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Hime Idol:
Call me crazy but I could have sworn there was a way to turn off the audience in stage4u by pressing triangle before you chose the song. Or maybe I'm just going crazy. Also this seems to only happen to Quintet songs. I'm trying to get a request done and she wants the audience off. I know it works for trios and below but why doesn't it work on Quintets?

I think someone had a similar question, and this was the response.

--- Quote from: liza94 on October 14, 2015, 08:59:32 pm ---As far as I know it's impossible to get rid of the cheering in quintets because you can't use TV stages (that don't have the cheering) with them.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, liza for pointing that out.

Edit:  As far as I know, pressing triangle just sorts the songs.  It doesn't have to do anything with turning off audience.

Hime Idol:
Odd since whenever I press triangle it seems to get rid of the audience for trio and below songs. I did it with Kiramekirari and it worked.

According to liza's answer, you're likely using a TV stage and that's why you're not hearing the cheering with the trio.  Non-TV stages have cheering for trio.  For quintets, you can't pick TV stages, so there's no way to get rid of the audience in quintets.


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