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Author Topic: Rules for PS Video Requests - Read Before Posting!  (Read 3029 times)


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Rules for PS Video Requests - Read Before Posting!
« on: January 02, 2017, 07:50:27 pm »
Here we go again, and against better judgement, there is a compendium that supports Platinum Stars, and requests will be supported on a very adhoc basis. There are additional projects which will be announced in due time, but currently we start at the beginning.

The following rules apply above and beyond the rules that apply to this forum as a whole.

General rules for PS' video request threads:

1. The PS compendium will only be updated as time and money allow.

Due to the design of Platinum Stars, you're either spending more money than you have, or spending more time than you have trying to unlock things, and that's assuming you are lucky.

There's people out there who have clocked in a couple of hundred hours on the game and are missing the base 40 costumes.

Then you have to consider that the median time to unlock a DL live is roughly 40 hours of game play at the time of posting, with a current +/- 15 hours, unless you can short circuit the DL live.

For each DL live, although the numbers can vary, due to how random number generation works.

DLC catalog purchases currently average in at about roughly 7000 yen.

If you're wondering why the compendium may be a couple of weeks late, and even people who fill requests are so far behind, or may not have certain items even after all this time, well, consider the above.

No one's made of money, and when you consider filling requests means that there's less playtime, you can figure out what happens.

I won't play nice if you think you can defeat probability theory with your wishful thinking, and don't be surprised if I make requests to the other moderators in the FIRST INSTANCE. Take it elsewhere, because those who have gone through the grind don't need to deal with people who are either intellectually dishonest, or are delusional.

2. Post in the correct thread.

This section handles ONLY PS requests. We've been doing this for years now, so I will keep it simple and ask that you keep with the program.

3. No particular person is obliged to fill in a request, nor over any expected timeframe. In short, people who fill requests are not obliged - feel free to bribe them with whatever you can come up with, but they're more than welcome to say 'no' if they don't want to do it.

They are also free to request payment for services rendered. The request filler will make that clear, and if you don't like the terms, you are free to ask someone else to fill the request.

If you call them a cheapskate, I might note you're not the one paying for the game, or the DLC, or their equipment, or even the time they have to spend recording and setting it up just for you.

My advice? Don't.


Also bear in mind that basic support will be provided in the #765pro-building channel at the Project-iM@S Discord.

You can find a channel link here:

Just bear in mind that if you want to talk requests and/or request support, #765pro-building is the ONLY channel which will accept any compendium or request related talk. The moderators have already been advised of this and will direct you accordingly.

Mass requesting will be frowned upon, although if you get to know some people who can fill in requests, who knows, you might get favorable treatment.

There's also other channels to participate in, depending on your general disposition.
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