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Hime Idol:

--- Quote from: Nakiame on August 31, 2016, 06:53:45 am ---Try SoftEther VPN.

--- End quote ---

I ended up not being able to figure out how to set up the server. I guess I'll just skip the survey and PS4 background this time around.

But thanks anyways.


--- Quote from: MetalPredat0r on August 30, 2016, 04:57:46 pm ---Is it really the best jdea to have an open survey for this game? I mean, I hope BNEI take the results into consideration and improve future games, but I already know they kinda opened themselves to some potential massive backlash with this.

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They had a similar survey back when OFA came out as well.

The asian version only have 11 questions and the question is in chinese and korean.  One of the question is asking which language do they want for the next game and language for the subtitles and I chose japanese for language and english for subtitles. It seems that there is still a ray of hope for non jap speakers

Do you make such survey every year, because I didn't find similar ones.

I completed your survey on Bandai Namco just now and I have to say I admire the creativity, Simplicity, and details of this survey.


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