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Author Topic: 10th Anniversary Special Campaign n'stuff  (Read 3118 times)


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Re: 10th Anniversary Special Campaign n'stuff
« Reply #15 on: November 12, 2015, 08:54:20 am »
Oh, wow!  That's neat. XD  *cough cough* $255?! *dies*  Penlas!! *o*  Love how your shelf is nice and organized.  Mine's just full of random crap. XD I really need to clean x. x

The 2 10th 765pro penlight sets together were more expensive than the pop with all the shipping and customs included... Btw, no they are not turned on, they react like this to flashlight.
And i know your feeling about the cleaning... The shelf only looks like this since about a month ago, before that there was just random stuff thrown onto it (mostly documents and stuff that has been obsolete for several years and i was too lazy to put them away...)