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Author Topic: Request Filling Profile - Setsuna  (Read 4776 times)


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Request Filling Profile - Setsuna
« on: January 05, 2017, 05:13:18 am »
It's been a while since I've run a request service, but I'll keep it very short and simple.

All requests are to be made to the general thread found at,2573.0.html

Conditions for having a request to be picked up:

1. All requests will be taken only from that thread, and must use a valid code from the compendium. No exceptions.

If you do not want me to handle your request, by all means, either use alternate methods or SPECIFY that you do not want me to handle your request.

Not using the compendium should be an obvious way of being insulting, since I'm the one who MADE the tool. If the request you want has specifics such as bursts, angle requests or subtitling, you are responsible for providing those specifics.

2. One request at a time. If you have any sort of reason to make more than one request at a time, either make your case via PM, or offer inducements via PM. Do not be surprised if I decline if you do not have a compelling case and/or sufficient inducements.

Also do not be surprised if I respond to any subsequent tantrums with a spiked hammer.

3. All requests will be filled via direct providing of the file via mega or another filesharing service.

As part of accepting the service, you will upload the file to a viewing service such as youtube, and provide a link within 14 days of the request's completion.

4. Requests will be picked up on a first serve adhoc basis, with requests being picked up between Saturday, 22:00 and 24:00 AEST (GMT+10) with a reply confirming said pickup, with delivery after completion.

If you want special consideration outside these times, consider bribery of some sort (Hint, there's a donation link in the compendium itself, and you can always negotiate via PM). Numbers picked up that week will be subject to my workload, other tasks that need to be done that week re: compendium updating and other projects, and general mood.

5. You will have 14 days from the request completion to pick up said request, before I will delete the file from pickup, and will arrange for a ban from this section if you fail to do so.

This means you WANT to have notifications turned on, as I will quote your request before my reply in the acceptance post, and will edit the acceptance upon delivery. Basically, if you're not subscribed to the thread for the duration of your requesting life. Hint hint - there's searching emails, and you actually have a known window to check the notification date (I know, check replies posted Saturday and Sunday.) so claiming you missed the 14 day window is not my responsibility.

File format will be 15mbit 1080p59.94 encoding. You are looking at about a 500MB file at its largest. If you cannot handle said file or upload it anywhere (consider that a 1mbit up line will take you about an hour), failure to do so is your problem.

If you are unsure if you can upload the file, go somewhere like and get a readout of your line, to determine if you can. If in doubt, there's a discord where you can ask technical questions.

You must also provide a link to the uploaded video. Quote the acceptance/delivery post with the youtube or watchable link.

If the video would be blocked due to IP enforcement, you must attempt to do so, and link the attempted upload regardless. If this means you will copyright strike your account, you would have gotten at least two prior attempts, and it is your responsibility to find a place that will allow other users to watch the video.

If you want exception from this rule, you can plead your case via PM, but it will not likely to be considered unless you provide any sort of compelling reason with evidence and/or bribery.


Be warned - I swing hard and fast. If you really think you can intimidate someone who's been inside a house on fire and stared down flames into just crumbling and doing what you want for nothing, you've got another thing coming.

No, I've also been in more life threatening and absurd situations than you think. Unless you track me down and put a gun to my head, calling me a bunch of names or complaining I'm unfair/evil/whatever will have me enforce the rules on you immediately.

I will also check in on other people who offer to fill requests, and will handle any attempts at intimidation and/or abuse in exactly the same way. And, yes, I will be checking for the spirit of the rules, so trying to get rules lawyering on me with a weasel loophole will just have me close said loophole and hammering you for said attempt.

Otherwiise, thank you for your consideration.
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