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Author Topic: Happy New Year, 2017.  (Read 10668 times)


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Happy New Year, 2017.
« on: January 01, 2017, 02:15:15 pm »
It's that time, and now it's ripe to make for reflection and cheers. How was your year? Do you feel you can improve on it? Since I've yet to see anything of mention, we'll double this as our belated Christmas topic.

So, I bid Christmas greetings to whoever I missed.

Earlier this year, we all seemed dispersed, with some frequenting here... others there. Eventually, the buzz behind Discord went into full swing, and much of iM@S' English population has congregated there since.

Now it's more a fuller community, with loads of talkative possibility. Crazy difference when you think about it.

Moving on... what gifts did all you get from Santa? Have you given to others? I'll elaborate mine -- beyond giving and receiving various treats, clothing, grooming and gaming products, I felt these stood out most:

An Android smartphone, or the Galaxy J3(6). Gifted by my parents, it's replacing a blatant relic from 2010ish.

The new and old, so really blatant. You're welcome to say what you will of the model, but I can do a lot now.

Then there's what I've pushed for my family's sake:

A new best friend whom I call Daisy. Our step-dad brought her home... made mom the happiest she's been.

As I mentioned once, she makes all the bad things go away. We're looking to cherish her for years to come.

So far as resolutions go? Well, those tend to go half-baked in hindsight and relativity. While things like eating better and drawing more do sound nice, it's not something to form unreasonably high expectations for.

If nothing else, one could be more charitable about it and say, "I'll try make all the right decisions this year."

Even then, I already know I won't succeed -- not with everything, nor with everyone. It's in our nature to do mistakes, but damn it all if we can't learn by them; here's to sheer emphasis for the "trying" part, then.

That said, here's to everyone's day. Passing out.
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Re: Happy New Year, 2017.
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2017, 01:27:59 pm »
Oh, akemashite omedetou! o/

Anyway, my last year was... let's just say "crazy". I met some friends I talk so much, played Pokémon TCG with them, and stuffs. And I'll make sure to turn this year to a "lunatic" one.

As for presents, I got a game (Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack from friends). Besides that... money (well, it's sort of cultural). I just gave a Christmas card made by myself (I didn't have much to give).