My one reservation with Platinum Stars?

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There's no strategy, let alone sense of pressure. At best? One can describe it as a grindfest. Setsuna had established this to great detail on her stream, so I felt inclined to share my reflection.

Back then, you either had time management or more importantly, festivals -- the latter was especially focal to iM@S, as it was the competitive component to challenge what the player learned.

You needed a game-plan to beat those, and now it's gone. As is, this problem extends to how linear notes are, right down to bursts; you just know when they're coming. Hardly any variation.

Now all you're worried for is the drops you get.

My biggest issue with the game is the lack on unique costumes. I'm still fucking salty, what the hell were they thinking.

Yeah. I'm kinda disappointed in everything except visuals too.
No festivals.
No team management.
No costumes.
No songs.
No character communication but rankup lives.

Actually game has nothing but awesome graphics.
I'll continue playing it nevertheless...

Well sorry to say, but this is what happens when "fans" let a company absolutely rob them like this by purchasing the DLC. Its just disgusting that Miracle Night is DLC. The first volume should not even have come out for a month. They also are saving most of the outfits for the event exclusive drops im sure. The only good news is that generally no matter the game a sequel on a new engine and console is never as content rich as its predecessor on a previous console. OFA was the third IM@S game to use that engine. This is the first to use this one and it most definitely took more work to create then OFA. Platinum Stars is pretty good in this regard. At the end of the day, in OFA there was no reason to replay the missions, at least with this new system that people call "Grindy" there is a reason to continue to play. OFA may have had a better system that im still shocked they did away with but at least there is a reason to play past the idol extreme without buying DLC. The pdrops are also good as they are basically DLC thats paid for by a small portion of the community that all can use for free. 

First, I'd say there probably wasn't a real sense of pressure in an iM@S game since SP. 2 would be close (I can't judge Hyper since I never tried it myself), but eventually you establish the easiest way to boost your ranking early on and the rest of it is simple. OFA and PS are immediately less pressured by having no time limit at all, meaning the only thing making events challenging would be your own lack of preparation. So really, they're both grindfests in their own way, more or less splitting the iM@S games between time management and time wasters... so to speak.

Second, as far as festivals go... well, I can see them being a beneficial feature but not really an important or critical one. If anything, it had its most importance in the 2/OFA era since the rhythm portions of that were so basic that a level of strategy suited them best. And I did like that, especially in OFA where you had to ration out memory appeals, bursts, and skills against your AI opponent's. That turned a pretty boring rhythm section in lives and festivals into something more robust, and it made the festivals critical to the game's challenge. Then again, it was also reliant on song BPM or team management in the post-game, meaning your options were limited unless you wanted to make it harder on your own.

As for how it is in PS, it seems the most critical concern is matching your outfit type with the live's type, and the rest comes down to tailoring the best outfits from drops and working from there. I haven't experimented with skills on outfits as much yet, and I'm sure stat training may be necessary in the endgame. And while I can say the notes can be linear and predictable to a point (moreso that you expect a certain number of X notes and you usually know when your burst is coming), the rhythm game is also not built around that same kind of strategy as 2/OFA had. You're more focused on full combos and better scoring than reacting to opponents, and while I can see the drawbacks in that, I actually feel like I'm having more fun with PS's rhythm game portion because it's actually rhythm. I'd like to see if they can add some more depth to it, of course, but 2 didn't have all the skills and strategy of OFA too.

My only real personal gripes so far are a lack of commus beyond story commus and the homogenized outfit system, both of which seem to cut more into iM@S as a series of getting to know cute girls wearing cute (and different looking) things. But on the whole, I can't really say I'm as disappointed as some are with Platinum Stars because it's still engaging to me as its own thing. I can't really comment on that until I feel like I've seen everything the game has to offer, though, so that's my two cents for now.


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