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So all the CDs have come out. Enough time has passed for us to give each CD a good and thorough listen. Now it's time to vote.

Ideally, it would be nice to vote and leave your reasoning as to why you voted for whoever you voted. Maybe you just have an undying love for the idol no matter what, maybe your views of a certain idol have changed after giving their CD a listen, or maybe you just blindly clicked on a choice and you're winging it. Doesn't matter, talk about it here, and find out if others liked a certain album for the same reason as you.

My vote, surprisingly, went to Yukiho. Yeah.
I think this is the album that finally made me get past whatever grudge I had for having 'lost' Yukiho's previous VA. Most of that had to do with her old VA finally speaking out on what happened recently, sure, but this CD really and truly surprised me. Not so much her image song for OFA, but her covers of Agape and Snowdome were such solid picks. This new version of Kosmos, Cosmos, while not my favorite, is something I do appreciate for the fact that it doesn't shy away from trying to be different than before with the added techno. The whole track list is just great, through and through. There's not a single song on the CD I can't reasonably skip when giving it a listen, unlike the majority of the rest. Good job, Yukiho. You're not such a shy little crybaby after all.

*Users can change their votes after initial voting, in case of change of heart in the future. Poll results are shown to anyone. Poll does not expire. 1 vote per user*

I agree, Yukiho had the best overall CD this time. I think it definitely helps that... I'm not sure how to word it exactly. Perhaps that Asakura's settled in/found her own voice for Yukiho when compared to MA2?

(Far as my usual idol-bias goes, Takane > Ritsuko > Iori. I've complained about Zenryoku Idol enough, dislike or don't care about most of the songs on Ritsuko's, and Takane's as a whole just isn't as good compared to Yukiho's. Song bias plays a large factor for me, probably moreso than idol bias)

I think most of the songs were good.

And, that's where my bias comes in (points to signature).  So, I pick Chihaya.

I always loved Chihaya's singing and it's still amazing.  Her voice has a great combination of cool, elegant, strong, and cute.

Unfortunately, there was one song in her album I have mixed feelings about, which is Saihyou.  For some reason, I felt the game version was better than the album version, but I don't know exactly why.  But, I made some speculations in a previous post.,2212.msg62125.html#msg62125

Overall, Chihaya's album was great.  The Master Artist 3 series was definitely a nostalgia trip for me since I got into Idolm@ster a little bit after Master Artist 2 was released.

I voted for Chihaya, because her CD was the only one where I liked every song.
Saihyo was really nice, even through the game version was better, I still love the m@ster version, because it is really beautiful.
Katoe Uta was sung in such a soft and nive voice, I could actually imagine Chihaya singing it to some children to teach them about numbers.
Koibito ga santa clause was the first cover of that song which I liked, Asami Imais Voice really fits that song well.
Shizuka na Yoru was the best song overall on that CD, I really was eager to hear it and it didn't turn me down!.
and there ist only my note, a song which isn't my thing at all, no matter which idol sings it, but Chihayas version was good.
so all in one, chihaya had the most songs I liked and could feel

Voting for Hibiki. Her MA3 vaulted her up a few tiers in my mental ranking tbh.

Pon de Beach is so cute and happy. Honestly, the first time I heard it, my initial thought was "please let me see this live!". It made a really good transition from in-game to M@STER version as well. I'm glad that Hibiki finally got an image song as amazing as she is... Next Life is ok but it's not my kind of music, and Trial Dance is... eh. Meanwhile Pon is so joyful and energetic.
I was also really glad that Hibiki got shiny smile for this album. Shiny smile is honestly one of the "representative" songs of im@s for me, and Hibiki did a great job.
Kazaraguma... Dang. I love when Hibiki gets to flex her vocal prowess with slower songs, which she hasn't done since Nada Sousou on MA2. Listening to the preview, I was like "oh my god Hibiki is a great singer???"
Buzzstyle is the only really forgettable song on the album. I can appreciate her voice but the song doesn't really do it for me.

I have not listened to any of the solos of Only My Note bc I flat out don't care about it


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