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What do you guys think of "Lovelive!" project and their fans?

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You know in China, there are a lot of fans of Lovelive and most of them are totally foolish. It seems that they think that Lovelive is the best idol project of all. One month ago there is a unofficial vote about "do you want µ‘s to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Opening Ceremony?". Then some of the people become insane, as they are thinking that this thing has already been confirmed without doubt. Later some of the Chinese IM@S fan (Producers) told them that the vote won't show anything. And then they become more insane that they even started to attack the Producers with some dirty words. So maybe Lovelive is a good idol project, but their fans really create a bad impression with me.
So what do you think of this project? Compare with the idolm@ster, is there any advantage of Lovelive? Do your country has this kind of Lovelive fans?
By the way, I become a exchange student in Colorado(Yeahhhh~). But unfortunately in Fort Collins, such a small city, it seems that no one knows the IM@S. And what worse, the nearest anime store is 60km away from my home.......

I think Love Live has more fans because it's easier to get into, I feel like it's catered to the casual anime fans and it's more accessible compared to IM@S with all the translated content, they also have that free mobile game which is also TL'd. Most of the people that know about IM@S here in U.S. only knows about it from the anime which I feel was made for the fans of the franchise already, and many people complained that there were too many girls and that it was overwhelming to get into. If you live in the West IM@S is just harder to get into with the games not being localized and the various manga adaptations and that is why the LL fanbase is pretty big here. I have watched LL and currently watching LL sunshine and there is quite a bit of people that tend to hate on im@s especially on sites like 4chan. Generally, the larger fan base tend to have more immature people in it.


--- Quote from: Adz0086 on September 07, 2016, 06:03:15 am ---and there is quite a bit of people that tend to hate on im@s especially on sites like 4chan. Generally, the larger fan base tend to have more immature people in it.

--- End quote ---
Oh, I'm just the opposite. I watched LL's anime first, but when I was learning more and more about IM@S, I turned to hate it.
Well, the way I know IM@S for the first time is anime. for me, I don't think remembering names and their appearance is a big problem (maybe it's because I'm a Chinese)
Anyway, your opinions are really nice, thanks for sharing with me.

I've only seen the original Love Live and I personally found it enjoyable. In some ways, I felt it was better than the 2011 iM@S anime. It had a better structure to it and no part of the story, outside the Season 1 finale, felt too idiotic and phoned-in.

However, I am more of an iM@S fan due to preferring the character designs and music of iM@S to LL as well as being exposed to iM@S first.

The issue with the LL community is the same as any other large community. The vocal minority of terrible fans is so loud, it taints the entire reputation of the community as a whole. There are relatively chill LL fans out there, it's just that the idiots and assholes in the community outnumber the legitimately sane people.

Also, I personally feel the iM@S vs LL war is really stupid, anyway. Mostly because at the end of the day, both series are connected to the exact same big company: Bandai Namco. LL's CDs and anime are published and created under subsidiaries of BNEI, so really there's no point in starting fan wars if the exact same company wins at the end of the day. Unless it's that iM@S vs LL fighting game. I'd be all over that shit.

As someone who loves both Im@s and Love Live, I can't understand teh problems of all the hates. I mean, both Series have their charming points. I was into love live from the first song on, I learned about Im@s much later. but I still love both series. You have to differ between them, yeah they are both Idol Centert, but so are many other games in these days, like Ensemble Stars, Idol Connect, 8Bit Story, Tokyo 7th Sisters and more. The Problem is that people tend to love one idol or one series more than the others and start hating on them. I don't understand why, I personally play many Idol Games, watch many Idol Anime and still don't hate on any of these, even if Im@s is my my favourit (well the main universe has a bit cooled down for me. still love the 765pro girls, but after platinum stars... I don't know. I know the Idols didn't do anything, it was scamco but still. ) But their are also these quarrels between people in the same community, like many µ's fans hate on aquors fans and vice versa. Or there are still people of the im@s fanbase who hate on side M just because there are only male idols in it (which I love to play. still waiting for that rhythm game scamco!)

 At the end of the day every person is free to think what they want, but the hate is soooo stupid. I love all Idols!


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