile. I want to bring that same feeling to everyone I sing to so they can smile too”. Even though she has now been largely type-casted as a cute idol only, she attempts to break out of this mold by taking on more serious roles and does begin to take vocal lessons to help improve her singing.

•    Starting when she was a toddler, Hanako frequently got sick with high fevers – out of pure concern Chihaya would cancel jobs when she could to take care of her even if Keito already took off from work as well. By the time she was 7-years-old she grew out of this but will still get a very high fever whenever she does get sick.
•    Hanako was around 8-years-old when Chihaya fully immersed herself in her music career and began to be completely absent. Unlike Yuuta, Hanako has no problem with this as she remembers her mother always being there for her whenever she was sick as a child.
•    Hanako hates being compared to Chihaya.
•    She won’t let on to anyone but she feels insecure over her singing as she knows she’s nowhere near the level her mother was as an idol and still is as a professional singer.
•    Loves eating ramen with Takane.
•    More than anything, Hanako wants Chihaya to attend one of her lives. And more so, even though she knows it most likely will never happen, she wants to sing on stage with her mother.
•    During kindergarten, Azusa lost Hanako during a fieldtrip to the zoo and she somehow ended up in one of the enclosures. Chihaya never again allowed Hanako to go on fieldtrips that Azusa was chaperoning by herself.

Hime Idol:
(timeframe – 22 years after the start of im@s anime)

Name: Shijou Sakura (四条桜)
Birthdate: February 14
Age: 16
Hair Color: Beige
Eye Color: Lavender Magenta
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Three Sizes: 89-59-87
Image Color: Lavender
Idol Type: Cool
Image Stat: Vocal
Affiliation: 527Pro
Units: ☆pop (w/ Hanako), Kanamagari (Golden Melody - 金曲 – w/ Risako and Hiromi)
Preferred Genre: Pop Rock
Genre Specialty: Sentimental Ballads
Seiyuu: Nana Mizuki singing - speaking
Ethnicity: ¾ - Japanese (father and mother) and ¼ - German (mother)
Birthplace: Shibuya, Japan
Current Residence: Shibuya, Japan

Family: Shijou Takane (mother), Takaharu [nee Shijou] Minami (aunt), Takaharu Satoshi (uncle), Takaharu Seiichi (cousin), Kubo Haruto (father), Kubo Masuyo (half-brother)

Nicknames: Kura-chan (by Takane), Saku-chii (by Hanako), Kougou-sama (Empress – 皇后様 - by the other idols and fans), Kohimechin (Little Himechin - 小お姫ちん - by Ami and Mami)

Personality Traits: Very quiet and shy, let’s others do the talking for her, very gluttonous and is obsessed with food, takes on the big sister role normally with the younger idols, when on stage she becomes loud and confident, is easily embarrassed over the smallest of things, dislikes her aunt and her criticisms about her mother

Bio: For the first few months of her life Sakura was raised by both her mother and maternal aunt. Following her aunt’s return to college fulltime, she and her mother were left with only each other. Despite only having her mother, Sakura never felt that she was lacking in love or attention. As a child she adored all the attention and time her mother gave her; not knowing her mother genuinely enjoyed child games and shows as much as she did. She also did not like Minami coming over as she would commonly scold both Sakura and Takane, something the young girl did not like and was not used to.

With her mother reconnecting with her long-time friend, Ganaha Hibiki, the young girl was introduced to the animal lover at a young age. While a bit too energetic for her liking, Sakura gets along with and treats Hibiki as an aunt. When younger Sakura did not enjoy the 3 hour plane rides from Tokyo to Okinawa and would commonly have to be bribed by her mother, normally with food, to go on the trips.

When she started kindergarten she befriended, despite their vastly different personalities, a young girl named Hanako. On top of her kindergarten teacher being an acquaintance of her mother’s from 765Pro, her friend’s mother was also from 765Pro. Due to her teacher being similar in nature to her mother, Sakura took an instant liking to Azusa. On the other hand, with her calm and quiet nature Sakura found Chihaya to be someone she could easily get along with as well.

Hibiki, hoping to get some of the 765Pro girls back together, tried to set up a reunion of sorts down in Okinawa. In the end only a handful of the former idols attended (Azusa, Takane, and the Futami twins) and Sakura also went due to her mother not having anyone to watch her, as Minami cited she was too busy to watch her for a week. This was when Sakura met the infamous Ami and Mami. While the twins took an instance liking to having a ‘Kohimechin’ around on top of having their Ohimechin again, Sakura did not like their boisterous and teasing natures. Quite a few times the twins caused the 6-year-old to become upset which caused Takane to reprimand the twins multiple times. Or, as the twins called it, Takane went into full-on "Okaa-san Mode".

Throughout her life her mother was adamant on not talking about her father and Sakura could sense there must have been some very bad blood between the two prior to her birth. While her mother grew an uncharacteristic cold and hostile demeanor whenever he was brought up, Sakura could recognize that, underneath it all, Takane was severely heartbroken and never pushed the subject further.

At 16-years-old Sakura was tricked by Hanako into attending an audition with her for a local production company, not knowing that Hanako signed them up to be a duet audition. Knowing this was Hanako’s dream, Sakura agreed to go through with the audition when she learned the truth. When the company expressed they only wanted to sign her on and not Hanako, Sakura stated that she wouldn’t join unless they agreed to also sign Hanako on as well. Wanting to acquire the teen due to her voice and overall visual appeal, the company agreed and signed the two. Their idol careers would then begin; though Hanako was never told about how this deal was made and that Sakura did this all for her sake.

In the beginning of her career, Sakura had absolutely no desire to be an idol and just stuck with it to keep Hanako happy and to ensure Hanako wouldn’t be released by the company if she were to leave. Eventually Sakura came to love singing and began to enjoy being on stage; she felt a rush of confidence within herself that she previously never felt before. She also loved to see the enjoyment other’s had when they heard her singing. She also loved the appraisal her mother would give her and the smile on her face during every performance.

Sometime after debuting as an idol, Takane would tell Sakura everything regarding her father, from the details of the affair all the way to her birth. With this information Sakura has become hesitant on what she wants to do in the future. She is unsure whether she wants to pursue a music career due to everything Takane has told her. She also has come to blame herself for why her mother’s career ended, despite her mother denying this multiple times.

•    Sakura has suffered from Ranidaphobia (fear of frogs) since she was a little girl. She also suffers from Astraphobia (fear of thunder and lightning) and will still ask if she can sleep with her mother during a storm.
•    At times she feels more like the parent than Takane and regards her as a bit of a ditz. She commonly has to remind her mother about basic things. (Ex: locking the door and taking her keys when leaving, turning off the stove, reminding her to put on her glasses, etc.)
•    Has of habit of saying ‘watakushi’, picking it up from Takane when little. She normally tries to not refer to herself in this way but when flustered or hyped up she tends to slip.
•    Sakura dislikes performing cutesy songs. She also dislikes dressing in overly cute or revealing clothing.
•    She finds her mother’s constant need to dote on her overbearing at times.
•    She has yet to meet her father or half-brother. While she wants to meet her brother, Sakura has no desire to meet her father after hearing about how poorly he treated her mother.
•    Sakura was named after her mother’s hometown of Hirosaki as they are famous for their Cherry Blossom Festival and it was Takane’s favorite time of the year when growing up.

Hime Idol:
(timeframe – 22 years after the start of im@s anime)

Name: Akiyama Yuuta (秋山有太)
Birthdate: November 4
Age: 11
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 148 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Seiyuu: Yamashita Daiki
Birthplace: Shibuya, Japan
Current Residence: Shibuya, Japan

Family: Akiyama [nee Kisaragi] Chihaya (mother), Akiyama Keito (father), Akiyama Hanako (sister), Kisaragi Chigusa (grandmother), Kisaragi Yuudai (grandfather), Kisaragi Yuu (uncle – deceased)

Nicknames: Yuu-chan (by Chihaya), Yuu-chii (by Hanako), Kakko (Brat - かっこ – by Sakura)

Personality Traits: Normally appears uninterested by things, rather be left alone, plays video games all the time, resentful towards his mother, has a hard time telling people how he feels

Bio: The younger of the two siblings, Yuuta is the spoiled baby of the family. He is not social in the least and eschews conversating with others if possible. Yuuta does not like the fact that his mother is so obsessed over her career most of the time. At times he feels that she loves her career more than she loves her family. He knows this isn’t the case but when confronted with her lack of presence, he can’t help but begin to feel that way all over again.

Unlike his sister, Yuuta takes strongly after his mother. He is not able to tell his mother his true feelings and normally just ignores her instead. He truly loves his mother but is frustrated that he cannot find the words to explain to her how hurt he is that she is never around when he really needs her. This leads to him just giving up on trying to sort out his feelings and he instead immerses himself in his video games to take his mind off his emotions.

Yuuta is not happy that his sister decided to become an idol to simply become a clone of their mother. He is greatly opposed to this and will berate her performances in the hopes that she will quit. Even when his sister has her revelation and rethinks her position as an idol, he is still not pleased with her being an idol at all.

•   Does not like the amount of attention his sister gives him and is embarrassed by it.
•   He secretly listens to his mother and sister’s music and in actuality is their biggest fan.
•   His father is worried he may become a NEET later in life if he doesn’t change his habits.
•   Has a habit of saying “Keh…” when annoyed or upset about something.
•   He openly states that he doesn’t think his sister will make it as an idol and normally tries to discourage her. He mostly does this because he doesn’t want her to turn out like their mother and become obsessed with her career if she does make it in the music business.
•   Gets along well with Ritsuko, despite the fact Ritsuko is the one that makes Chihaya’s schedule in the first place.
•   He gets along very well with Haruka and is friends with her son.
•   Given he’s just started puberty and is still a bit immature he has developed childish crushes on both Azusa and Takane due to their physiques. When he later meets Miki, he develops one on her due to the same reason.

I really like your ideas, fanfictions and OCs! ^-^ Do you plan to add more OCs and write a big story about them? I really want to read your im@s!
I only don't like what happened to Takane. :( You see, I thought that all the idols became popular and lived a happy life after the end of the anime and the games, but now my fantasies are destroyed. :( I'm afraid even to assume what happened to Makoto, Yayoi, Yukiho and Iori, not to mention the DS, ML and SideM idols... :( Please, don't make up anything bad in their future! :(
On an unrelated note, Yuuta reminds me of my little brother. 8)


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